Best Cell Phone Tracker for Kids

Everyone has mobile phones these days, from our grandparents to kids in school. Having a phone is not an uncommon thing anymore. Everybody has one and most of them are addicted to it when I say this I mean they use their phones for everything and they cannot survive without a couple of hours with their phone. It’s gone from just a device to make phone calls to a device which does everything and anything. You have the access to a whole lot of things just by using certain apps on your mobile phone.

10 Best Cell Phone Tracker for Kids

So coming to children these days, they all have phones and they even have the latest and most “in” phone.  It was a big deal having a phone when we were in school but now it’s a like very normal thing. Children having phones has both pros and cons. The cons are that they have access to everything which doesn’t have a parental lock. They also get really addicted to it. There are studies shown that the reaction using a mobile phone for more than half an hour has harmful effects. But there are cases where you’d want your child to have a phone so it’s easier to keep track on them when they are away from home.  Also, you can call them anytime to check on them. So it's not a bad thing letting your child have a mobile phone so you can keep a track of them. Especially with all the recent events happening, you would want to track your child’s movement most of the time.

Here is the list of the 10 best trackers for kids.

1. Spyzie Tracker for Kids

Spyzie, it’s the best tracker for kids available in the market right now. You can track the kid’s whereabouts; even block certain apps that are inappropriate for children. You can even read the text messages or basically keep an eye on everything they do on their phone. They also have a GPS tracker and Geofencing and you can also set a time limit on the phone usage. So this app is one of the best out there. It's also very easy to use. You can monitor your child just through 3 easy steps.

This can be used on an Android device or an iOS device as well. It also comes at a very nominal price.

Kid cell phone tracker - Spyzie Tracker for Kids

2. mSpy Kids Tracker

mSpy is also a leading kid cell phone tracker. It again uses GPS to track your child’s location. You can also track their messages from WhatsApp to facebook messenger. You can also track what they snapchat and what contents they view on the internet explorer.

It’s available for Android devices and for IOS devices. You can also track them from windows or through any Apple device. You can either buy for your phone or for your computer and the prices vary according to that.


Kid cell phone tracker - mSpy Kids Tracker

3. The Spy Bubble

The Spy Bubble, this is also the leading phone trackers available in the market. It started out as a tracker for cheating spouses and now it’s catching up as a kid cell phone tracker. It’s a very basic, which I mean you can just read their messages or call logs and it has a GPS tracker as well.

It can be installed on your computer and it’s totally undetectable. You can also buy it for $49.97. Again it’s available for Android and IOS devices or can be installed on the computer.


Kid cell phone tracker - The Spy Bubble

4. Phone Sheriff

The Phone Sheriff, so this software does a lot more than just tracking, it mainly focuses on the daily usage of the phone or IPad. It restricts teens from getting calls or texts from unknown numbers. It also enables a parental monitor so your child will not have access to all websites you deem unsuitable for your children.

You can download this instantly after purchasing the software. The only drawback right now is that it doesn’t support iPhone, iPad, and blackberry. You can also use the software in the 3 different devices under one name. The prices vary between 6 months to a yearly package.


Kid cell phone tracker - Phone Sheriff

5. Mobicip

Mobicip, it's not much of a kid cell phone tracker as such but it holds parental control over the websites and anything your child does online. It keeps a daily limit for your child’s internet usage. It also allows only appropriate apps and websites to get downloaded.

The pricing ranges from basic which is free to the enterprise which allows you to monitor up to 20 devices.


Kid cell phone tracker - Mobicip

So as you have read before, there is a lot of tracking software which has almost everything that a parent wants, to be able to know what their child is up to using the phone and also you can set a time limit for the cell phone usage. This shows that letting your child have a phone is not a bad thing when you have a control of what’s happening and what’s going on your child’s life. As Spyzie is the best software in the market right now and it has all the features you need. The most important is tracking your child or children when they are out are the main concern for parents these days. It’s a really good idea for parents to sign up for Spyzie which is free. It’s the safest and reliable software and it wouldn’t hurt anyone to sign up and start tracking where your child or children are.

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