Couples Location Tracker for Android and iPhone

Couples tracking apps are a convenient means of keeping track of your loved ones’ whereabouts, activities and much more, via the smartphone they carry. These apps help enhance the safety, security and protection of the people we care about. How do you use one? Here is an article throwing light on various features and how-to of some of the best-known couple tracker apps available on Android and iPhone.

#1 - Spyzie Couples Location Tracker

Spyzie supports most Android and iOS devices. The Ultimate Edition costs $39.99/month. This edition features tracking call logs, GPS location, browser history, text messages, calendar activities, photos, and numerous social media apps. The Premium Edition, which includes call logs, GPS, contacts, text messages, video and photos, etc., costs $29.99/month.

Spyzie Couples Location Tracker

You can create an account for free.

For Android target phone:

  1. After signing up and logging in, enter the device information and other details in the Setup Wizard. Select Android as the target phone OS.
  2. On the target phone, open Settings -> “Lock screen and security”. Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Install the app on target phone using the download link provided in the Setup Wizard.
  4. Open the app and log in to your Spyzie account. Select “Start”. Allow all permission requests. Upon activation of the service, the app icon will be hidden and it will work in stealth mode. No more steps required in target phone.

Couples Location Tracker

For iPhone:

  1. Select iOS as the target phone OS.
  2. Put in the iCloud ID and password signed on target iPhone and click verify. Make sure that the iCloud backup and syncing service is activated on the target device.

Couples iPhone Location Tracker

You can then view monitored data using the online Dashboard or by using the Control Panel app from your phone if you install it on your phone using the link provided in the Dashboard. You can track your couple's mobile phone with Spyzie now.

#2 - Mobistealth Couple Tracker

Another top tracking app supporting both iOS and Android, Mobistealth provides real-time tracking. It has a Spy Call feature that enables you to listen live to the target phone’s surroundings. Mobistealth provides basic monitoring and advanced features like location monitoring in spite of the GPS being off. Some of its other key features:

  • Tracking of chat messengers.
  • Keystrokes logging, and screenshots.
  • Records and uploads all calls made to and from the device.

For Android, Mobistealth has PRO and Pro-X plans. PRO starts at $16.66/month. Pro-X, at $26.66/month, includes all of PRO, plus, Skype/Viber Chat, Call and Surround Recording, Gmail etc.

For iPhone, plans are: Premium and Premium Plus. Premium starts at $33.33/month, whereas Premium Plus costs $40/month.

Mobistealth can be downloaded from official link:

  1. Select the option Sign Up. Choose the target phone’s OS and a plan.
  2. Download link and instructions will be mailed after purchasing a plan.
  3. On the target phone install the app using the download link. No more action needed on the target phone.
  4. Login to your Mobistealth online account to track all activities of the target.

#3 - mSpy Couple Tracker

Another leading tracker app, mSpy supports all versions of Android and iOS (without Jailbreak). This couples location tracker has several stand-out features:

  • Control apps and programs, including keylogging, details of installed apps and application blocking.
  • Device wipe-out, and performing lockout command if the phone is lost.
  • Monitoring the activities of more than one device.

The mSpy Basic Mobile Monitoring plan costs INR 1400/1-month, INR 2800/3-month, and 4700/12-month. The corresponding pricing for Premium plan is INR 3300, INR 5600, and INR 9400 respectively.

To install mSpy on Android:

  1. The confirmation mail received after purchasing a plan contains download link and information for mSpy login and control panel.
  2. On the target device, go to Settings -> Security. In Device Administration, enable “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Install the app (bt.apk) using the download link. Enter the captcha characters to start the download.

To download mSpy on iPhone:

  1. The installation process starts immediately after download. Go to the Start screen and tap on the mSpy icon.
  2. Tap on Continue, accept License Agreement.
  3. You may choose to hide the app icon:
  4. Login to mSpy to find your registration code. Enter the code in app and tap “Complete Registration”. In the Congratulations pop-up, select “OK”.
  5. In your account, select “Proceed”, enter the phone name and number. That’s all.

#4 - TopSpy Couples Location Tracker

TopSpy, supporting Android and iOS, tracks calls, SMS, emails, internet use, multimedia, etc. You can track GPS location, intercept messages and much more. It has Basic, Premium, and Family KIT plans, starting from $8.33/month for a 12-month Basic subscription.

To get started with the couples location tracker app:

  1. Create an account on After you are done with the registration, you’ll get easy access to your Control Panel and Profile. Now, so as to add a device onto your control panel – you just have to follow out the steps mentioned on the Profile page.
  2. You’ll receive a Welcome mail with login details and instructions.
  3. Install the app on the phone you would like to monitor. Physical access to it is needed only once. Installation guides are available at how-to-install link under

#5 - Spyera Tracker

Spyera supports Android and iOS for couples location tracker. Its special features include spying on VoIP apps, reading passwords, ambient listening and recording, sending an invisible SMS from the target phone to any number, moving the software to any other supported device, and monitoring change of SIM card.

For Android phones and iPhones, Spyera costs $189 /3-month, $289/6-month and $389 /12-months.

Steps for iPhone:

  1. Download link and an activation link is provided by an email.
  2. On the target phone, select the Cydia app. Select “Sources”, then “Edit”, then “Add”.
  3. Enter the download link. Select “Add Source” and then “Return to Cydia”.
  4. Select “Source” and tap on the source you just added. Select “Install”, then “Confirm” and then “Restart Spring Board”.
  5. On the start screen, the Spyera icon will appear. Select it, enter the activation key, and then tap on “Activate”.
  6. Once the app is activated select “OK”. Enter the monitored number. Choose whether or not you would like to hide the Spyera icon.

Steps for Android are same as other apps.

There are many more couples location tracker apps out there, with new ones coming up every now and then. While all of the above tracking software are helpful in their own ways, we would strongly recommend that you opt for Spyzie. To get a feel first, Sign up, create a free account and enjoy the excellent services provided by this app. Keep track of your loved ones, real-time, efficiently.

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