How To Track WeChat History?

WeChat is one of the more popular messaging and calling apps today that gives you the liberty to easily connect with your family and friends, across borders. It has been rated as one of the more popular, and user-friendly chat apps by US Today. In fact, it’s popularity is right behind that of Whatsapp.

Following are some of the features of WeChat, which makes it distinct:

  • Send everything from video, photo, text, to voice messages and more.
  • Talk with as many as 500 people in a single group chat!
  • Make group video calls simultaneously with up to 9 people – great for conferences!
  • Call free to anywhere in the world.
  • Make chatting fun with hundreds of free, fun, animated stickers – many you’re your favorite cartoons and movies.
  • Secure your conversations – WeChat is the only messaging app to be certified by TRUSTe.
  • Translate your messages into any of the 20 localized languages – everyone will now know what you’re talking about!

Hack someone’s WeChat history

There can be many reason for which one can find it necessary to track the Wechat history. For example, there can be some important information, which might have been shared on Wechat, such information can be retrieved only by means of tracking it down.

One can track WeChat history, with the help of a tool called, Spyzie. By using this app, you can easily hack anyone’s WeChat history effortlessly.

  • A complete spying solution, this tool will let you track the real-time activity of your kids and family members.
  • Capture screenshots or check browser history – all remotely!
  • This will also help you protect them from any indecent exposure by keeping a constant eye on them.
  • The social media tracking feature of Spyzie is currently available only for its Android app.
  • Through it one can track a device’s location and its call, messages, photos, media files, and more for Android as well as iOS devices.

How to Track WeChat history With Spyzie?

After installing the Spyzie app on the target device, you can track its activity remotely from its web-based dashboard. To perform Wechat hack using Spyzie, follow these steps:

  1. Create your Spyzie account. Provide your email id and set a strong password.

  2. Track WeChat history With Spyzie

  3. You will be redirected to a new page wherein you would be required to provide basic details of your target device.
  4. Track WeChat history

  5. Download the Spyzie app from its official website.
  6. Hack Wechat History

  7. Open the app and log-in by providing the same credentials. The app will ask to access certain permissions on the device. Simply grant the needed permissions to proceed.
  8. Spy WeChat history

  9. Activate the device administration and start monitoring it. You can even delete the app icon as well. The app will keep running in the stealth mode without letting someone else know that their device is being monitored.
  10. How to Spy WeChat history

  11. After completing the WeChat hack download, you can visit Spyzie’s web dashboard from anywhere as per your needs.
  12. Use the same credentials to log-in. From the home screen, you can access several features and obtain in-depth information related to the target device.
  13. How to Hack Wechat History

  14. Furthermore, to access information regarding social apps and keylogging, you need to turn the option of “Feature Status” on.
  15. Once the feature is on, you can go to Social Apps option from the left panel to obtain information related to all the popular social media apps. Go to the “Wechat” section to gain access to the respective account.
  16. How To Track WeChat History

  17. You can even access the username and password of their account. Visit the “Keylogging” feature to access a record of the device’s keystrokes. From here, you can simply look for their WeChat password manually.

Looking for the perfect tracking app that can help you take care of your kids? Spyzie is just what you are looking at. It’s not just Wechat, you can get information from all popular social media platforms - including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

You can do everything from accessing the contact files to the media library and even track sms – which means that you can keep a check on your child easily, no matter where they are. As a parent, you would thus have the peace of mind, knowing that your child is on the right path.

With its key logging feature, you will be able to access the credentials for different social media accounts too.

Start free trial and know more about Spyzie and what it can do.

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