How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

Facebook is a platform to share and explore. The activities you do all day and the achievements you accomplish, everything is very well portrayed to the people in your friend list on Facebook. But you can never be sure that the information you are sharing on Facebook is going to the right amount of people in your profile. Even after applying privacy settings to your profile, people can visit your profile unethically, and this may be a reason to worry. Trusting such unethical hackers and stalkers can be a matter of distress.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

Blackmailers and people indulged in cyber bullying often make Facebook profiles their first criteria to judge someone’s personal life and interfere in it to the fullest. Facebook Visitor Tracker helps people to check their frequent profile visitors. Timely detection of such profiles trackers will help users to block these unwanted accounts and protect oneself from any unforeseen danger.

How to Track Facebook Visitor or Viewer without Software

Definitely, there is no official way to check who all are viewing your Facebook profile. But you can use Facebook Viewer Tracker manually to check your recent visitors. Following are certain simple steps that you need to follow to track your profile stalkers:

  • Firstly, you need to log in into your Facebook profile and open the timeline page.
  • You have to right click on the timeline page and click on the visit page source option. You can also use a key combination of Ctrl+U; this will also open page source.
  • You need to open the search option on the source page by pressing Ctrl+F
  • Your search result must include InitialChatFriendList
  • How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

  • After reaching your search result, you will encounter a list of numbers; these numbers are actually the Profile IDs of the people who have paid a visit to your profile recently.
  • To find the profile linked with the number, you just have to profile ID beside with a ‘/’ in the address bar.
  • The one digit number usually indicated after the hyphen indicates the number of times a particular person has visited your profile.
  • The first number in the list is the profile of the most frequent visitor whereas the last number in the list indicates the person who visits your profile once in a while.

This is a manual Facebook viewer tracker and is reliable to some extent. It is definitely time-consuming as you have to time and again copy the URL and search for the sites. It is always the number with the maximum count that is a serious stalker, and you need to pay special attention to that. You can either block the user if you find it suspicious or you can add him to the friend list if he is among the close kins.

How to Track Facebook Visitor or Viewer with Third-Party App

For people who are interested to know who their viewers are, can also opt for Profile Visitor for Facebook, it is a chrome extension for Facebook Visitor Tracker that can be of great use. This facility is available only for Google Chrome users or the people who use Chrome to run Facebook.

After adding this extension on the Chrome browser, a visitor option will start appearing on the blue bar of the Facebook window at a place between home and friend request option.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

Any viewer, who uses the ‘profile visitor for Facebook’ extension and makes a visit to your account, will be detected, and you can check it after clicking on the visitor option. It is to be clearly noted, the visitors those who are not using this extension will not be shown under this column. So this extension has its own limitations.

For a Firefox or internet explorer user, there is a separate URL You have to select the respective browser option to use the same functions. This extension is completely free and reliable Facebook viewer tracker.

How to Track Facebook messages

Facebook is an excellent mode of communication but, its excess usage can be dangerous. Parents these days are very much concerned about their children being deeply engrossed with Facebook surfing and trolling. Messages and video chats have also become a common practice with Facebook users. With great pomp and show, Facebook has helped people to overcome their shyness to a greater extent. But we must not forget that all this lead to wastage of time and energy. Parents can check the conversations and the messages of their child on Facebook through Spyzie.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

  • Spyzie is a wonderful tool for parents to monitor the social media activities of their teen.
  • Children definitely do not like the interference of parents in their lives, so Spyzie works in a stealth mode and helps parents to track and analyze their child’s personal activities remotely.
  • Spyzie comes with a 24/7 customer support system that assists parents to use it in a proper way.


There are numerous applications that provide selective features for spying your kid’s cell phone. Spyzie has all the possible features that a spying app must contain at a single platform that is compatible for Android as well as iOS. Though the installation process for both the Android and iOS is different, so it becomes mandatory to specify the OS before installing it into your device.

  • Dashboard

This is a unique feature in Spyzie that gives you a clear view of all the notifications on the targeted device. You can very easily access the desired app and check the messages and other information from this dashboard. It is nothing but an index to a book.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

  • Tracking Location

Parents these days are worried not only about the social media whereabouts but also the places their child is visiting with his friends after school. Spyzie, once installed in your child’s phone works in a stealth mode and it can be easily used to track your child’s current location using the GPS service of his device.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

  • Social Media Tracking

Parents are very concerned when they find their child using Facebook and other social media applications recklessly. In this practice, they tend to avoid other social gatherings and physical activities. Parents can check what their child is doing all day on the cell phone. From messages to other social media notifications, all these can be easily checked with the help of Spyzie.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

  • Real-Time Screenshots

If you are worried about the activities your child is doing on his phone, real-time screenshots can be taken of the targeted device. Whatever social media application your child is using, you can check the current screen on your cell phone and take screenshots if required so that you can use them for future reference.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

  • Track Call Logs

Using the benefits of free and unlimited calling has taken calling to a different level. Kids are always seen making phone calls and wasting their valuable time. Being a parent, it is definitely not easy to handle this situation, but tracking call logs and the duration of calls from your child’s phone will be a useful way to track the information related to calling.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

  • Keylogging

This is a very interesting feature of Spyzie that enables its users to track the number of keystrokes made by your child on the targeted device. This can also help parents to check the passwords and the comments made by their child on social media websites.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

Your Facebook information is a part of your personal property, and you cannot afford to share with every other person lingering around on Facebook. Facebook viewer tracker helps the users to safeguard their personal information by checking frequent stalkers and blocking them if they are causing any trouble.

How to Track Visitor or Viewer on Facebook

Parents can save your child from cybercrime through proper counseling and guidance. Do not neglect even the slightest of changes in his attitude towards people, and thus, help him choose a better company in schools and colleges.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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