The 10 Best Kids Activity Trackers

Are you thinking about using kid's activity tracker for protection of your child? The top 10 and the best ones are listed below.

We all know how much innocent a child is, and there is a possibility that many evil people will try to take advantage of this innocence. Not only in reality, but the online world also will try to hurt your kid. The strictest thing to do is to refrain your kid from using the internet, which is not possible! Every person in this world is now used to things online, and if your kid lags behind, that's bad. So what is the best option? How can you protect your kid when he is alone online? There is one solution that is the kid's activity tracker which will not only track what your kid is doing online but will also tell you their real-time location. Kid tracker app is one of the best app created which helps the parents to protect their kid whenever necessary.

What is kids' activity tracker?

The kids' activity tracker is the app designed for the parents who want to keep an eye on their kids and help them when required. It is a necessary app needed for the parents who worry that their kid may be drifting to the wrong side of the online world. It provides incredible features which will help you to take care of your kid anytime you want. Some of them are:

  • Keep an eye on messages sent online.
  • Examine call logs and text messages and browsing history.
  • Capture screenshots in real time and record any calls of the target phone.
  • Check keystrokes using keylogger.
  • Monitor social media activity on the other phone.
  • Check for installed apps and current location.
  • Download pictures and videos anytime on the phone.
  • Watch the text of any messaging app you want.

All the kids present online are not necessarily a master in using it the correct way. There are chances that they may get under some evil influence and will eventually be at risk. It is all known that it is the job of the parents to protect their kid from this kind of adversity. There are some many hideous people online who may try to take advantage of your child. There are some sites which are not pleasant to look upon. How can parents alone be able to monitor these entire if they don't know what is going on? Here the only rescuer you will find is the best activity tracker for kids who will tell you the whole story of what is happening on their phone which usually some children don't say to their parents.

10 Best Kids Activity Tracker

1. Spyzie Activity Tracker

This is the best app you can find for yourself, and it is one of most trusted kids tracker app. Once you are done installing this app you can sit back and relax because this app not only provides you the excellent features but also comes at a reasonable price.


  • Keep an eye on calls and texts offline and online.
  • Block unwanted apps and sites or set a time limit for each app.
  • You can track browsing data, with keylogger facility.
  • Provides real-time location.
  • Easy to handle the software.

Price: $29.99 per month / $7.5 per month for the 1-year subscription.

Supported Devices: Supports both Android and iOS

Kids Activity Tracker - Spyzie Activity Tracker


This app is very impressive regarding its monitoring features. This application provides with a lot of features to look upon. It gives the real-time location of the target phone.


  • User-friendly and can block all the apps at a time in the target phone.
  • Makes location finding easier.

Price: $49.99/year

Supported devices: Both Android and iOS

Kids Activity Tracker - NORTON FAMILY PREMIER


It is a perfect kid's activity tracker app which can tell you where is your kid anytime you want. It will also display the list of places they have been today.


  • Can be used and managed easily in high-security requirements.
  • It provides real-time location as well former location.

Price: Free

Supported devices: Only for Android

Kids Activity Tracker - CELL TRACKER


This app kid tracker is an excellent app as it acts very fast in difficult and dangerous situations. Come with all kinds of features including geo-tracking and geo-fencing.


  • Time limits can be set for apps.
  • The real-time tracking ability of this app is outstanding, and there is also a panic button which is a great help in time of emergencies.
  • Good overall reports of calls and texts.

Price: $89/year

Supporteddevices: Both Android and iOS

Kids Activity Tracker - PHONESHERRIF


It is essential and easy to use kids tracker which comes in handy. It is loved by its users a lot, but you can only operate it when you are connected to wifi.


  • Fast and correct tracking
  • Easy to use for any age group of people.

Price: Free

Supported devices: Only for Android

Kids Activity Tracker - CHILDREN TRACKER


This app provides useful features for its reasonable price. It is not as great as Spyzie, but still, it is a good and cheap option to choose.


  • Provides real-time location in no time.
  • The app of the target phone can be managed.
  • Can control the time limits and comes with a good web filter.
  • It gives an unlimited number of connections.

Price: $29.99

Supported devices: Both android and ios

Kids Activity Tracker - ESET PARENTAL CONTROL


It is a reasonably good app as it provides a lot of information about your child in no time. First, it was only an iPhone app but later was introduced for Android also.


  • Monitors incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  • Keeps a record of all the screenshot and browsing history and even passwords and send it to you by mail.
  • Keeps track of the location of the kid when outside.

Price: $49.99/month

Supported devices: Both android and ios

Kids Activity Tracker - IKEY MONITOR


It is a straightforward app for the parents to operate which can easily handle a large sum of phones for the families who have more than one toddler. Monitoring your kids' phone has never been so easy.


  • The time limit can be set beforehand.
  • Manages a large number of the phone while tracking efficiently.

Price: $54.95

Supported devices: Both android and ios

Kids Activity Tracker - QUSTODIO


One of the most fabulous kid tracker applications which provide fantastic web filter to the users. It blocks malicious site and contents before the kids can even look upon them.


  • Blocks all the adult sites from the children phone.
  • Comes with an age-based setup which helps the user a lot.
  • Easy to use the app with app time limits and web filtering.

Price: $59.99/year

Supported devices: Both android and ios

Kids Activity Tracker - NET NANNY


It is a simple app for simple monitoring and tracking the kids. The parents who don't want to meddle much but still look upon their child will like this app a lot.


  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Provides on time location for the parents.
  • Excellent and temporary blocking tool.
  • Excellent report on the calls, SMS and web browsing.

Price: $99.99

Supported devices: Both android and ios

Kids Activity Tracker - MY MOBILE WATCHDOG

Everybody is worried about their kids or younger brother or sister who is new to the online world and is starting to grow up. This age is very tender, and children tend to go to the wrong side. The most reliable way to safeguard your children is to install the Spyzie app which is the number one kid's activity tracker and is a trusted app worldwide. This app will help to monitor their movements outside the home and also the activities they do online and offline on their cellphones. It is a must app for all those people who are likely to worry about their kids a lot.

Try Spyzie Activity Tracker

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