YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

It’s cool to be digital these days! That is why, teens today don’t ever sit down in front of the TV to watch any entertaining shows, and YouTube is their go-to source of top pop entertainment and culture. YouTube is a giant platform to access videos of any type. There are millions of video channels available on this platform, and it is impossible to remark that everything here is worth to watch for teens. Thus, parents need to be aware of YouTube tracker if they want to monitor their kids’ watch history and help them to have a safe search.

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

So, you being a parent, be a web smart and know how YouTube tracking apps keep a watch on a user’s activities. YouTube has a powerful extension that records every click, download, and search of users in a better way. One of the kindest ways to check your kids’ browsing screens on YouTube can be to have a look at their laptop or phone device when they are not around, and then you go to the option Time watched in the profile of their YouTube. This option contains data of everyday access, and you can check while your child is away. However, if you find that your kids have deleted the history, then YouTube tracker is the smart way to help you out through advanced extensions.

YT Tracker: A Powerful Extension to Record Time!

This useful YouTube tracker extension is helpful to track the user’s time spent on YouTube. The searched and watched data can be viewed swiftly in the popup chart or the icon. There are two types of data tracked:

  • Time
  • Number of Videos Opened

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

Time is recorded in two ways:

  • Total Time Spent on Opened Videos: It includes the time that is spent to load a particular video page.
  • Total Time Spent on Playing Videos: It is the tracked time during the video play.

Number of Videos Opened

The count of videos and time spent are tracked to a maximum of one hour. This avoids unintended page reloads in the statistics recorded.

The time and counts display through records of YT Trackers is in a text and in a chart form.

Screenshots: YouTube tracker YT Tracker extension gives the results in screenshots for your better understanding. After your child has completely spent time online, you can check their records on their device later on, which seem as:

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

Dark Theme

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

Light Theme

Chrome or Firefox

Make sure that the synced storage is activated so that the extension works accurately and show you the reliable results. To turn on the sync, visit tab of configuration and set web extension to sync enabled.

Well, the extension can provide you with detailed sheets of the time spent on videos and searching. But, it is not always the case that you’ll get the history as it is. Some links might be deleted. What if your children delete or reset the data before handing over the device to you or are aware of the extension installed in their device? Thus, be a smart parent and look for the parental control apps that have everything in your hands and your child can’t do anything in it.

Spyzie: A Smart Solution to View What’s Streaming Online

This is not only an app but also a helpful web-based phone tracking solution for parents to track their children’s activities and monitor their searches on YouTube as well. When it comes to checking an Android device, it gives you deep information about the targeted Android device following a simple setup procedure.

Spyzie acts as YouTube tracker through its distinguished feature of browsing history. Without any intrusion to target device access, Spyzie allows you to track YouTube activities hassle-free. You can prevent your children from cyberbullying, watching pornography, and various other threats that may be harmful to them. The compatibility of this app is both Android and iOS device.

Pros of Spyzie:

  • Budget-friendly
  • No rooting of the Android device is required
  • Simple to understand and use

Cons: It has one problem only, that it is not accessible for Window phones.

Steps to View Your Kids’ Browsing History with Spyzie: Android

Step 1: Create an Account

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

  1. Download the Spyzie app and open it.
  2. Create an account with an authentic email address
  3. Email registration is mandatory to proceed and you’ll get the plan accordingly

Step 2: Account Registration

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

  1. Enter your personal information and your target device information after you have created the account.
  2. You have to enter the credentials including age and operating system of the target device on Setup Wizard Window.
  3. After filling all the information, click “Next”.

Step 3: Security

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

Open the setting in your target device and choose “Lock screen and security”. This will take you to “Unknown source” and then click “OK”.

Step 4: APK file

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

  1. Take the Spyzie icon from the target device.
  2. Download the Spyzie
  3. Once download, you’ll get APK file, which you have to install for further access.

Step 5: Accept the Agreement

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

  1. Accept the Spyzie agreement from your device
  2. Click on the “Start” button to track the activities of the target device
  3. The Spyzie icon in the target device will be removed automatically

Step 6: Dashboard

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

Once you are completed with the previous five steps, you’ll get access to details of target device’s activities for messages, calls, social media accounts, keyloggers, and browsing history on various portals such as YouTube, and more.

Step 7: Browsing History Option

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

By clicking on the “Browsing History” option, you can easily monitor the target device and look for watched videos on YouTube and other sites usage.

Steps to View History of iPhone Users with Spyzie

Step 1: Install Spyzie

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

  1. Download and install Spyzie in your iPhone
  2. Open the app and create the account with right email credentials

Step 2: Setup Wizard Window

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

Enter the details of the target device such as age, name, and operating system.

Step 3: iCloud Window

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

iCloud will ask for username and password for the verification purpose. Fill them accurately.

Step 4: Dashboard

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

Once you have created the iCloud Account, a dashboard will display instantly. Through the dashboard, you can track the activities of the target device such as call logs, browsing history, messages, and more.

By understanding and following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily track your child’s YouTube and various other web activities on Android and iOS. Utilizing Spyzie as a YouTube tracker is always a great experience as it meets all the expectations of parents when it comes to spying on their teens’ online activities.

Spyzie also allows you to track the activities of target device secretly. There are various reasons to spy one’s device secretly. These reasons are:

  • Individuals would like to know if their partner is cheating on them.
  • Friends can get to know about their peers if they are undergoing any health issues such as depression.
  • People also look for their siblings’ online activities in order to ensure if they are surfing safely.
  • Parents would like to know kids’ social activities and if they are getting bullied or exposed to content not appropriate to their age.

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

Well, it might not be easy for teens to accept YouTube tracker app in their phones, this is the reason why Spyzie works in a stealth mode without even coming into notice. But, parents can help them to know the importance of healthy surfing in their growing age. The prominent apps such as Spyzie helps children to stay on the right track and prevent them from falling in a pit of inappropriate web content, especially when it comes to browsing YouTube.

Benefits of YouTube Tracker for Teens

  • Not only the YouTube tracker comes with tracking videos searches, but it also keeps the record of saved links that children may need later on. For instance, assignments guide, online class tutorials, essential study videos, and more. On the other hand, Spyzie won’t allow children to access unnecessary videos and help kids to stay focused on the goals by accessing the links that they are permitted to.
  • YouTube has a lot to search, browse, and watch. Parents can limit this search by blocking those adult content sites or content that is not suitable for teens. There are various adult content videos or porn videos available on YouTube as teasers, for which the link is shared for watching the complete videos. But, with the help of YouTube tracker, you can block the category of such adult sites so that your kids won’t access further.
  • Cyber Crimes through Videos is increasing day by day. There are various fake channels available on YouTube, which might give information about any modeling event, opportunity to meet a celebrity, and more, and provide the information that in order to get entry to such events; participants have to send their beautiful pictures or videos. This can be fraud as videos or pictures can be misused. Thus, parents can help their kids to stay away from such cyber activities after checking the history.

YouTube Tracker - Track Your Teen’s YouTube Activity

YouTube tracker apps once installed in the device allow you to control access to the online videos in a detailed fashion. This is a great help for parents as they get complete information about YouTube and search history results of their kids, which leads to safe browsing of the internet once the settings for web filtering are done.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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