Top 10 best phone tracker apps for Android and iPhone

There are literally dozens of best phone tracker apps for Android and iPhones available in the market. Unfortunately, not every app is proved to be accessible and helpful. Users especially parents look for powerful apps that would help them to navigate their kids’ location by just sitting on a couch or at an office desk. However, this is not a concern anymore because phone tracker apps these days are designed according to your requirements.

There are numbers of phone tracker apps available for iPhone and Android users. You just need to make the best choice. Below-mentioned are some helpful phone tracking apps for Android and iPhone for your easy selection.

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5 Best Phone Tracker App for Android

Whether you want to locate your lost phone or want to navigate your kids’ location, these apps fulfill all such features. You never know when your teenage kids sign up those sites; you don’t want them to access. Being a responsible parent, you need to build a few restrictions for your kids so that they focus on their studies and careers.

Have a look at these best phone tracker apps for android:

  1. Spyzie

This is a powerful and best phone tracker app for Android and iOS. It has various uses. It allows you to know what another person is doing on a smartphone. Spyzie provides you features that let you access one’s photos, videos, real-time location, messages, social media activities, and more.

best phone tracker app - spyzie

The use of Spyzie is not limited to tracking phones only; you can also access call logs, messages, and more. Here are more features:

  • Voice call record
  • Record Surround
  • Access Photo and video
  • GPS real-time location
  • Social media apps


  • The best phone tracker app for Android, Spyzie runs in a stealth mode and is not detected by the targeted user.


  • It has limited spying options for iOS devices and sometimes takes a long time to respond.
  1. Where’s My Droid

It is one of the best apps that you are looking to install in your Android phone. This app comes with exciting features that allow you to find your missing phone or child’s phone using GPS.

best phone tracker app - Where’s My Droid

Learn more about the features of this application which comes for free:

  • Track phone through GPS location
  • Passcode privacy to prevent illicit app changes
  • Notification of changed phone number or SIM
  • Locate phone by making it vibrate/ ring
  • SMS your attention word


  • There is no battery drain, and stealth mode of this app conceals incoming SMS with attention


  • You need to sign up every time you open the app for email offers
  1. Android Lost

This is another really good app as it includes not only GPS tracking feature, but also various core features such as snap photos via front and rear camera, fetch the thief’s call list, remote wipe the SD card, and more.

best phone tracker app - Android Lost

Features of Android Lost Free:

  • Lock/ wipe phone
  • Start alarm with flashing screen
  • Popup messages or send SMS from web page
  • Remote SMS controls
  • Capture picture with both front and back camera
  • Read received and sent messages
  • Track by GPS or network
  • Forward calls
  • Display call list


  • Easy and safe to access


  • Need frequent sign up while opening the app every time
  1. AnDroid Theft

This best phone tracker app for android is simply an anti-theft app and tracks the stolen or lost device via GPS. Similar to all other apps, this app also detects a new SIM card and takes the picture via the camera and sends it to your social account.

best phone tracker app - AnDroid Theft

Its other features are:

  • Find changes to phone numbers/ SIM cards
  • Spy camera and view pictures captured from the phone’s camera
  • Track position of phone using GPS
  • Pros: Detect live location of your stolen or lost phone
  • Cons: Track to a limited area.
  1. TheTruthSpy

This app mainly emphasizes on tracking your friends, dear ones, family, or anyone that is close to you. TheTruthSpy app provides you access to a large number of pioneering features that allows you to remotely track your phone.

best phone tracker app - TheTruthSpy

Its features work smartly in the background of your Android. Here are its features:

  • A free GPS tracker that finds the real-time location of the device
  • Monitor internet activities
  • Live call recording
  • Easy, safe, and reliable to use
  • Possesses ambient voice recording


  • This app works with WhatsApp and reads Facebook messages


  • People find it difficult to get used to its features in a short amount of time.

Availing features of best phone tracker app for Android help you know about the advanced technology that you can use anywhere and anytime.

5 Best Phone Tracker App for iPhone

  1. Highster Mobile Spy

In the list of best phone tracker apps for iPhone, Highster Mobile Spy comes out to be the most preferred app. It has unique features to avail.

best phone tracker app - Highster Mobile Spy


  • You can easily access videos and photos with a phone’s camera
  • This app allows tracking all incoming and outgoing calls
  • GPS location tracker traces the real-time location of your targets


  • It easily tracks old and recent activities in the target device
  • Simple to install in iPhone and Android
  • No rooting is required


  • It has limited communication logs
  • No availability of live chat technical support
  • No demo versions or free trials
  1. Family Tracker

This is one of the best phone tracker apps for iPhone available in the market. You can track your friends, family, or those who are important to you. It is quite simple to use and is flexible.

best phone tracker app - Family Tracker

The features of Family Tracker are:

  • Built-in messaging systems help you easily contact any of your mentioned target devices
  • You’ll get the notification immediately if the user of a target device tries to visit the restricted areas.


  • This app is easy and quick to use
  • You can easily track your kid’s location and find them quickly at the right time


  • This app does not access all features for the unsubscribers.
  1. TrackGPS Mobile

Due to its flexibility, simplicity, and versatility, TrackGPS Mobile is considered as best tracking app.

best phone tracker app - TrackGPS Mobile

Its features are:

  • This app provides you an information platform
  • You can even specify benchmarks on the map and send particular commands


  • Time-saving as it tracks real-time location within minutes
  • You can simply retrieve the monitoring location history
  • You can utilize this app to track the fleet of your mobile phones


  • This app provides access to Spanish and Mexicans. It cannot be used easily by other users.
  1. Life 360

If you are looking for a high-quality phone tracker app for iPhone, then Life 360 is what you need. An app with best GPS features that supports Android, WP, and iOS. As your child is growing, you need to keep an eye on his activities as everything for him in the adolescent phase is new and exciting. You have to help him to follow the right track and shape his future well.

best phone tracker app - Life 360


  • With the help of its private messaging feature, friends and family can communicate in one place.
  • If you are a premium subscriber, this app allows you to track your phone if lost or stolen
  • The users of Life 360 can form circles to break up individuals


  • Have various kinds of features that are available for premium users as well
  • Roadside assistance is a great help for users to save their time


  • Only basic subscribers can access this app fully
  1. Flexispy Phone Tracker

Being a parent, if you ever doubt that your kid has lied to you about his last night group study, then Flexispy Phone Tracker comes to the rescue to help you out. With this app, you can track your children’s real-time location.

best phone tracker app - Flexispy


  • Know your kids’ current and past location with appropriate date and time
  • You can work in the background
  • Highly reliable and accurate GPS location tracker


  • It is a stealth application that operates silently in the background of iPhone


  • This app lacks in blocking numbers and websites.

Both best phone tracker app for Android and phone tracker app iPhone allow you to spy on the target device or any person whom you want to track. You can simply listen or see anything that takes place on the target phone. The reputable phone tracker apps have the capability to access what’s going on the target device, be it web browsing or messages.

Consider the best app that acts both as a parental app and GPS tracker to help you find every activity of your kid. Spyzie can help you in many ways as an excellent phone tracker app.

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