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How Spyzie Is Helpful for You to Check All The Phone Activities At One Go?

Many people might ask this question. Is there a way to get a list of all the activities going on a phone at a glance? So, one can gauge how the target device is being used. for this purpose, you can apply the timeline feature introduced by Spyzie that brings all the phone activities at one place. You can check and make sure that the device is not involved in any unwanted events.

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What you can do with Timeline

Know What Your Kids Did Easily

Timely know what exactly your kids do in a whole day.

Schedule Kids' Screen Time

Learn how to schedule kids' screen time reasonably.

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Timeline Tips and Tricks

Start tracking with Spyzie in 3 easy steps.

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Register A Spyzie Account

Create a premium Spyzie account on Spyzie website.

connect device

Connect with A Target Device

Choose and connect target device and make necessary settings.

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Start Monitoring

Visit the Spyzie dashboard to view monitored data of the targeted device.

Voice of Spyzie Users

  • Collected From Alexander, USA
    Spyzie is the most professional parental control app I have ever used. It has so many powerful features and it is very easy to use. With Spyzie, I could have a better understanding of my kid now.
  • Collected from Frank, Canada
    Last sunday my daughter went on a trip with her classmates for several days. I was extremely worried about her safety. Thanks to Spyzie I could know her real-time location. This gives me great peace of mind.
  • Collected from Selena, England
    There are so many risks online and I think every parent should have proper monitoring of children. Spyzie is a wise choice.

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