Top 10 free online GPS phone trackers in 2019

Thanks to the technology that has made everything available in just one click! Nowadays, there are many phone tracker apps available online that you can easily download from their official websites, file sharing services, and social networks. However, people face challenges when it comes to determining which GPS phone tracker for free is the best. This post presents you with the best mobile tracking apps to choose from.

GPS phone tracker for free

Below-mentioned apps are ranked top 10 globally, and they have the best tracking options that are valuable.

10 Free Online GPS Phone Trackers

1. FamiSafe GPS Tracking

FamiSafe, one of the best tracking apps, is flexible with all types of phones and is user-friendly. Available for free to download, FamiSafe is an amalgamation of all such features that lead to a successful navigator function. This app helps you locate your phone in no time. You’ll receive the notifications once your phone is tracked.

GPS phone tracker for free - FamiSafe


  • A parent as an admin can set the boundary and create restricted areas for his child. If a child tends to visit the restricted area, a parent will receive the popup instantly.
  • Parents can easily see the online activities of their children and can do web filtering
  • Track a cell phone location with location app FamiSafe Track a cell phone location with best tracking app FamiSafe

  • You can easily block apps or games you don’t want your kids to access
  • Spot cyberbullying on kids' social media apps and YouTube
  • ipad parental control app - FamiSafe android parental monitoring app - FamiSafe


  • You can track an iPhone if admin owns the Android
  • It is quite simple to use and setup
  • You are get alers about signs of cyberbullying, sexting or depression
  • No rooting is required


  • Parents can avail extensive features for Android devices more than iOS versions.
  • Blocking calls is limited in Android phones


Price: 3 free day trial on Google play and App store (cross platform and one account can mange up to 30 devices)

2. Family Locator

It is a free GPS phone tracker online app that let you locate your dear ones on the map. This app is available for iOS, Blackberry OS, and Android with exquisite features.

free GPS phone tracker online - Family Locator


  • Real-time GPS location
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Create groups


  • This app allows you to create your own friends, family, and teammates circle for free
  • Track real-time location of your family member, friend, or others


  • It includes in-app purchases
  • It operates in 4.0.3 or higher versions

3. GEO-Tracker

What’s better than an app that can track your lost phone or find a certain location of a target device? GEO-Tracker acts as a best navigator or tracker. What’s more, can you avail from this GPS phone tracker for free?

free GPS phone tracker - GEO-Tracker


  • It permits ground recording even in offline mode
  • Recording can be saved in KM or GPX format
  • This wonderful app comes with a feature of the statistical track calculator.


  • With the help of GEO-tracker app, the user can check the calculated statistical data on a device screen.
  • This app only uses Google maps and API that means 100% appropriate result.
  • This app permits automatic backlights


  • GPS reception can be affected by the weather and surroundings

4. Glympse

It is a safe and secure location sharing app that provides free tracking solutions to users in one go. If you are looking for GPS phone tracker for free, then Glympse is best for Android, Windows, and Apple users.

free GPS phone tracker - Glympse


  • It maintains an active radar connection and perfectly operates in any surroundings
  • It provides location sharing for which no particular downloading is required
  • The app has Apple watch connectivity that make it easy for Apple users to use Glympse
  • The unique feature about Glympse is a location sharing feature through which parents can find their teens at a big campus, and friends can locate their friends’ place to enjoy the party on time.


  • To download Glympse, all you need is to download the link
  • This app supports Windows, iOS, and Android
  • There is no need to fill the boring sign up form to get this app.
  • It has amazing navigational capabilities.


  • Location sharing information is limited to a few friends

5. TrackerGPS Mobile

It consists of a superior feature that allows you to turn your cell phone into GPS tracker. TrackerGPS Mobile is perfect for family and employees tracking. Moreover, it helps to find your stolen/lost mobile phone, communicate between users, make and receive tasks, and track your cell phone online. In short, it is a well-designed free GPS phone tracker online that you must have.

free GPS phone tracker - TrackerGPS Mobile


  • It has exclusive real-time upgraded features that update the location of your lost mobile.
  • You can easily make the second commands on your cell-phone
  • It provides you an information platform where you can easily fetch the information about the stolen or lost device.


  • This app can easily help you get the history of monitored Android.
  • Just one tap and you can track the location of your device


  • The app is available for Spanish and Mexican users, which is difficult to understand for Non-Mexican users.

6. MapQuest

It is a free GPS phone tracker online service owned by Verizon Media. MapQuest helps you make most of your journey and your destination. It is best for Android users.

free GPS phone tracker - MapQuest


  • It provides automatic updates for routes and destinations
  • Through sharing platforms, you can easily share ETA with your friends
  • The exclusive features of MapQuest are live vector map and satellite imagery


  • A user can compare Gas consumption and Gas prices
  • A user can search areas around him
  • One can book a nearby hotel with MapQuest. This is a unique feature of this app.


  • This app is limited to iOS platforms.

7. Find My Lost Phone

Find My Lost Phone is one of the best apps, which is equipped with superb GPS phone tracker free functionality. This app can find your stolen/ lost/ misplaced phone.

free GPS phone tracker - Find My Lost Phone


  • It permits you real-time tracking of your phone
  • It supports both Android and iOS
  • This app consists of State-of-the-art GPS tracker.


  • It contains updated maps that are the fastest ways to reach your selected destination
  • It acts as the best navigational guide assistance that can help you locate your phone.


  • Locating and tracking with Find My Lost Phone may be affected sometimes by weather conditions and surroundings.

8. xFI Locator

This app supports both Android and iOS devices. This app has a web version and is available as free GPS phone tracker online that helps you locate your lost or misplaced phone from any platform such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

free GPS phone tracker - xFI Locator


  • Displays accurate Google Maps
  • The sign-in credential can be saved for future quick log-ins.
  • It supports multiple accounts and provides real-time location
  • A user can select various map types
  • The app has an auto-saving feature, which is simple to use.


  • It has a detailed and high-resolution overview of the roads and the streets for easy navigation.
  • It supports multiple accounts


  • This app asks for personal information while downloading

9. LocaToWeb

It is an iPhone GPS location app that has lots of powerful features. Through this app, users are able to track speed, duration, and distance of the mobile phone. You can download it from the Apple store.

free GPS phone tracker - LocaToWeb


  • Install and track without any registration required
  • Maintain privacy while tracking a device
  • Phone reception and GPS accuracy
  • Keep an eye on other trackers
  • Real-time tracking and position


  • One can easily track his friends or other devices
  • It allows users to share the real-time location of the target device
  • No registration required


  • Effective for businesses purposes in large instead of other purposes

10. My Family GPS Tracker

A precise GPS phone tracker for free, through which, you can easily track your family members. You can even locate their moves if their phones are on active mode.

free GPS phone tracker - My Family GPS Tracker


  • This app has a kid mode, with the help of which, you can track your kid anytime.
  • If required, you can share your kid’s location with other family members through sharing platforms provided in this app.


  • All data or information is secured
  • This app doesn’t ask for any personal information.
  • Real-time tracking is available


  • Installation of VOIP connections takes place without any warning

Track Kids’ Phone Without Making Them Know

Spyzie is a wonderful phone spy application that serves as free GPS phone tracker online and also used as parental control and parental monitoring. This app can help parents to track their kids’ phone activities remotely. Features of Spyzie:

  • Track Geofencing and Locations
  • Monitor SMS and social apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more
  • Keyloggers
  • App Blocking
  • View Call Logs
  • Record WI-Fi History

How to Use Spyzie!

It is easy to track with Spyzie in 3 easy steps:

  1. Register Spyzie Account
  2. GPS phone tracker - Spyzie sign in

  3. Connect with a Target Device
  4. GPS phone tracker - Spyzie connect

  5. Get Ready to Monitor
  6. GPS phone tracker - Spyzie dashboard

On the dashboard of your Spyzie account, you can get access to your target device’s messages, calls, social apps, locations, geofences, web history, and more.

Thanks to apps like Spyzie that have helped phone users in many ways. Not only such free phone tracker apps are efficient but also introduce users to advance technology daily due to its features that keep on updated when required. The features of all free GPS phone tracker online help users to explore more, find their lost phones, and track their kids’ locations in no time.

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