GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes

Parenting in itself is the toughest job with more concern and safety of the kids. It’s in the thought process of the kids to do that thing which he/she is warned off and this keeps the parents worried 24x7. Thanks to the technological advancements which has integrated the tracking solutions. From Smartphone’s, smart watches and now GPS tracker for kid’s shoes they all create simply remarkable security systems. Who could have ever thought that a shoe can imprint the tracks of your kids and alarm you when he/she has breached the safety borderline? Let’s have a detailed conversation about this system and conjugate it more and more for your kid’s safety.

GPS tracker for kid’s shoes - Why?

With the increasing advancements in the tech tracking gadgets, you can find a huge list of the same in the market around you. Tracking devices like smartwatches, mobiles, and other chip systems help you tracking the footprints of your loved ones. But the dilemma regarding the safety and security concerns is one of the major issues in this fast moving world. If any of these devices are mistakenly lost or misplaced by your child, will it be able to show the tracks of your kid? No, but the tracker should be such that it should be always with the kid no matter where is he roaming around. Either he is in school, playground or any other place; they have to wear a pair of shoes. This makes the GPS tracker for kids shoes, a fantastic ides and a foolproof mechanism to track down your kids.

1. New Loca8tor

The device named New Loc8tor offers you more than a normal tracking device for kids shoes. This device comes with a small sized homing tag which easily tracks down your kids when they are ways from your eyes. You are availed with small mini tags and simply attach one of them to the shoes of your kid. You can easily avail them through various online modes and e-commerce sites.

It weighs only 5 grams and comes with an adhesive on the back to stick it with the shoe or the shoelace. The tracking range of this device is 122m 0r 400 feet. They are best for the crowded areas and also locate with disturbances in the way like walls.

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes - new Loca8tor
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2. PYLE Smart Foot Pod

Track your kids when outdoors like hiking or trekking with this easy to attach foot pod from PYLE. It’s very simple and a no-frills type of tool that kids can do it on their own, securing the tracking device to their shoe’s shoelace. This foot pod is perfect to track kids when traveling or enjoying outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or trekking. Signals and data are remotely transmitted to devices both for Android and iOs.

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes - PYLE Smart Foot Pod
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3. Nike and iPod Sport Kit

Nike being the infamous sports shoe brand and it can avail you with the best high tech shoes of this generation. Ideally, you get a small device which is to be attached to the left shoe. This device sends the signal to the receiver attached to the iPod. It is basically a step-tracking device to check out the calories. But it can be used as a tracking device even if the iPod shuts down. You can locate it with the help of a USB receiver with your computer.

You get a high tech tool that also with one of the best selling sports brands. It can track your footsteps, calories and even locate for you but the range of the location tracking is very low which tends to be only 60 feet.

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes - Nike and iPod Sport Kit
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More GPS Tracker Tools for Kids

GPS Kid Tracker Smart Watch

Watches were used to tell date and time but nowadays you get enabled with high-tech possibilities. From tracking the calories it is now capable to check out the location of the person who is wearing it. Mobicell Kids is a tracker watch which enables you with the modes like SOS, child surveillance, Pedometer, anti alarm lost for children.

They provide you with the GPS positioning and real-time location tracing. It has a special feature of SOS emergency call system. If the child is in danger situation he/she can press the SOS button for a longer duration and the watch automatically comes in the alert mode. Other benefits you get with this product are GEO electronic fencing, Alarm systems, two-way communication systems etc. The most important thing is you have to get an active SIM card with a regular internet plan.

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes - Highster Mobile Tracker
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Tinitell Watch

This device may look like a watch to you but it’s more interesting than the same. It is actually a single button wrist phone which you can tie to your Childs' wrist. It comes in very attractive colors and ensures the safety of your child.

The watch-like GPS tracker has a single large button which makes it easy for your child to operate. Simply push the button and initiate the call. It also enables you with 12 contacts reprogramming while the child faces an emergency situation.

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes - Tinitell Watch
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GPS Tracker App

GPS tracker apps for mobile phone are the best solution for the safety of your kids and loved ones. The ideology behind the creation of this application is to track the imprints of your child and even tracks out your smart devices. Among the huge list of such applications, Spyzie is one of the leading apps which offer you easy tracking of your loved ones. You just need to sync the tracking device with this app by installing the app on your device and it will provide you the exact location of the targeted person. This cell phone tracking app can be a sure shot helping hand for the parents which remain worried for their child. You can also track the details like SMS, call logs and other necessary information of the targeted person.

GPS Tracker App

Child safety is a very sensitive issue in itself and parents are always worried about the same. Now, with the GPS tracker for kids shoes, you get the exact information about your child's' location and makes you able to track their imprints in case of emergency situations. Spyzie is an extraordinary and multi-functional app which allows you the user to access the call history and other necessary information of the targeted device. It also helps you in real time GPS tracking of your child. Just log in to the Spyzie account and make the best move regarding safety and security. You can create a free account to track all the necessary information and get the locations.

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