Real time GPS tracker: Share kids location with parents

The Real-time GPS tracker is a handy tool for parents these days because they need to figure out their children’s activities, whereabouts and everything that they are doing outside the house. One as a parent cannot keep their watch on their kids constantly, and that is why you need specific tools to maintain a watch on the target devices. Many apps will help you to track your children’s Phone from anywhere. Most of these apps are available free, and you can have these available for both Android and iOS devices. If you are looking forward to getting behind your children and wish to monitor their activities and locations, then you must use Real-time GPS tracker apps, and you can also use GPS tracker devices. GPS tracking apps are easy to install, and you can find the instructions, which can help you quickly as well.

Things can seem quite tough when you have teenagers in the house because you will see that they are always so hyperactive and energetic, they want to go out with their friends, stay out till late night and return home late at night. These things are normal in every house, but it can cause a lot of tension and worry among parents. Most parents use GPS tracking app and devices to monitor kids and keep a watch on children’s activities throughout the day and the night as well. The GPS tracking devices and apps are becoming popular among parents as these are a convenient kit for the parents to monitor their kids.

Real-time GPS tracker

The meaning of real-time GPS

Real-time GPS means the actual data recording of the present position of the target device. With real-time GPS tracking devices and apps, one can monitor people, animals and vehicles. The user of the app can easily track the target device and its movements from time to time and every second depending on the application and its setting. By using real-time GPS tracker, one can easily have access to fruitful information through notifications and updates. You must pick the right app to serve you with information regarding the person or thing that you are tracking. There are GPS tracking devices and apps available in the market and in the app stores, which can help you, gather more information in many ways.

Best real time GPS tracker device

Companies and organizations to track their vehicles, goods and services with a vast range and efficiency mainly use GPS tracking devices. These devices can locate you in a specific zone that might be in a remote location. You will see these GPS trackers in cabs services and taxis; you can book these taxis for a ride because of the GPS tracking device and app. There are certainly many benefits and uses of these GPS tracking devices, and if you are looking forward to an effective device, then we have the suggestion for you-

The Spytech STI GL 300 mini portable vehicle real-time GPS tracker

It is one of the best GPS tracking devices because of its geo-fencing boundaries that can give you a real-time location as well. You can monitor your vehicle and find out more about it even when they are out of range. The device has a three-axis acceleration meter which pinpoints higher when the car is detected, and there are updates provided every three seconds. You can access the tracked data on your smartphone or desktop as well. You need to recharge the device to make it run for weeks.

It is one of the best devices in the market with fantastic features with an affordable price as well. If you are seeking this device then below are some of the points that will help you gain all the knowledge and fruitful info about the device.

Real-time GPS tracker device

Features of the device

  • Data is stored in every device on more than one 365 days on each device with $25 per month subscription.
  • Has a great battery life and it can last more than two weeks.
  • You can easily track accurately and recording the data in your desktop or laptop.
  • You can find this real-time GPS tracker in Amazon and Walmart.

The Spytech STI GL 300 mini portable real-time GPS tracker is one of the best devices in the market today and if you are looking forward to it then check it out here

Best real-time GPS tracker app - Spyzie

Talk about the real tensions and difficulties of dealing with our children. It can be tough to handle our children after a certain point of time because they will either pretend to grow up and start acting as if they know the world and misuse recourses. In a scenario like this, all you need are a GPS tracking app, which can help you to monitor your kids and keep you tension free. Spyzie is one of the essential real-time GPS tracker apps when it comes to tracking your children’s online activities and monitoring them from time to time. It is effortless to operate this application because one has to install it from the app store or play store and the rest is very easy if you follow the instructions. There are many apps, which help you track, monitor and protect your children, but Spyzie has no replacement because of its useful functions.

Real-time GPS tracker app

Features of Spyzie

Location tracking

After installation of the app on your Android or iOS device, you can view the real-time location of the target device. The location feature of Spyzie will give you all the intricate details regarding the location of the target device. For iPhone users, the information will appear directly on the dashboard, and then you have to visit the location history tab to view details of past locations.


The Geofencing feature of Spyzie will help you protect your kids and set up a perimeter, which will help you with a notification if your kids are crossing the specific area which is set in the app. This feature will help you gain control over your kid’s activities and their locations. Hence, you can help them grow better by preventing them from harmful content and activities from the internet. Geofencing is enabled in this app, and it is beneficial and one of the key features of the application.

Other Features of Spyzie

  • Instant location update of the target device.
  • Also monitors your kids’ photos, messages, social media happenings, browser history and several other things.
  • It will provide you with the location history of your kids.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Option available to get personalized assistance.

One can use Spyzie very easily to track kid’s locations, and it is effortless to operate the application. These are a few steps to install and use the application:

For Android:

Step 1: Create an account with your email id, password.

Real-time GPS tracker app spyzie Android setup 1

Step 2: Put the necessary details of the target device in the Setup wizard.

Real-time GPS tracker app spyzie Android setup 1

Step 3: Enable the “unknown source” option after selecting on security.

Real-time GPS tracker app spyzie Android setup 1

Step 4: Install Spyzie app after downloading it in the target device, and after that, the device administrator service will be activated, and you can delete the icon too, and the app will work in a stealth mode. It is an excellent feature of the application, it is unlike, and it is unlike any other that is available online.

Real-time GPS tracker app spyzie Android setup 1

Step 5: Enable “System Update Service” in your android devices, and then you are all set to go.

For iOS:

Step 1: Create an account in the Spyzie application right after you have downloaded it in the phone.

Step 2: After that, you have to enter all your details which will enable you to complete the process on iOS device. One must verify the iCloud credentials for the target device.

Real-time GPS tracker app spyzie iPhone setup 1

If you are willing to know more about the GPS tracking apps and how they work, you can refer to the links that are provided in this article. IT is very helpful because the list of suggestions in this article can help you gain more knowledge about tracking apps and how they function. Make the best of these applications and protect your children from any potential dangers by monitoring their real-time locations as they tend to go anywhere, they wish to. Spyzie is readily available for free in all Appstore and Play store. You can download them if you are a worried parent who wants to protect their kids before it’s too late. Get them now!

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