How to Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing?

Why Do You Want to Track Your Son’s iPhone?

The need of the day is to protect children from crimes and several other illegal things. Nowadays, your child has to be kept under proper parental monitoring. This is the best way to look after your kid. Due to increasing demand of parents and questioning how to track my sons’ phone without him knowing by fathers, various companies are aiming attention towards parental monitoring tools and software. They did their best to make such applications as parents friendly. These monitoring apps can watch your son's iPhone secretly from anywhere and at any time. Parents can keep an eye on their son or sons without their knowledge and also by using the monitoring application, parents can track every activity of his son's iPhone with the exact time information, including call logs, chats, website history and so on. There are various other reasons why father wants to monitor on their son, such as:

how to track my sons iphone without him knowing

  • Protect him from dangerous location: Most of the youngster things that going to dangerous locations, visiting the illegal location on regular basis and contacting such people who live in such atmosphere are Therefore youngster’s special young blood boys go to such places so that they show such coolness in front of their friends but these things are very illogical as well as dangerous. That’s why fathers are looking for best spying software so that they can monitor on their sons and protect them.
  • Know son's thoughts especially during adolescences: At the development age, most of the youngster won’t decide what to choose or what to not. Especially during adolescences, your little boy turns into something completely new. He grows taller, muscles thicken, and voice deepens, hair appears in unexpected places or doesn't. In-short his genitals grow and develop and begin to experience new urges and desires. These changes often make a boy uncomfortable with parents and lead to an increased desire for privacy. At such time period, parents want to monitor their son’s phone to get to know what their son’s think and communicate to their friend about them. So that parents properly understand what their son’s thoughts and needs.

Tracking your son’s phone is not illegal because ultimately you are doing all this for your kid’s protection from unhealthy surroundings. Father has a right to know whether your son is moving on the right path or not. But the most common question from fathers is how can I track my son’s iPhone without him knowing?

2.Track and Protect Your Son with Spyzie

Tracking of a mobile phone becomes a big necessity when your son grows up. You can know about what your son does on his mobile and it becomes easy to trace out whether he is on the right track or not, especially for fathers who are searching on Google how to track my sons’ iPhone without him knowing. Spyzie can be the best solution for finding out all the details of any mobile and protect him from the illegal and criminal environment.

From this software, you can get his phone’s location, messages, browsing history, an application installed on his iPhone, call logs and various other features that help to monitor. You can easily get all the information from the dashboard that available on their website and application, Spyzie gives you everything you need to know about your son’s activity.

how to track my sons iphone without him knowing

Probably children’s basic need becomes a phone and they are busy on their mobile phones for the whole day. Even when you ask them about their activity, they usually don’t like your interference. It is important to keep a check on them and monitor them on a regular basis so that you can protect and stop them from before they step ahead to any wrong track.

Features of Spyzie

  • Geo-Fencing Function: Geo-fencing is the best feature in Spyzie that uses the GPS or RFID (global positioning system or radio frequency identification respectively) to define geological margins. IPhone or other mobile phones become a tracking device of the target to get information on its location. Fathers can use this feature by going to the geo-fencing function appearing on Spyzie’s Dashboard to set this up and hence if your son goes beyond the margins you set, a notification or alert will be sent. Also, you can track him where ever he is visiting, staying or anything does at anytime anywhere.

how to track my sons iphone without him knowing

  • Word Alert Function: Word alert function is the basic function that every father needs to monitor their son because from this feature you can check and track what your children’s thoughts at adolescences or another developing time period. This feature basically do is give updates and notifications when your son type something in search engines, chats, conversation boxes or any other in a phone that similar or exact matched to you word which was registered by you. Such notifications can be sent to you via email or text messages. This method is best to track and understand your children’s thoughts, communication, and stage were they going from.

how to track my sons iphone without him knowing

How to track your son's iPhone without him knowing?

Step 1:In the very first step, you have to visit spyzie’s official website and create a free account, after creating a free account login and use their services and features that provide without any cost. But if you want more advanced features you can get a premium subscription to access the control panel.

Note: Use an authentic email address so that can help you to get necessary keyword alerts and other important information to spy iphone.

how to track my sons iphone without him knowing

Step 2:After login, you will see there is setup wizard to go ahead from where you have to click and after that, you have to fill the information about your son and choose the OS running option. After filling the information, click next.

how to track my sons iphone without him knowing

Step 3:After a succession of step 2, put the iCloud ID and password that already signed on your son’s device and click verify.

Note: Check Syncing service and iCloud backup is enabled or not on your son’s iPhone. If not, visit the to know about how to enable iCloud backup on an iPhone.

how to track my sons iphone without him knowing

Step 4:After verifying the iCloud id and password you can access the control panel to see the data from your son’s iPhone. The target’s iPhone data will be synced within a couple of seconds and whenever you enter into the account, the latest data will appear.

Note: If your son’s phone is disconnected from the internet or switched off, then the monitored data will not be updated and shows the earliest data.

how to track my sons iphone without him knowing


In this post, you will get to know why you want to track your children’s mobile phone, protect them from dangerous location and to know about their thoughts on adolescences age. You can monitor your children’s by using the official website of Spyzie and its application. There are lots of features available some of them are showing on the above. Here, you can also get to know how to track my sons’ iPhone without him knowing.

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