Top 5 Instagram unfollow trackers that actually works

We have already mentioned that a vast number of people are using Instagram to share photos, videos, stories as well as texts. Also, it will give a chance to follow your favorite people like actors, players; politicians, businessmen as well as your friends to get acquainted yourself with their activities and what is happening to their life. Moreover, you can see that several people are following you on Instagram, giving likes and comments to the contents that you are uploading. But what will happen if someone unfollows you? How to know about it? Well, you can do that by using a useful Instagram unfollowers tracker and can find out who has unfollowed you so that you can get in touch with them and know the reasons behind it. The top 5 Instagram unfollow trackers are given below that will help you to find out the ones who have unfollowed you.

What is Instagram?

Well, Instagram is a photo sharing social media app, which provides numerous filters that a user can use to edit their photos and videos to make it even more captivating and attractive. Apart from sharing photos and videos, Instagram also allows its users to share their stories in the form of pictures and also makes them follow their favorite personalities. You will also find that countless people are using this app for the promotion of their product and to earn some money. Instagram will also give you a chance to make people follow you so that they can see the contents which you are uploading. Texting and video calling are other features that Instagram has to offer. So, looking at the features of this app, we can effortlessly conclude that Instagram is a jack of all trades.

What is Instagram unfollow tracker?

Well, this app help to track Instagram unfollowers is a kind of app, which will help you to know if someone has unfollowed you as well as the list of people who have unfollowed you. These apps are quite effective as it will aid you to clear the misunderstandings of those particular people by getting in touch with them. After knowing the list of people who have unfollowed you, it will be easier for you to contact them and know the reasons behind unfollowing you. Therefore, it will be good for you to opt for an Instagram unfollowers tracker so that you can maintain a good relationship with people by clearing out all the tiffs and misunderstandings.

Top 5 Instagram unfollowers tracker apps

Now, we are going provide you with a list of 5 Instagram unfollow tracker apps, which you can use to track the list of people who have unfollowed you for some reasons, which you were unaware of. So, here is the list which we are talking about.

1. Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the most precise and accurate apps to track Instagram unfollowers which will help you to track the list of people who have unfollowed you in the last seven days. Apart from this, Iconosquare app has several other benefits to offer like if you are utilizing Instagram for the sake of your business, it will benefit you by measuring your performance and optimizing your strategies, tracking hashtags and by setting benchmarks against your competitors.

Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Iconosquare

Features of Iconosquare

  • It measures follower growth.
  • It will give you insights about the daily losses and gains of the followers.
  • You will also get the followers locations by using this app.
  • Identifies the top followers.
  • Counts likes and comments.
  • Filters data.
  • Tracking hashtags.
  • Tracks influential posts.
  • Tracks location-based posts.
  • Also tracks the performance of the competitors.
  • Helps in analytics and reporting.

Iconosquare link:

2. Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Crowdfire

Crowdfire is another Instagram unfollowers tracker app, which will help you to examine the list of people who have unfollowed you. This app acts as a relationship management tools as it provides you with the facts like the most inactive people of your list and the persons who have unfollowed you. In addition to that, Crowdfire app works amazingly in finding the best following opportunities to you by finding the followers for you based on the locations, hashtags as well as your following habits.

Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Crowdfire

Features of Crowdfire

  • Tracks your inactive users as well as the unfollowers.
  • Helps in DM Marketing.
  • Also aids in Twitter analysis.
  • Tracks all the competitions.
  • Search results based on locations and keywords.
  • Compatible to both Android and iOS app.
  • Aids in removing all the unwanted accounts.
  • Optimizes engagements.
  • Aids in reposts.
  • Gives insights about detailed statistics.

Crowdfire link:

3. Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Sprout social

Another Instagram unfollow tracker app, which is capable of delivering you the perceptions about the number of people unfollowing you is Sprout social. It will help you to analyze your unfollowers list by comparing your follower growth and will also help you in several other ways. The app also helps in evaluating and comparing the performance, identifying top performing posts, customizing time periods and tracking of comments, engagements and likes as well.

Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Sprout social

Features of Sprout social

  • It comprises of a smart inbox.
  • Even compatible with mobile.
  • Helps in the purpose of collaboration.
  • Publishing is also done by Sprout social.
  • Analytics is the key feature of this app.
  • Sprout social also benefits in the process of monitoring.
  • Helps to give a good insight into your account structure.
  • The app also provides social CRM.

Sprout social link:

4. Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Simply Measured

If you want to analyze your followers on Instagram, Simply Measured Instagram unfollow tracker app can be very useful to you. It is a very easy-to-use Instagram analytic app that can be amazingly beneficial if you want to manage your followers. Moreover, if you are using the Instagram app for your business purpose, you can consider Simply Measured as a convenient app. It will gather all the information and provide you with social media analytics to make you aware of the social media performances, online campaigns and many more.

Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Simply Measured

Features of Simply measure app

  • Helps in social media monitoring.
  • Benefits you by assisting you in preparing the Excel and online reports.
  • Helps in analysing Social Media.
  • Gathers all the data in one place.
  • Examine the benchmarks and analyses the competitors.

Simply Measured link:

5. Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Union Metrics

If you want to gather the data and statistics about your Instagram account within a concise period, Union Metrics is the app for you. The algorithm of this app is tailored in such a way that it comprises of data like who are your top fans and followers are, who is unfollowing you, which of your hashtags have witnessed the most engagements and many more.

Instagram Unfollow Tracker - Union Metrics

Features of Union Metrics

  • Analyzes your profile to examine your impact on social media and gives you input about how to enhance your reach.
  • Examines all the conversations about industry and brand so that it can identify the influencers along with the key contents.
  • Provides reports about social campaigns.
  • Along with tracking the unfollowers it also aids in the analysis of top followers.

Union Metrics link:

What can you do if you want to track someone’s Instagram account?

Well, Instagram is a really attractive app, and it is popular amongst a massive number of people. But, with the amplification of its usage, it is also witnessing some dark aspects like several children are surfing explicit and violent contents in this app, which is taking a toll in their psychology. So, if you are a parent, you can track Instagram activities of your child by using the Spyzie.

track instagram account

Here is the step-by-step guide about how to install it.

Step 1: Create an account with Spyzie by visiting its official website.

track instagram sign up

Step 2: Submit the target’s device information and follow the process.

track instgram message android setup 1

Step 3: Enable the ‘unknown sources’ of your android device. Again, manually download the app from the website.

track instgram message android setup 2

Step 4: Install the app on your device and input all the credentials for log in.

track instgram message android setup 3

Step 5: Enable the device administration option to make your monitoring easy.

track instgram message android setup 4

Step 6: Now, log in to the web-based dashboard and monitor Instagram. Tap on the Instagram app once you are done accessing the section of the social app.

track instgram message android dashboard

So, these are some of the Instagram unfollow tracker apps, which you can use track the list of people who have unfollowed you. And apart from that, you will also get several benefits from these apps.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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