How to Access Whatsapp Messages Online?

The world has not been the same since the evolution of Whatsapp. It has and continues to take on the world by storm.

Can you view Whatsapp messages online remotely?

Many people think Whatsapp can only be used by their mobile phones, however, they are mistaken. Whatsapp messages can be viewed online, and that to discreetly. Whatever maybe the reason, you do not need to worry as there is, indeed, a pretty easy way to get access to Whatsapp messages online.

Part 1: For iPhone: How to access Whatsapp messages online?

Just when you begin to think, there's no such way to view your Whatsapp messages or any other person's WhatsApp messages online, think again, that's where Spyzie WhatsApp tracking tool comes to rescue.If you are an iPhone user or if you would like to monitor an iPhone user, Spyzie provides a simple and easy way to view all your Whatsapp messages online. You may even get access to your deleted messages.

Spyzie allows you to view not only WhatsApp messages online without the phone, but also several other important data including call logs, text messages and imessages, videos, photos, notes, calendars and voice memos. It has two important advantages:

  • No need to jailbreak the target iPhone.
  • No need to install extra app on the target phone so that you can spy someone secretly.

How to view WhatsApp messages online?

It is very simple to use Spyzie to view online the WhatsApp messages on your own or any person's iPhone.

Step 1. Create a Spyzie account and purchase the WhatsApp hacking feature.

view whatsapp online

Step 2. Complete the setup process. You will need to enter your iCloud ID and password or the iCloud info on another target iPhone.

Step 3. Visit the control panel on line and view WhatsApp message collected from the monitored iPhone.

view whatsapp online

Part 2. For Android: How to check Whatsapp messages online

For all the android users out there, you can access your Whatsapp messages online by using dr.fone toolkit. There are two ways to do this. It can be done using the simple and easy steps which are listed below:

1. Using Windows Software for Android Data Recovery

Step 1. Enable USB debugging on your mobile and connect to the PC using cable.

view whatsapp online

view whatsapp online

Step 2. Select the file type you wish to scan and then click on 'Next'.

view whatsapp online

Step 3. Start scanning your device after choosing the 'Standard' and then, let it scan your device.

Step 4. Go through the scanned data. You can preview the messages and then select the ones you wish to recover.

view whatsapp online

2. By SD Card Data Recovery

Step 1. Connect your SD card and then launch Dr. Fone Software. Then click on 'next'.

Step 2. Select scan mode as Standard and then click on 'next' again to begin.

Step 3. Preview the data and select the files you'll like to be recovered.

3. Android Data Recovery for Mac Users

Step 1. Install the setup and run Dr. Fone on your Mac.

Step 2. Connect the Android device to Macbook.

Step 3. Once the software is ready to scan, select the type of file, i.e, Whatsapp .

Step 4. Begin the scanning process. It will show the data. Then, select the data to be recovered.

With these simple steps you can easily view Whatsapp messages online. You wouldn't have to worry about anything else - Wondersahre makes the process a lot easier than you would think.

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