How to Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others

Whatsapp is simple a messaging app. You can message anyone instantly but the he or she might not be in your contact. All you need to have is his or her phone number that is linked with whatsapp and you are done. This app has several facilities like you can make voice calls, video calls, share different media files and text files as well. This has lately become one of the best social chat apps in the online world and now you can even use whatsapp from your desktop as well.

How to Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others

Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others

Hacking whatsapp chat history is no big deal but you will need to know whose data you can hack into and is there enough legit reason to do so. If the answer is a yes, then you can go ahead and track whatsapp history but otherwise you might want to give it a 2nd thought. Because if you get caught hacking into someone else’s account without them knowing, then you might get into trouble.

There are several reasons for which you might want to hack whatsapp chat history. If you have kids in your house or college going daughter or son, then you will surely need to hack into their whatsapp history. This will let you know whom they are talking with, where they are going and what are they planning to do with their friends and also whether there is anyone on their list who should not be there.

In case you have suspicion over your spouse or partner, then you might want to track his or her whatsapp chat so as to know whether your partner is actually cheating on your or not.

Is it possible to see Whatsapp history of others without knowing?

Well, technically you can always see the chat history on any smartphones even if that belongs to another person if he or she is willing to give it to you. But when it comes to doing this discretely there are ways in which you can surely check whatsapp chat history but in discrete mode. There won’t be any risk of anyone knowing about you spying on their smartphone and yet you will get to know every single of his or her chat history.

A mobile monitoring tool is a kind of hack tool but specially made to monitor targeted phones in every way possible. Rather than tracking each and every app of a smartphone with different apps, you can use this kind of monitoring app that can give you all round data from any smartphone. So, the benefit is that you will have not only whatsapp chat history but also other browsing history, text related data and other IM messenger data as well.

Spyzie - Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others without Knowing

If you have searched for monitoring tools online and haven’t found any such tool that can provide all round performance then it is time that you start using Spyzie. It’s truly an all round mobile monitoring tool. It can hack into any smartphone be it running on Android or IOS. From Samsung, Lenovo, huawei, LG, to google nexus, this app can hack into any smartphone and help you get whatsapp chat history. Not only whatsapp history, it can hack into any phone and get you contact details, sms details, call recording facility and location tracking ability as well.

Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others without Knowing

There are many apps over internet that will claim to help you check whatsapp history from both Android and iOS devices, but the fat is most of them would ask you to buy your app separately for both the platform and then you will be able to use them. Instead of that Spyzie offers you only one app that can hack into any smartphone you want irrespective of the platform on which the phone runs.

FamiSafe - Detect Whatsapp Dangerous Chat History and Set Flexible Keywords Alert

FamiSafe is a reliable parental control app which enables parents to easily monitor and track kids' digital devices. Basically, FamiSafe is a monitoring tool for business employers and parents with wonderful features like detecting content on social media apps or checking browse history.

Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others without Knowing


  • Explicit Content & Photo Detection: track and detect all the explicit information from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, KiK or other social media platforms and allows users to get alerts when suspicious photos are detected from phone album. Its flexible
  • Get Whatsapp Chat History - FamiSafe Parental Control Get Whatsapp Chat History - FamiSafe Parental Control

  • FamiSafe can easily locate the location of target devices and set geo-fencing alert.
  • Check daily app usage report and block inappropriate apps remotely on kids' devices
  • Block websites and set web filter, even private history or in incognito mode.
  • Set smart screen time limits and make sure their phone can not be used during study or sleep time and homework time or in specific places such as schools.
  • Get Whatsapp Chat History - FamiSafe Parental Control Get Whatsapp Chat History - FamiSafe Parental Control

Compatible OS: Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Price: $9.9 one month(multi monitoring with one account).


How to see Whatsapp chat history of others Using Spyzie?

Step 1: initially you will have to create an account with Spyzie and buy the premium subscription. Once done you will be able to login on your app and will receive an email with the required credentials to login from the monitoring app.

How to see Whatsapp chat history of others

Step 2: the next step is to set up the targeted phone. This method will be different for different platform. You will need to fill up a simple form in this step, carefully choose the platform or the OS of the targeted device and accordingly you can proceed.

see Whatsapp chat history of others

From IOS device

To hack into IOS device, you will need to have the iCloud id-password of the user of the targeted mobile. Once you enter the ICloud login credential, the IOS device will be hacked and you will be able to see the chat history of the whatsapp account used on that targeted phone.

see Whatsapp chat history of others iPhone

From Android device

For the android devices, the procedure is a bit different. In this case you will need to have the targeted phone first. Once you have it allow the installation from 3d party so that you can install the Spyzie monitoring app on it.

You will find the download link on your email id that used to sign up for Spyzie.

see Whatsapp chat history of others Android

Once the download is complete, install it and login with the credential provided in the email id.

Once your login is complete it will ask for a few permissions. Allow all the permissions that the app will ask for. Once these steps are done, it will present you with a button that says “Start”.

Click on the start and the monitoring will start working. Once started, the app icon will get deleted from the targeted mobile but the app will run in background and collect information for you.

How to Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others Phone

Step 3: Once you are done with the above steps, you can come back to your own mobile and login with the required credentials. Irrespective of you set up an iPhone or an Android phone, all the data related to your targeted mobile will be shown on your dashboard and you will find all the other text messages, IM messenger related data from the left side panel of your dashboard. Just click to refresh data and you will see all the data in real time.

Get Whatsapp Chat History of Others

Step 4: You can also monitor all photos, videos and pictures shared via the WhatsApp messenger. Simply click the WhatsApp Files option.

View whatsapp files

So, if you are planning to get into someone’s whatsapp chat history, it will be really wise to try out with Spyzie. Not only the app is user friendly and pocket friendly, the app can actually work efficiently as well.

In all, Spyzie will get Whatsapp chat history of others and tell you everything, at one glance. Give it a try, and put your mind at rest. Try it today and see the difference.

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