Best Step Tracker Apps 2018

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you should certainly use a step tracker app. It can help you count the calories you have burnt and meet your everyday targets. There are plenty of step tracker apps out there for Android and iOS devices that you can try. In this post, we will make you familiar with some of the best step tracker apps of 2018 that can help you get in shape right away.

What is a step tracker app?

A step tracker app (which is also known as a pedometer at times) is used to calculate the total number of steps we have taken. The app maintains the record of the steps taken every day by the user with other details. It also provides detail regarding the total calories burnt, time taken, etc. A good step tracker app should have a feature to set daily targets. This inspires us to meet our goals by walking the number of designated steps.

Additionally, there are some apps that only work with a dedicated device like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Smart Watch, etc. We recommend that you should get a step tracker app that won’t require the purchase of any dedicated unit like that. By simply installing it on your phone and using the device while walking, you should be able to count the number of steps.

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Why we need a step tracker app?

Ideally, if you like to stay fit and walk more, then you should use step tracker apps. They can be used in the following way:

  • It encourages us to walk or run more by setting daily goals.
  • You can also know the amount of calories that you have burnt that can help you stay healthy.
  • An ideal app also provides statistics related to our walk and overall health that can’t be obtained without using a special tool.
  • Some apps also have a social feature, which lets us compete with our friends and encourage them.
  • It is simply an easy and hassle-free way to stay fit, manage details regarding our health, and be social at the same time.

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Top 5 Step Tracker Apps

There are numerous step tracker apps out there. To make things easier for you, we have shortlisted the top 5 options here.

1. Pedometer Step Tracker

Developed by ITO Technologies, Pedometer is one of the best step tracker apps that you can try in 2018. It is known to record steps taken in an accurate and precise manner. The tool is available for every leading version for iOS and Android device.

  • It provides in-depth statistics like number of steps, calories burnt, distance covered, walking time, etc.
  • The app features various themes to change its look and feel.
  • The information is displayed in the form of user-friendly graphs.

Price: Freely available
App rating: 4.4
Compatibility: Android 4.0 and advanced versions and iOS 8.0 and later versions

Download on iOS:
Download on Android:

Step Tracker Apps - Mobile Tracker Free

2. Pacer

If you like to stay in shape and keep a constant eye on your fitness goals, then Pacer would be an ideal app for you. To start with, you can try its free trial version that comes for both iOS and Android devices.

  • It has an inbuilt Pedometer Preference tool that can be used to customize and get accurate results.
  • Can also be synced with Fitbit and other smart wearables
  • The app is particularly beneficial for weight loss training.
  • Available in multiple languages

Price: Free (basic version) while the premium subscription starts from $3.00
App rating: 4.6
Compatibility: Android 4.1+ and iOS 9.0+

Download on iOS:
Download on Android:

Step Tracker Apps - Pacer

3. Stepz

Stepz is one of the most popular and freely available step tracker apps for iOS devices. It runs on both, iPhone as well as Apple watch.

  • It can be synced with Apple Health and will keep running in the background to count the total number of steps taken.
  • Provides in-depth statistics regarding the distance covered, calories burnt, and more
  • It provides a quick, hourly, and daily display of your vital stats.
  • You can compete with your friends and unlock achievements.

Price: Freely available
App rating: 4.5
Compatibility: Runs on iOS 8.0 or later versions

Download on iOS:

Step Tracker Apps - Stepz

4. Map My Walk

This popular step tracker app is developed by Under Armour Inc. and is already used by millions of people the world over. It will make your fitness regime more social by including your friends as well. You can also find other runners in your city using the app.

  • It is extremely easy to use and provides a precise tracking of the steps taken.
  • Besides step tracking, it can maintain a record of your food (calorie) intake, distance covered, route, and more.
  • You can share your progress with your friends and compete with them as well.
  • Available in different languages

Price: Free (basic version) while the premium plans start from $5.99
App rating: 4.5
Compatibility: Android 4.3 and up as well as iOS 10.0 or later versions

Download here:

Step Tracker Apps - Map My Walk

5. Nike+ Run Club

Just like Under Armour, Nike has also developed its dedicated app for runners. Though, it is a freely available app and can be used to meet your fitness goals for sure.

  • No matter how fast or slow you would walk, the app will calculate your steps precisely.
  • Easy to use and setup with multi-language support
  • Maintains a leadership board so that you can compete with your friends
  • Meet your goals, make new achievements, and collect trophies
  • Audio training by professional athletes

Price: Freely available
App rating: 4.4
Compatibility: Android 4.2 and up as well as iOS 10.0 or later versions

Download here:

Step Tracker Apps - Nike+ Run Club

Spyzie: The best phone tracker for iOS and Android

Additionally, if you wish to track all the important details and activities of any smartphone remotely, then you can use Spyzie. It is a highly advanced and reliable mobile tracker that works on all the leading versions of iOS and Android devices. You can track these devices remotely using its control panel app or via its web-based dashboard. From its real-time location to social media activity – you can get all the vital information of a device remotely.

  • It runs in a stealth mode and won’t be detected by the user.
  • The app can track details like call logs, messages, browser history, real-time location, notes, and more.
  • Advanced features like geo-fencing, call recorder, surrounding recorder, keylogger, etc.
  • You can also capture screenshots of the device remotely.
  • It tracks all the popular IM and social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
  • No need to root or jailbreak the device
  • Free sign-up and demo available

The best phone tracker for iOS and Android

We hope that after reading the guide you will be able to know about some of the best step tracker apps. By using these apps, you can record the number of steps you have taken, the calories you have burnt, and get other vital details. Additionally, if you wish to spy on anyone remotely, then you can also try Spyzie. It will let you obtain all the vital details related to the target device without being detected.

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