How to track teen's cell phone activity remotely

Most of the parents want to know how they can remotely track and monitor their kid’s phone. But they don’t want the kids to be suspicious about their intentions. Thus, they need a cell phone remote tracker which stays hidden in the kid’s phone. Luckily, now they have various options. Keeping an eye on the kids, filtering the content they can access online, restriction over their phone, all-time knowledge about their location, and much more can be done with the tracking apps.

Here we are pointing you on how you to use a phone activity tracker app to stay updated with your kid’s activities. We have gathered up a list of 3 tools that are more than capable of establishing parental control.

cell phone remote tracker app

Why parents want to track the teen's phone activity?

The main reason why the parents choose to trust a cell phone remote tracker is that they want to keep their child safe from all dangers. And the internet is filled with the people who are willing to take advantage of others. Genuinely speaking, tracking and spying on a phone is a security breach and against ethics. But when it involves keeping your kids safe from the potential dangers, then using the tracking apps is a brilliant idea. As a parent, you have to protect your kids from:

  • Online Harassment: The worst thing that kids have to face these days is harassment. And it is done by all age groups. The random people who are friends with your kids on social media can manipulate your children into doing wrongful things. Plus, the negative response of people on the posts and photos uploaded on social media, affects the children mental health.
  • Cyber-Bullying: Another harmful impact that social media and the internet can lead to is cyber-bullyi Kids with the same age and older often comment about the younger kids. And the mean kids often criticize others. This can lead to an adverse effect on the kid's mind and cause depression at a very young age. When you can monitor your kid’s activities, you can found out who is bullying your kids online.
  • Identity Theft: The scammers and frauds present online are also waiting to steal unknown identities somehow and use them for their own good. The kids are usually unaware of the dangers that arise from sharing their personal details with some stranger. With phone activity tracker app, the parents will have complete knowledge of the kid’s contacts.
  • Addiction: Agree or not, internet and cell phone can be addictive. Whether it is YouTube or online games, your child can get addictive to anything online. And it will affect their academic as well as physical performance. By limiting their screen time, you will give a chance to your kid to interact with the real world.
  • Sexting: This might be the worst risk that parents have to steer away. Numerous teenagers send nudes and talk to a stranger using online dating sites. But things can turn out differently, and the person might be a fraud. This can cause several issues for the kids. Therefore, it is better to be conscious of your child’s online activities.

If you keep the points mentioned above in mind, it becomes evident for the parents to look out for the kids.

1. How to track phone activity remotely with Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the most potent web-based phone activity tracker apps. It can be used as a complete parental monitoring and control tool. The good thing is that it can stay hidden in the phone without letting the owner of the phone have any idea of its presence. As the tool can be used for both Android and iOS devices, you can take advantage of the app to track any device.

Here are the best features of the Spyzie app:

  • Track and monitor SMS, Calls, and Location
  • Block unwanted apps from phones for a limited period
  • Access social media profiles and media files
  • Take a look at the deleted messages, calls, and photos
  • Filter the content online

This is how you can track phone activity remotely with the help of Spyzie:

Step 1: Begin by visiting the Spyzie website and clicking on the Signup button. Enter valid email id and password and tap on the Signup button. You will receive an account activation mail with the download link.

phone activity tracker app spyzie setup 1

Step 2: After the registration, you will have to enter your teen’s name and age. Click on the device OS option to install the app on the device.

phone activity tracker app spyzie setup 2

Step 3: If you have the target device in hand, then you can install the app immediately. Visit the link in your mail and download the app from the link. But before you download the app, it is vital that you enable the “unknown resources installation” in security settings.

phone activity tracker app spyzie setup 3

Step 4: Finish the setup by logging in the app with your id and start tracking your kid’s activities. You can either download the app in your phone or access the dashboard from your browser.

phone activity tracker app spyzie setup 4

You can track calls, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, live location, and every other app on the phone.

phone activity tracker app spyzie dashboard

2. How to track phone activity remotely with FamiSafe

Another best tool that can be used as a cell phone remote tracker is FamiSafe. It can help you to monitor the time kids spend on their phones and every activity. With FamiSafe, you will have a complete idea of your kid’s whereabouts, and you can protect them from the potential dangers.

The key features of the software are given below:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Smart scheduling and screen time feature
  • App blocker and web content filtering
  • Track browser history and get timely activity reports

You can easily track any phone’s activities remotely using FamiSafe.

Step 1: Visit the website and register for an account. Make sure that you use a valid email id as the log in details will be sent to that ID.

cell phone remote tracker FamiSafe setup 1

Step 2: You can download the app from the Play Store or App Store on the targeted phone directly. Log in with your email id and set up the identity as a kid on your kid’s device. Make sure that you give all the permissions required by the app.

cell phone remote tracker FamiSafe setup 2

Step 3: Now, download the app on your phone and again login with your account details. Set up the account as a parent and connect your phone with the device kid.

cell phone remote tracker FamiSafe setup 3

Now you can easily track and monitor your kid’s activity as the app will become dormant after installation on the kid’s phone.

3.How to track phone activity remotely with SpyMyFone

Another useful phone activity tracker app that you can use to track the phone activity remotely is SpyMyFone. This application is perfectly capable of hiding itself from the phone’s owner. Thus, your kids won’t even have a brief idea that you are tracking and monitoring them. Whether the target device is Android or iOS, SpyMyFone can be used for complete parental control over the kid’s device.

The various features that make the app quite remarkable are given below:

  • Track app activity and capture screenshot
  • Track and monitor the location and set geofences
  • Access browsing history, photos, and videos remotely
  • Spy on calls, messages, social media apps, and other apps too

To track phone activity remotely with SpyMyFone, you will have to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Start by signing up for an account on the official website. Provide your email id and set a password for sign up. You will receive an account activation mail including the password with order confirmation details.

cell phone remote tracker SpyMyFone setup 1

Step 2: Now you have to set up the app on the target phone. Fill in the target information including name, age, and the OS information. Before installation, you will have to activate the “unknown resources installation” on the device.

cell phone remote tracker SpyMyFone setup 2

Step 3: Once the app is installed on the device, log in to the app using your account and allow access to the phone. When you are done, you can also hide the app icon on the target phone.

Step 4: Now, you can track and monitor the phone without any problem. You will have full control over the device with the dashboard. You can also install the app to stay updated with the kid’s activities.

cell phone remote tracker SpyMyFone setup 4

As you can see, all three apps work great as a cell phone remote tracker. By using these apps, you will have detailed information regarding your kid’s involvements. You can find out about the potential dangers and keep them safe. So, you can choose any of these apps for phone activity tracking and stay relaxed.

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