How to Track My Kids Phone for Free?

Well, it has been seen all over the world that parents are looking for tools that will help them track my kid’s phone for free. There are enough reasons behind this.

Today’s kids are really advanced and they tend to be online doing something or the other every time. They mix with people, talk with people, make new friends but in the process they might bring some problems as well. There have been cases of the kids being mentally tortured online and are bullied as well. Sometimes they are exposed to adult contents which might not be suitable for them. Even there are people who might try and manipulate their minds for their purpose. And that is why it is really a wise decision to keep an eye on your kids. You need to understand that they need to have privacy but having an eye on them does not steal that privacy either. Rather than talking to them about the problems around them, if you can keep track of them in stealth mode, that might prove to be a lot more effective method.

This is why there are plenty of apps available for free which can be used to track your kid’s whereabouts.

Top 10 Free Apps to Track Kids Phone and Location

Here we would list the 10 free apps to help you track your kid's phone and location freely!

1. Spyzie Monitoring for Kids

This is one of the best of the apps that can help you track your kids in a hidden mode. The app is available for free and you can also buy premium version to have full access to the app.

  • Can work in stealth mode
  • No need to root your device
  • No need to jail break your device
  • Works fine on both platforms

What can be monitored?

Call logs, contact details, sms, text attachments, media files, IM messages, location of the phone, and a lot more can be monitored with this app.

Supported OS: IOS and Android

Spyzie Monitoring for Kids

2. FamiSafe

This is one of the best cell phone tracking apps for parental control. Parents can track kids' real time location and check location history. What's more, they can set Geo-fences as safe zones, get alerts when kids enter "unsafe zone". Besides, it has more amazing features like app block, web filter and explict content on YouTube & picture detection.

  • You can get real-time keywords alert from YouTube on targeted mobile phone
  • Know kids' real time location and check location history even in busiest time
  • Check browser history even in private mode and set web filter

Track a cell phone location with FamiSafe Track a cell phone location with FamiSafe

What can be monitored and detected?

Live Location, browsing history, Youtube, Main social media apps, Phone Gallery, App usage.

FamiSafe FamiSafe

Supported OS: IOS and Android


Price: 3 free day trial on Google play and App store (cross platform and one account can mange up to 30 devices)

3. Cell tracker

This is one of the basic apps that can be used to track my kid’s phone for free. Although the app is free, still works fine and provides you with current location of your targeted phone.

  • Apart from location tracking, there is not much feature to talk about.

What can be monitored?

It can monitor the current location of your kid and their live movements as well.

Supported OS: Supports Android devices only.

Cell tracker

4. Children Tracker

Although this app is normally known for its location tracking capabilities, but it can surely track messages, browser history and lot more than you can think

  • Monitor messages flawlessly
  • It can monitor calls made and received on targeted phone
  • Browser history can be tracked as well.

What can be monitored?

  • You can monitor call logs and contact details
  • Messages sent and received
  • And pages browsed on your targeted phone.

Supported OS: Android

Children Tracker

5. MobiStealth

If you are looking for ways to track my kids phone for free then this is the app that you might look for. Even though this is pretty basic but still you can have enough parental control over your kids’ mobile to help him or her in the time of need.

  • Simple UI to make the steps to use a lot easier
  • Monitoring is really easy
  • Real time data feed from the apps installed on your targeted phone.

What can be monitored?

  • Can track real time location
  • Data feed from different apps are available
  • Can track text messages and IM messengers

Supported OS: Android


6. iSpyoo

When it comes to the parental apps, this is one of the best. Initially was made available for iOS only but then it was published for Android as well.

  • Simple interface to interact
  • Interface is really simple to use
  • You can track kids’ Android devices easily
  • You can have track of his or her whereabouts and their online activities as well.

What can be monitored?

Calls, texts, media files shared over IMs, you name it, this app will do it for you.

Supported OS: IOS and Android


7. TheTruthSpy

This app is free for use and is available for Android platform. You can hack into other’s mobile and yet no one will be able to know.

  • Hack into social media apps with ease
  • IM messages are easy to hack into
  • You can view contact details, call logs

What can be monitored?

  • Call tracking facility available
  • You can view browsing history in real time
  • Monitoring facility for social media apps

Supported OS: IOS and Android


8. mSpy

This is one of the best free kids tracking apps that can meet your requirement. From tracking location to live chat, everything can be done with this app.

  • Remote call access
  • Key logging facility to hack any password

What can be monitored?

You can monitor live calls, Call logs, and text messages using this app.

Supported OS: IOS and Android


9. SpyBubble

A well known android Spy app that can be helpful in parental monitoring. With this app you can track IM messages and other text based sms as well.

  • Efficient in hacking IM messenger
  • Getting into call logs and contacts is not a problem.
  • Stealth mode available and works really fast

What can be monitored?

You can monitor contacts, call logs, text messages and IM messages. You can also control them remotely as well.

Supported OS: Android


10. Track it

This app is specially built to help you monitor SMS, call and browsing data.

  • Call tracking facility available
  • Browsing data analysis for better understanding
  • SMS hacking also available

What can be monitored?

All you can do with this app is Call, SMS and browsing data monitoring.

Supported OS: Android

Track it

The best amongst these

If you compare all of these apps available for free that can help you in tracking my kids phone for free then you will find that Spyzie is incredibly way ahead of the others. Not only with the efficiency that it can work, the easiness of the set up, the way you can control your kids with Spyzie is just amazing. And the most important fact is that not only you can track IOs and Android devices, you can actually track any of them as in of any brand of smartphone. Probably that is what makes Spyzie the best of the lot.

Features that Spyzie comes with

  • Every single call can be recorded that your targeted phone receives.
  • Every text message, IM messages and social media chats can be tracked live and you can also view the attachments shared over the chats.
  • GPS locator works amazingly and gives you proper real time tracking facility.
  • With the key logger, you can get to know different passwords and might be able to get into those folders at a later time to check the contents.
  • You can record calls, retrieve call lists and contact details as well.
  • You can even make hidden call to know the surroundings of your kid as well and no one will get to know.

So, if you are trying to find an answer to the question how to track my kid’s phone for free then you might want to try Spyzie from the very beginning. With its all-round capabilities and amazing features, Spyzie should be your best choice and especially you need to hack an Ios device. Just remember that you may not be able to hack into Facebook app but you will get all the report from other IM messengers for sure. Si, do not waste your time and start using Spyzie today.

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