Things parents must know about Facebook blocking

There is no denying the fact that Facebook has diverted the minds of numerous people, especially, the teens, who are so addicted to Facebook that they spend most of their time on this social media channel and thus are not able to concentrate on their studies. In such cases, parents don’t have any other option left other than Facebook blocking. Read More >>

Posted by Anton | 02.04.2019

Ways to block a page on Facebook and browser

Facebook is a social networking site with a huge pool of people on it. However, it comes with its own risks, especially when it is about young kids using the site. Therefore, it is important that you have an idea about how to block a page on Facebook. Read More >>

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What can parents do for Facebook security block?

With small children joining Facebook, the security of the kids has really being a big concern for the parents. In this article, we will discuss how parents can keep their child’s Facebook usage in check by Facebook security block and various other methods. Read More >>

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How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Nothing is as important as your kids' safety in all situations. Learn how to block people on Facebook for your kids' safety. Read More >>

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Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Your may have heard of Cyber Bullying, where hooligans send crude posts and images even to other users. Learn simple ways of blocking on Facebook. Read More >>

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YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

YouTube is the hub of millennial entertainment. In present times, teens have everything to watch over here. Without any doubt, YouTube has both pros and cons for teens at the same time. Thus, parents look for reliable YouTube tracker apps such as Spyzie for kids’ better future. Spyzie also helps parents to keep an eye on their kids’ location. Read More >>

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Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

It is essential to look for Facebook profile view tracker that can help you stay safe online in many ways. Also, when it comes to the safety of your closed ones, Spyzie app is all you get as it has high accessibility to check the Facebook messages. Moreover, you can easily monitor kids’ social media usage with the help of its social apps feature. Read More >>

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How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

Spyzie has offered its users to keep a check on the cell phones of their child remotely. You can never be sure that the data your child is sharing on a social media platform is safe and is reaching the right audience. Help your children check the visitors of their Facebook profiles using Facebook visitor tracker. Read More >>

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How to Keep Track of Who Has Unfriend You on Facebook

Facebook unfriend tracker is a wonderful tool that helps you to check the decrease in the number of your friends from, Facebook friend list. It is also to be kept in mind that your popularity is not dependent on the number of your followers or friends on social media sites and parents can help their kids the right way using Spyzie. Read More >>

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How to Track Your Instagram Follower with Third-Party App

Spyzie is the go-to virtual bulletproof shield, assuring protection against the hazards of social media battlefield. It is the best Instagram followers tracker with an assortment of features like tracking call & message log, social media & application activities, keylogging & WiFi logging, GPS tracking, and the list just goes on. Read More >>

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Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

An amazing Facebook Friend Tracker, Spyzie can help parents to locate their child’s whereabouts and guide them in the most useful away about the value of time and spending your time with the best company. If the activities of the child are properly monitored at this growing age, this could help in making a bright future for him. Read More >>

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Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Spyzie is an amazing parental app that helps parents to keep a check on the social media activities of the kids. This also helps them to guide their kids to avoid updating personal images and videos without applying privacy. Parents can also check who all tried to visit their child’s Instagram profile through various Instagram Viewer Tracker apps. Read More >>

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How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

You can now keep a track your kid’s WhatsApp profile and Messages with the help of WhatsApp tracker apps. The apps also act as a profile tracker for WhatsApp along with various other functionalities. Let's read about them below. Read More >>

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How to track someone's cell phone remotely

Is your child always on the phone or your spouse turns his phone 60 degrees when you sit near him? Now, monitor everything they do on their phone with cellphone remote tracking solutions. Read More >>

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How to Track Someone's Facebook Messenger Messages

Spyzie is an amazing Facebook messenger tracker that helps parents to keep a check of the social media activities of their child. Although messenger provides the facility to communicate with people at any corner of the world, you can never be sure about the privacy and security of your child’s information, so it’s better to keep a check. Read More >>

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