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Having a fitness routine and sticking to it can be slightly daunting. In this busy life, we tend to get distracted and wander back to our unhealthy ways. However, with the use of the lifelines in the form of the smartphones, one has no cause to worry about the irregularities in routine. Say hello to challenge tracker apps and bid goodbye to the worrisome attitude. There are plenty of apps available on app hubs which when downloaded on the smartphones can help us keep track of our fitness routine. They act as proper guides to fitness and keep us motivated to reach our goals.

Don't you believe us? Well, simply check out the transformation stories available on YouTube to understand how people have changed their lives and body with a dedicated and committed workout plan, guided by the right challenge tracker app.

If you think you needed high-end gizmos, wearable exercise gear and pricey tech, then you have are wrong. Most of these apps are free of cost, and only need your smartphone to work, nothing fancy. With the right tools, your smartphone can turn into the most powerful piece of tech that comes handy in hurling you out of your unhealthy rut. So let's fasten our seat belts and gear up to find out the best app available!

What are Challenge Tracker Apps?

There are hoards of software available these days that claim to substitute for your physical trainer. While only a few deliver the promises, the others only fill the gap. But what do these apps do?

Most physical training apps come with a standard workout planned depending on your height, weight, age and other details. These are available for all workout plans such as running, gym, weight loss etc. You simply have to feed your details and the perfect workout routine for you is ready. However, these apps deliver more accuracy with paid accounts. You can contact personal trainers and coaches to customize the routine and figure out what's best for you.

Most apps also let you connect with other users thereby creating a network. By being in touch with other aspirants, you can stay motivated and finish your goals. These apps use GPS tracking to keep track of your running and keep count of your calories too!

Best Challenge Tracker Apps

We explore highly rated challenge tracker apps for improving health and fitness.

1. Freeletics

This is undeniably one of the best fitness apps out there. This feature-loaded app is specifically designed for Running, Body weight, Nutrition, and Gym. You can choose any of the above apps according to your choice of workout plan. Freeletics makes your journey to fitness amazingly easy. You can choose a coach and purchase services customized to your needs. This app is a must have as it creates a network of your friends who are fitness oriented. This will keep you motivated and going.

Compatible with both iOS and Android


  • Take help from Coaches in paid version
  • Network with others from around the globe
  • Keep track of your workout and calories
  • Get great workout instructions
  • Connect to the Freeletics News Feed

Price: Free at first, You can add more features by in-app purchases. $13.69 (USD) starting for purchasing Paid version, with Coaches.

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Challenge Tracker Apps - Mobile Tracker Free

2. My Challenge Tracker

With My Challenge Tracker, you can create challenge groups. Using these groups you can share the details of your workout scheme, keeping you motivated to finish them. You can invite friends into your group with an email. You can also see the activity of your fellow group members, and keep track of thier progress. With My Challenge Tracker, you can also lead sessions of motivation and keep you and your friends high on the track to fitness.

Compatible with both iOS and Android


  • Create Challenge Groups
  • Motivate and be motivated
  • Track other's activity
  • Be networked to other participants

Price: Free at first. You can download more features with the paid version.

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Challenge Tracker Apps - My Challenge Tracker

3. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is a challenge tracker app that lets you track your running. This keeps a track on how far you have run, the pace of your running, and keeps you updated with audio, letting you stay on track. It also integrates music to keep you motivated, and maintain the tempo.

Compatible with both iOS and Android OS


  • GPS tracking of activity
  • in-built music
  • Connect to the community

Price: Free at first, you can upgrade with in-app purchases starting at $9.99 USD

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Challenge Tracker Apps - Runkeeper

4. Runtastic

This smartphone app flaunts all the best features behind its deceptively simple looks. The easy-to-use and user-friendly app is a great choice if you want to start sweating it out. This app uses your GPS to track your distance and relative pace. It also taps into your sensors to track metrics such as calories burnt, and heart rate. You can even connect it to your smartwatch.

Compatible with both iOS and AndroidOS


  • GPS tracked running
  • compatible with smartwatch
  • 3D mapping and workout diary

Price: Free version available. Can be updated to higher versions with in-app purchases.

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Challenge Tracker Apps - Runtastic

5. Moves

This challenge tracker app is designed to make you move. This app taps into your phone's sensors to keep track of your walking, cycling, and running. It also calculates the distance you have covered and the calories burnt. It includes the Storyline feature which keeps a track of your daily movements in a story format, helping you visualise your routine better.

Compatible with both iOS and Android OS


  • Automatic recognition of movement
  • calorie counter
  • Daily storyline with places
  • No need to start and stop

Price: Free

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Challenge Tracker Apps - Moves

Track any iOS or Android device with Spyzie

Spyzie is one app that is the solution to all your tracking needs. Whether it be to keep a check over your child or spouse, Spyzie provides the best solution to it all. One can easily monitor any device, and always be informed of its whereabouts. You can also track all data including GPS. In short one can monitor almost everything about another person through this amazing app. All you need to do that is download discreetly the Spyzie into the target phone.

It is compatible with both Android devices and iOS devices.


  • Check call log
  • Track app activity
  • Keylogger
  • Record text messages and MMS
  • Check browsing history of the target phone
  • Keep an eye on the media
  • Read memo of target device
  • Check on all major social media apps

The best phone tracker for iOS and Android

There are plenty of challenge tracker apps on the market for you to choose from. However choosing the right one is the tricky part, which has been solved for you with this article. You can choose the best one for your liking and start your journey to fitness. Also, remember to sign up for the Spyzie account and keep track of your loved ones. Happy Workouts!!

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