How to track mobile number location?

The world we are living in today comprises of constant technological evolution. Today, everyone has access to resources that were made for the few elites in society. This change has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Thus, we need to utilize the benefits that come with the evolution to the best of our ability and maintain the downside of it on the low.

One of the most used technological innovations is mobile phones. They have become an essential part of our daily life and to be honest, people today of all ages and social strata have a smartphone. Teenage kids, elderly, all carry smartphones for easy access to a minicomputer in their hands. Therefore, it is a must for you to know about smartphone trackers, their usage, and limitations.

Did you ask why? Well, here are a few reasons you should go for a good phone tracker:

  • The rate of smartphone burglary has increased exponentially. This is because its resale value has increased as the years have gone by. Selling an old mobile phone still fetches good money.
  • Sometimes, in a get-together or a crowded area, you may end up misplacing your phone.
  • To find out the whereabouts of your friends or family, you can use a mobile number location tracker.

mobile number location tracker

Smartphone tracking is easy if you have the right software or application with you to work with. So let us find out the best mobile number tracking methods below:

Method 1: How to Track Mobile Number Location Online

Most of the mobiles phones today have Internet connection embedded. Therefore, phone tracker-geek can be of great help to trace its location. The online trackers available today are also compatible with both Android and iPhone operating system.

mobile number location tracker online


  • The software is user-friendly. It is easy to operate and free hence available to anyone at no cost whatsoever.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iPhone operating systems, hence not limited to a particular device.
  • It is fast and efficient. This mobile number tracker is an incredible feature for parents and pet owners who are in constant worry about their ever-wandering kids and pets.
  • Phone tracker-geekprovides its users with anonymity.
  • Additionally, it keeps the devices safe from viruses and malware found on the Internet.

Using the mobile number location tracker is quite simple and straightforward as follows, here are the steps you can look at:

  • First, enter the phone number of the person you want to locate geographically with country code (see the format in the image).
  • Then, click on “Track It”.
  • You will see the live location of the mobile phone on the map.

You shall be able to see the location of the person you are trying to track if you follow the guidelines given above carefully.

However, this application cannot track the mobile number’s location if the phone is switched off or is out of network coverage and this is its major drawback. For more details you can visit

Method 2: How to Track Mobile Number Location via App

Apart from tracking a mobile number location online, there are various applications which can give you similar if not better results.

For instance, there is a mobile number, location tracker application called Truecaller. You can use it both online as well as download it as an app on your mobile phone. It tracks the location of the mobile number and other details like name, city, etc. with its GPS location tracking feature and database.

mobile number location tracker app


  • Interestingly, the Truecaller app helps you record phone calls for all Android users and save the recording in your Google Drive account. You can choose to record calls manually or select automatic recording.
  • The Truecaller app backs up your contacts, call list, block list, and preferences to store it in your Google Drive.
  • You can integrate the Truecaller app with other apps like Google Duo.
  • It will give you warning on an unknown incoming call listed it as Spam, or Fake calls.

Steps for Tracking Mobile Number using Truecaller:

For Web users:

Step 1: Simply, go to the Truecaller website.

Step 2: Now, type the mobile number you want to search in the empty search box.

Step 3: Once prompted, sign in using any of your accounts, Facebook, Google, etc.

That’s it! You will see details including the owner’s name, network, location of the mobile number, all displayed on the Truecaller screen.

For App users:

The steps remain the same for app users as well.

Apart from the above, there is a much better, easier, and user -friendly mobile number location tracking application which we have discussed below.

How to track mobile location via Spyzie

Spyzie is a parental control software and one of the best mobile phone tracker that has tonnes of features. With this app, you can monitor your child and make sure he/she does not grow up in a bad company or is influenced by unwanted people.


  • Track everything: Starting from phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, you can track everything using this application.
  • Compatibility: You can use this software on all major Android/iOS devices of major companies and it supports the latest Android 9 Pie and iOS 12.
  • Accessibility: Either through a web browser or through the app, you can access this software from anywhere.
  • Parental control: This software lets you block applications and schedule usage time, so as to restrict the usage of phones by children. Additionally, you can also access the call logs, track messages, applications, browsing the history, check on app usages and so on.

How to track your phone through the Spyzie application?

With Spyzie you can remotely track the location of any mobile phone by using the dedicated slot on the dashboard of the Spyzie app. Spyzie can help you track even the previous locations and live location of the device.

In order to use this application to track your mobile phone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Register with Spyzie: Register an account on Spyzie either by using the application or through their website and install the application on your application using the link below:

track your phone location with Spyzie-register

Step 2. Complete the setup process: Enter the target phone details or device information to complete the setup process. (Make sure you have Spyzie installed on the target device with all permissions granted). Use these links to know more:

Android monitoring setup:

iPhone monitoring setup:

After completing the setup, you can access the location of the device anytime you want. If you want to track an iPhone, then you have to sign in with the iCloud account of the mobile phone you want to track.

track your phone location with Spyzie-setup

Step 3. Locate your device: Towards the left-hand side of the menu inside the application, choose the device you want to locate and a series of options will show up such as Calls, Messages, etc. Click on Location option.

track your phone location with Spyzie-dashboard

You will see a detailed map on the right side of the screen with the phone's whereabouts. You can also look at past location records and get the live location as well. The procedure is the same for iPhones too.

When it comes to watching our kids, pets, friends, and family with the digital eye, we need to implement the best methods we are comfortable with and trust for the best feedback.

It is evident from this article that Spyzie is the best software to use for mobile number tracker. Unlike Truecaller:

  • It can monitor social media activities also like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • It has better feedback on locations compared to when tracking mobile number, locationonline or when using an application.
  • It has a nice and more extensive user interface compared to Truecaller.
  • Unlike another mobile number location tracking methods, Spyzie does not need the use of complex codes or bugs or convincing texts. Instead, when one loses their phone, they just have to set Spyzie to work by accessing its remote locking feature.
  • In addition to tracking locations, you can use Spyzie to monitor other activities on the target device, unlike its counterpart software.
  • Truecaller can only give information based on its stored database. It means that you cannot track the location of a mobile number that is not present in its database.

Selecting the right software can be challenging since there are so many available on the Internet. Therefore, close your eyes and select Spyzie to say goodbye to all your mobile tracking worries.

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