GPS tracker for elderly and kids in 2019

Ordinary people can now afford GPS technologies unlike a few years ago when it was very expensive. Through GPS technology, people can now have peace of mind over their house,safety of family members, and other essential, costly devices. We all have kids and seniors at home, and most of the time, we may not have enough time to watch over them. Because of this, we need a device that can help us to know their whereabouts and safety. Here comes the need for a GPS tracker device. All thanks to the advancement of technology, we now have both GPS tracker for seniors and GPS tracker for kids.

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Part 1: Why GPS tracker is necessary for seniors?

As one advance in age, the body and mental system gradually become weaker. This leads to many severe health issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Seniors affected with such ailment can’t recognize many things. It is even challenging for them to go home to the very house theyhave been livingall their lives. It is a massive problem for them as they can become a victim of kidnapping or accident. Hence, you need a good GPS tracker for seniors as with its help, the location ofyour elderly parent or relative will always be at the palm of your hand. Support will be able to come fast if unfortunately, they have lost their way or they happento bein danger. GPS tracker is a lifesaver, and it equally gives you peace of mind. To know where your seniors are even your absence is a great relief.

Part 2: GPS Trackers for Elderly

The era of only using GPS tracking devices to track stolen vehicle orsmartphonehas been in use for quite some time now. Now, you can even use these devices to track someone close to you. You can also follow someone who doesn’t have either a car or a smartphone. With GPS technology you can always keep an eye on your seniors. However, while there are many GPS trackers for the elderly, you need to consider some things before buying one:

  • The monthly fees.
  • You may need to buy a more expensive GPS tracker if you intend to track someone nationwide.
  • Another thing to consider is features such as audio monitoring, emergency buttons, two-way calling, etc.

To make your job easier, we have listed some of the best GPS trackers for seniors:

  1. Freedom Guardian from Medical Guardian

Freedom Guardian is a smart-looking GPS tracker for seniors specifically made by keeping seniors in mind. Its starting cost is $44.95 per month with a $99 – one-time equipment cost. The watch gives older people the freedom to live better and offer family members live tracking for their elderly. With this device, family members can remotely know about the environment their elderly ones are in. The unique weather forecast feature keeps the elderly up to date on local weather changes. It is affordable, durable, andcomes in two different colors, black and white.

GPS Tracker for seniors - freedom guardian


  • It has a quick-access emergency button and easy to use the touchscreen.
  • You can schedule and plan the day of your elderly with Freedom Guardian.
  • It reads aloud messages, date, time and calendar alerts for seniors.
  • It comes with a pre-installed SIM and oversized icons so seniors can easily view text messages or alerts.
  • It will give low-battery notifications whenever the battery is below 15, 10 or 5%.


  1. YepzonFreedom GPS Tracking Device

Like most GPS trackers, this tracking device works with three technologies namely GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS. It makes trackingvery clear and precise. You can connect this GPS tracker to yoursmartphoneand use it to track ormonitoryour seniors when you are not with them foroptimalsecurity. This GPS tracker for seniors is easy to use, affordable, and well-secured.

GPS Tracker for seniors - yepzonfreedom


  • It gives precise indoors and outdoors tracking.
  • This device does not need you to subscribe every month. You only pay based on the time you used it for with a 1-month free subscription.
  • It supports multi-connection with onesmartphone.

You can buy Yepzontrackersfrom

  1. AmcrestAM-GL300V3

AmcrestAM-GL300V3is another good GPS tracker for elderly parents. You canmonitoryour seniors from anywhere. It is not big so effortless to carry. If you are looking for any GPS tracker that provides accurate tracking, then this is the one. This tracking device is highly reliable, and it has no activation charge.

GPS Tracker for seniors - AmcrestAM-GL300V3


  • It can set boundaries through itsGeo-fencingfacility.
  • It has a good battery life span and can last for ten days.
  • You can use your personal computer,iOSor Androidsmartphoneto accessit.
  • Unlimited GPS alerts and updateswith Amcrest GPS tracker.


Part 3: Why GPS tracker necessary for kids?

GPS tracking device is not only crucial for keeping a close eye on seniors, but it is also necessary to watch your kid’s behavior in your absence.

  • For example, if your kid drives, he/she has a higher accident chance when he is alone just with his friends. With GPS tracking devices you canmonitoryour child’s operating speed, and the next time your child will drive more carefully since he knows that you can accesstheir driving speed. GPS tracker is necessary as it willreduceand prevent accidents.
  • Another important thing a GPS tracker can help you with is that is can monitoryour child’s performance in school and extra-curricular activities. You will no longer need to call and nag your child to know where they are going to since you can verify their destination at your convenience.
  • Lastly, every parent wants to see their child safe at all time. Consider a scenario when you are always away from them because of work or other engagements. With GPS tracking devices, you will have peace of mind,reduceyour anxiety and immediately meet their safety needs.

Part 4: 3 GPS trackers for kids

Parenting is not an easy task as it always comes with many predictable and unpredictable challenges. One of the greatest challenges if not the most significant challenge in parenting is making sure your children are safe even when you are not present with them. Fortunately, throughthe advancement oftechnology, there are many GPS tracking devices for kids. GPS trackers have made the challenges faced by parents on their kids easier.Some of the GPS trackers for kids are:

  1. Spyzie

This tracking application is one that helps parents to know what their kids are doing in their absence. With this mobile tracking application, you can protect your kids from online predators, pornography,cyberbullying, etc. You can use this tracking software tomonitorand save messages, call logs, view photos, installed applications and other social activities of your child. You can start monitoring by merely creating an account and installing the application by visiting:

GPS Tracker for kids - Spyzie


  • Spyziecan view photos and installed applications.
  • It is good at tracking text messages.
  • It can browse contacts
  • Preview Videos
  • You can check the browser history of your child
  • Itgives an exact GPS location for easy access to your kid.
  • MonitorWhatsAppchats and other social media chats like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.
  • Access calendar
  • Read notes and reminders
  1. Classic Kid Tracking Watch

This tracker watch is colorful and fun to use making it something kids are proud to wear. It givesaccuratetracking of your kid’s location. It works with asmartphoneand has excellent features.

GPS Tracker for kids - Classic Kid Tracking Watch


  • Just like every tracking device, it works with Wi-Fi, GPS, and LBS. So to get the exact location of your childis guaranteed.
  • It has the capability of creating an electronic fence. This feature sends you a message alert once your kid leaves the area marked by you.
  • Remote monitoring allows you to pay attention to your kid’s environment.
  • It supports receiving and placing real voice calls.
  • Itsupportsdual communication. You and your kid can send and receive voice messages.
  • It even tracks the steps your kid takes.


  1. Angelsense

TheAngelSenseis a GPS tracker and an application that is common among kids. It has many stunning features that made it famous and loved. With this tracking device, you can watch your kid’s transit speed and routes. You will also know about their current environment with this device. With this information, you won’t be troubled. True to its name, Angel sense has savedmany lives from harm.

GPS Tracker for kids - Angelsense


  • Real-time trackingvia the apps on Android,iOS, and web.
  • Unlimited mobile alerts and software updates.
  • This tracking device comes with a warranty.


Part 5: Conclusion

Apart from tracking a stolen car or smartphones, you can now make use of GPS technology to keep a close eye on your kids and seniors. GPS tracker for elderly and kidscan beof help as with them you can keep a close eye on them even remotely. In this article, our sole purpose was to help you know about some of the best GPS trackers for seniors as well as kids thatcan bevery beneficial to you.

So if you have curious little ones at home or seniors who are suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, buy one of these GPS trackers to make their and your daily life easy.

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