Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

We live in a space where information and fun are just a click away. Undoubtedly, the advancement in technology has been the most successful achievement of mankind. With the freedom of speech and expression, we are free to explore, broadcast, and express almost everything. Social media has the most influencing effect on today’s world.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

The repulsive content shared on Instagram can easily spoil your child, and being a parent, it’s your responsibility to keep a track of your child’s online presence. Many Instagram tracker applications are available online to look over your child’s Instagram accounts so as to fight the misuse of the internet. You will find a list of some best Instagram trackers to keep an eye on your kid’s Smartphone.

Spying Instagram via Spyzie

Spyzie is the best Instagram tracker to monitor and track the smartphone activities of your kid. You can easily protect your kid from online threat and ensure a safe and secure environment and social circle for them. With Spyzie, you can track all the social media whereabouts of your kid. Following are some features of Spyzie that makes it stand out of all the other tracking applications:

  • Monitoring Social Media Applications

When your child starts to spend most of his time on social sites, this is a matter of concern. Living in an age where almost everything is available online, you definitely will not be able to stop your child from using smartphones, but as a responsible parent, you can check their social media activities without even coming into highlights by using Spyzie.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • Real-Time Screenshots

This is a unique feature of Spyzie. If the target device is active, you can receive real-time screenshots of the targeted device by following some simple steps and clicking on the ‘capture screen-shots’ option.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • Call log tracking

It might be a hard thing to believe, but this Instagram tracker helps you to have access to your child’s call log. Very easy sitting remotely, you can come to know to whom your child is making calls. This amazing feature also tells you the time duration of calls for every contact that your child talks to.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • Call recording

Spyzie’s attempt to make your parenting a successful one does not stop here. Other than knowing the call logs, you can also listen to the call recordings from your child’s cell phone.

  • Keylogger

When it comes to spying your child, Spyzie has taken it to the next level, by introducing Keylogger option in it. You can easily track the keystrokes, made by your child. With this, you can have easy access to the passwords, chats and web searches of your child.

With all the above highlighting features of Spyzie, it can be used for both Android as well as iOS. It is mandatory to state that the users of Windows phone will not be able to avail this smart tracking application.

Spying Instagram via FoneMonitor

Every parent desires to know what their child is doing in their absence. FoneMonitor is another powerful Instagram tracker to track your child’s Instagram activities and to make sure that your child is not having access to any objectionable content. Other than this, FoneMonitor has the following highlighting feature:

  • Not only Instagram, but it can also track all the other applications on your child’s cell-phone
  • You can easily use this to perform a safe spy on your child’s cell phone and receive the messages for every activity that your child makes on his phone
  • Also, you can track the real-time GPS location of the targeted device
  • Another interesting feature of FoneMonitor includes that it can download and play attachments for every received message
  • It also helps in spying on call logs and activities on social media

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

With all these benefits of FoneMonitor, the only crucial drawback includes the lack of free support. For the users who want to try their hands in spying have to actually buy this app, as no trial is available.

Spying Instagram via mSpy

Yet another Instagram tracker in the spy world is mSpy. To combat the concern of every parent regarding the social media activities of their child, mSpy offers a trustworthy approach for tracking their activities.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • You can easily track the calls, made or received by the target device.
  • GPS locator feature is also added to mSpy to know about your child’s exact geographic location.
  • Keylogger feature of mSpy helps you to know about various passwords and social media activities of your child.
  • You can target the device even without the knowledge of the targeted device.

Spying Instagram via iKeyMonitor

It works similar to other Instagram tracker applications as Spyzie and mSpy. It works in the stealth mode without the knowledge of the target device. Multiple devices could be added to spy on. You can easily select the required device that you want to Instagram spy on.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • It has a keylogger facility to check the strokes made by your child, also you can easily have access to the passwords and other related information
  • You can easily check the messages received by your child.
  • Call logs can be easily tracked, without coming into light.
  • Not only Instagram, but other social media applications can also be tracked using iKeyMonitor.

Spying Instagram via TheOneSpy

This offers the simplest ways to spy on your child’s Instagram account. Other than Instagram accounts, you can easily access to other social media whereabouts of your growing child. You as a parent have full right to know about what is the child up to, and surfing on mobile phones.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • The current location can be easily monitored through GPS availability
  • You can check the pings received by your child.
  • You can see the comments made by the users and the pages they are following

Effects of Instagram on Teens

This photo-based platform got full popularity for self-expression and self-identity but is also associated with anxiety and depression. Studies show that Instagram has a negative effect on the mental health of teenagers. Collecting a large number of followers and getting favorable comments is another badge of honor whereas, negative comments can be equally depressing. It is important for every parent to know that the photos and videos that are uploaded on Instagram are public by default settings. Not only this, but your child’s current location is also public through Instagram. Being a concerned parent, you need to keep a check on your child’s Instagram updates and the content and pages they are following as an unwanted content can hamper the mental health of your ward.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

Being a parent of a teenager, it is your responsibility to provide your young adult with a healthy and happy experience on social media. Spyzie Instagram tracker provides you with wonderful assistance in managing your child’s searchable content and helps you to keep a track on his social media activity. As a parent, you can personally guide him the disadvantages of reckless use of the internet and help him surf knowledgeable content.

How to Track Teen’s Instagram Using Spyzie

Step 1: You can easily create the account by adding a validate email id so that you can easily receive login credentials and links after successful registration. In order to take the maximum benefits of this spy app, you can easily have access premium or ultimate subscription accordingly.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

Step 2: Upon successful registration, you need to go through a series of setup steps. If the targeted device is available with you, you can easily make the desired changes on that device. It is also mandatory to select the kind of operating system available on the target phone.

Following are the settings that you need to make

  • In the setting option of your phone, enable the unknown sources.
  • Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • Install the Instagram tracker app. After the download is complete, you will open the APK file from the notification bar.
  • Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • Open the recently installed Instagram tracker and create your Spyzie account. You need to click on ‘start’ to activate services.
  • Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

  • You need to allow all the permission requests to further continue the procedure
  • Once the service is activated, the app icon will automatically hide and the app will work on secret mode.

Step 3: After the setup process is completed on the target phone, you can easily monitor the content from your phone online or by control panel app using the best Instagram tracker.

Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019 Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019 Top 5 Best Instagram Trackers in 2019

Spyzie is a very user-friendly app that can help you as a parent to have control over the lives of your growing child. The kind of information your child is viewing can have a massive effect on his mental health and future well-being. This Instagram tracker can help as an aid in healthy parenting.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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