How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

Part 1: Introduction

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

At present, kids are spending a lot of time on online social media networking apps. Kid’s chat, share photos and videos, documents and important files, update their status, and profile. But, can you be sure that they are using the apps shrewdly and in a functional manner? I am sure none of the parents can be sure of it. Hence you must look for ways to keep your kids safe online on WhatsApp. WhatsApp monitoring is a must to do for every parent due to several reasons:

  • WhatsApp is easily accessible from any mobile phone and doesn’t even need a too fast or quick Internet connection.
  • Smartphones are part and parcel of kid’s daily life these days. So apart from their tuition time, they can use the smartphone even during their lunchtime.
  • WhatsApp lets its users control privacy settings like last seen or profile picture and kids can easily disable those options and also hide the status updates from their parents.
  • Children can be easily lured into something harmful through unknown numbers via WhatsApp calls or messages.
  • You kid can be video calling and talking to strangers without your knowledge and get into illegal activities.

The list of reasons is undoubtedly scary for any parent. So what can you do to ensure that your kid is not trapped in any cyber bullying or unwanted activities? Many parents are facing such problems daily and hence to resolve them we have come up with the best tracker applications for WhatsApp in today’s article.

With the help of these apps, you can also track the profile in WhatsApp very easily.

Part 2: How to track a WhatsApp profile?

So are you eager to know how you can track your kid’s WhatsApp profile without actually spying?

Well, we have a WhatsApp profile tracker apps in the market like FlexiSpy that will help you out in this.

A. Introduction to TruthSpy app that can track WhatsApp profile

TruthSpy serves as one of the industry leader specialized in aspects of design and development. It aims at providing professional solutions to its valuable customers that are of high tech and advanced technology. As a spy, it tracks your kid’s WhatsApp conversations and messages effectively.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

TruthSpy not only acts as a profile tracker for WhatsApp but is also a parental control tool that tracks kid’s and keeps you updated about your kid's daily activities when in and away from the house.

Interestingly, FlexiSpy has various attractive monitoring features.

Isn’t it a real fleet of features? Let us check them out one by one.

B. Features of the TruthSpy app

TruthSpy is enrolled with multiple features that are listed below:

  • You can now listen to live phone calls and record them too if needed. There are times when kids get unwanted calls from predators in the form of spam and unwanted numbers. You can hear those calls and report them spam and block them from further threatening.
  • To ensure that your kids are not in danger or emergency, you can take a snap or video remotely and know where they correctly are. You can track them by GPS tracking too.
  • How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

  • Whatever IM app it may be like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, all the chats and media files can be monitored.
  • Browsing history, email, and bookmarks are easily accessible by TruthSpy.
  • TruthSpy is equipped with the amazing KeyLogger feature that keeps a track of every keystroke used for SMS, email, and search items.

C. How to use the TruthSpy app to track WhatsApp profile

Now that you would have got an idea about TruthSpy and its long list of features let us move on to our new section and see how WhatsApp profile and message can be tracked with the help of this WhatsApp monitoring app.

Prior to moving to the user guide, make sure that you download FlexiSpy software from its official website.

Link: for Android users and for iOS target device.

Step 1: Register a TruthSpy account

Launch the software and register your own account in TruthSpy by clicking on the “Register” icon. Activate the services and agreements.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

Step 2: Launch TruthSpy (target device)

Now, download and launch the software in the target device too. Login into your account and complete the setup process in your kid’s device.

Step 3: Select Data to Start Monitoring

Sign in into your account and switch over to the dashboard window which will lead to below interface.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

On the left-side of the control panel, you will be able to see various options like GPS history, Call recording, and WhatsApp history.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

Step 4: Select WhatsApp history for WhatsApp tracking

Finally, chats from WhatsApp chats will appear on the screen by clicking on the icon.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

Thus, this is how you can use TruthSpy to track WhatsApp profile and messages effectively.

Part 3: How to track WhatsApp message?

Apart from TruthSpy, various other third-party applications are also available to track WhatsApp messages without any hassle. In this section, we shall introduce the topmost parental control software app know as Spyzie.

Here is some more information about it.

A. Introduction to Spyzie and its features

Want a spy to track and monitor your kid the entire day? Why should you worry when Spyzie is just a stone's throw away? Similar to TruthSpy, it is also a parental control tool however, additionally, it is a smartphone tracker software that has inspired many parents to keep their kids safe.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

This WhatsApp tracker app is not only intended for parental use but also it can be used to spy employees in an organization in order to ensure that things are going well. With the help of Spyzie, you can keep your kids focused on their studies and help them in spending valuable and happy family time.

Some of the attractive features of Spyzie are as follows:

  • With the smart screen time feature, lock and unlock your kid’s smartphone whenever needed. It is most useful when you feel that your kid is addictive to the smartphone.
  • Tell goodbye to all the addicting game apps and fascinating social media apps with the aid of App Blocker that blocks all the unwanted apps from the target device.
  • Are you worried that your mischievous kid might cross dangerous limits and restricted places, get yourself alerted with the assist of a geo-fencing feature of Spyzie?
  • Get notified about whereabouts of your kid by use of GPS tracking and live location tracking option.
  • Last, but the most exciting feature is that Spyzie allows you to access all the above features no matter where you are i.e., remotely.

B. How to use Spyzie app to track WhatsApp?

To track WhatsApp messages with the help of Spyzie, here is a user guide with the step-by-step detailed process.

First of all, however, like any mobile application you need to download and install the software from the official website.


Step 1: Create Spyzie Account and Confirm

Launch the software and create an account with authentic email.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

Step 2: Enter Details as Needed

Now, enter the details like your kid’s name, age and device type. Note that, the setup process differs for both Android and iOS.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

If the target device is an iOS device, you will have to sign in into your Cloud ID to complete the setup process.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

Step 3: Install Spyzie (target device)

Once setup is complete in your device, install Spyzie app in the target device.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

Now, sign in with your login credentials and provide access to the services. The app will start to work in the sheath mode.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

Step 4: View WhatsApp Chats

In the dashboard interface, on the left-side panel, go to “Social Apps” section. You will be able to see the installed apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Click on “WhatsApp” and all the chats will be displayed on the screen as shown in the screenshot below.

How to track a WhatsApp profile and message?

By following just the four simple steps as above, you can track the WhatsApp messages of your kid's mobile without any issues.

So, this is how Spyzie can act as a unique WhatsApp tracker app for all the worried parents out there.

Part 4: Conclusion

Nothing can threaten your kid’s life when they are under your control. With these WhatsApp tracker apps, you can make sure that your kids are safe online and you can also give them freedom and privacy that is required for their age limit. However, sometimes it is mandatory to be strict so that you can preserve your kid's a safer tomorrow. As per the popular quote, “Prevention is better than cure” your single step forward for your kid today will definitely make a change for a better life tomorrow.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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