5 best personal GPS tracker that you must know for kids

Personal GPS tracker app is a necessary app to manage an essential method of maintaining security and keeping track of someone's whereabouts. It is not always possible to keep track of our kids when they are at schools and outdoors. It is also not possible to monitor where the kids are heading without telling their parents. Kids always have a tendency to go astray from their daily work and activities. Internet is used for both a positive and negative thing, and therefore kids being naïve do not know anything about these activities. Hence, they tend to fall prey to unwanted information and infiltration of messages in their phones. GPS tracking is one of the efficient ways to keep a check on your children, and most parents do it on a regular basis with the help of a few effective apps. The GPS tracking apps will provide you with real-time location tracking of your kids.

If you are worried about your kids’ online activities and seeking a solution, you will find many of the applications that can give you accurate results from time to time about the whereabouts, messages and other information of your kids. Here we will discuss five essential GPS tracking apps that will make your children’s lives secure and give you a chance to protect them as well.

personal GPS tracker

What is a personal tracker?

A personal GPS tracker is available with people or vehicle on the move to track destination, positions of people and to navigate as well. The recorded data can be stored within the tracking unit. These are used for a lot of useful purposes because they can give you the right information on the target device. A personal tracker is essential for parents these days who want to monitor their kid's activities to keep them safe.  There is a personal tracking solution when it comes to these apps because they are very efficient and effective in maintaining a record of all the activities that are captured within the application. These trackers will help you put a full stop to the unwanted responses and messages so that your children are protected and for you to determine what is harmful to them.

5 best personal GPS tracker that you must know for kids

1. Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the favorite apps in the market when it comes to tracking activities of the target device. The app has become very popular among its customers because of its easy features. The app will allow you to view the history of the target device and one can view the call logs in chronological ways as well, keeping track of outgoing, incoming and rejected calls as well. Both Andriod and iOS support Spyzie.


  • The features will include tacking text messages, GPS location.
  • Monitors Whatsapp
  • Views the apps installed, read the notes and reminders, browse contacts and views photos.
  • Most importantly the app helps detect suspicious messages and identifies threats accurately.


  • It is a free app supported by both Android and iOS devices.
  • The app keeps all personal data confidential, and it is a very safe app with data encryption technology.
  • Installing the application is effortless.
  • Gives you complete assistance and care while retrieving the data from the target device.


  • The app has limited options for iOS devices.

personal GPS tracker - Spyzie

2. Angel sense

It is a discreet personal GPS tracker for children and for teenagers who can be monitored with their target phones and devices. It is a prevalent and highly used application that is available free in play store and app store. There are great features in the app that will help you monitor your child’s activities, and you as a parent will be able to protect him from harmful activities on the internet.


Has a safety zone set up with 30-second updates, you can talk to your child anytime? You can listen to your child’s day to day activities, and with the 30 seconds option, you can access information on what your child is up to every 30 seconds. There are exciting features of this app that you can explore after downloading the application.


  • Accurate monitoring and detecting activities can be recorded with this application.
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • The app is very useful and unlike the other GPS trackers because it is for children with autism and disabilities.


  • The app is not available for free
  • The plans start from $30 a month, and one can choose to pay in installments as well.

personal GPS tracker - Angle sense

3. Life 360

Like other GPS tracking apps Life 360 has its features and functions that make it a great personal GPS tracker application. The app has a wide range of interesting features that can help you locate your family wherever they are. The app is very popular among clients and customers because of its flexible location sharing; there is utmost privacy involved without the leaking of any personal information.


During an emergency, one can create a group for conversation; you can access complete information on locations and past logs as well.


  • The app is available in both Android and iOS and
  • It is a very effective tracking application that can help you track all your target devices and bring you the information very easily.


  • It can be too complicated to use because there are several steps to follow to understand the application and use it.

personal GPS tracker - Life 360

4. Famisafe

Famisafe is a popular personal GPS tracker monitoring tool that helps you monitor your children’s activities to prevent harmful messages and unwanted data accessibility from the target device. Famisafe works on both Android and iOS devices, and that is the reason why one must make good use of the device to find out all the relevant information regarding your children’s private conversation, their whereabouts, unwanted messages and other suspicious activities.


  • One can track real-time location using famisafe
  • It is affordable in price
  • One can set the app according to their flexibility.


  • Once the app is installed, you can set the screen time.
  • Make sure that the phone is not used during sleep and study time.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  1. It cannot monitor texts and social media apps.

personal GPS tracker - FamiSafe

5. Find My Kids

This one is a very effective child locator that will tell you about your children’s location and keep you informed. The app is available free of cost and is compatible with both Android and iOS. It is a great app because it delivers you the exact and accurate information of where kids are hanging out.


  • This app provides you with real-time location tracking of your kids.
  • With the geo-fencing ability, one can easily identify the target device when the person is leaving the predetermined area.


  • Accurate and fast-tracking with your device
  • Privacy is secured completely.
  • As a parent, you can be able to protect your child from all online threats.


  • There is no cons.

personal GPS tracker - Find my kids

Here are a few steps to use Spyzie

For Android

Step 1: Create an account – You must use your valid email id, name and password to create an account on the app, right after you have installed it in your phone. Choose the right plan for yourself.

use Spyzie to track gps android step 1

Step 2: after the registration process, it might take some time to go through the entire process of making the necessary settings on the target device. You must select the kind of OS as well and in this case select Android.

use Spyzie to track gps android step 2

You must follow these steps to install the app in the target device –

  1. Enable the “unknown source” option after clicking on security and finding the “lock screen and security tab” and click. Click “OK”.
  2. use Spyzie to track gps android step 2.1

  3. Download and install Spyzie app in the target device, and once the app is downloaded, the device administrator service will be activated where the app icon will be deleted, and the app will work in a stealth mode.
  4. use Spyzie to track gps android step 2.2

Step 3: Once the process of installation is complete on the target device you can follow up on the process from your phone, and it can take some time for the data to get synced from the control panel. Make sure the phone is not switched off during the process. You must allow “System Update Service”.

use Spyzie to track gps android step 3

For iOS

Step 1: Create a Spyzie account within the app after downloading it, you can enter the information of the device and follow the essential steps to complete the process.

Step 2: You must fill the required information of the target device and verify iCloud without the installation of the extra app.

use Spyzie to track gps iphone step 2

If you are worried about your kids and you want to avail these app services, then there is no better list than this one. Check out this application as mentioned earlier for a better-secured and protected life for your kids.

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