How can I track on Facebook without root?

One of my very close friends came up to me last week and said, “It is really shocking that my kid is using Facebook at his young age of 12. Since Facebook allows access only to kids above the age of 18 and sometimes 13, I cannot understand how and when he had created his account. Moreover, he has blocked me so I had to gather information by creating a similar fake account. Although it works it nevertheless it quite difficult and time-taking. Also, I cannot be online daily and the entire day 24/7. How can I track my kid being a single parent? Are there any Facebook trackers that might give me a sigh of relief from this problem?” Well, I know many of you out there are also facing the same issue day in and day out wherein your kids or maybe spouse is deeply attracted towards social media applications. So, let me introduce you to a Facebook tracker app in this article which you will find useful without a doubt.

track on Facebook

What is Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow students from Harvard College founded and created Facebook as a social media networking tool. As per the last survey in January 2018, 2.2 billion monthly active users were recorded on Facebook. Facebook has got its name, “Face book” which resembles the meaning of student directory that consists of photos and personal details of its users.

This multiplatform social media site accommodates various attractive features like posts including videos and posts, events, common-interest groups, adding daily stories, group chats, and messenger. Additionally, Facebook offers various services and products too. Recently, it has also acquired other social networks like Oculus Rift, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The impact of Facebook on teens

Although various other networks like Instagram, ShareChat have evolved and bettered themselves, they are still far from taking over Facebook as the most used social networking site. Like any email, Facebook too has taken and improved upon its privacy settings and security checks manifold. It gives out regular updates for its app for both Android and iPhone users, However, there is still the high risk of fake accounts and hacking problems on a daily basis due to improvement in technology.

Hacking and being bullied on social media like Facebook has its own share of harmful effects on teens. Let us go through each of them one by one below:

The Negative impact of Facebook

  • Teens get affected by the dangerous psychological effect known as Anti-social media effect that may result in psychological disorders owing to aggressive activities, mania, and unusual behavior.
  • In Facebook, teens are exposed to overdosage of technology that includes games, apps, and news. When they spend more than the required time in it, they experience sleeplessness, depression, and anxiety too.
  • Facebook distracts children from concentrating on studies that in turn affects their results and grades in school.
  • At present, many fake accounts and posts are available on Facebook that brings forth the risk of cyberbullying and hacking of data and sometimes also leading them to the wrong way.

The Positive impact of Facebook

  • Despite all the above negativities, Facebook has many positive impacts on Teens too.
  • You can find your school friends and childhood friends on Facebook and recreate your friendship and be in contact always.
  • You can get yourself updated on the news that regularly is updated on various new channel pages or blogs on Facebook faster.
  • Virtual training is also another amazing feature of Facebook.
  • With the help of Facebook, you can help your kid develop self-esteem and in turn, make them independent and self-aware of their whereabouts.

Note: It really depends on how you guide and help your kid use Facebook in a positive way rather than casually.

How can I track on Facebook without root?

With the help of amazing third-party software, you can track Facebook without any root. One such Facebook tracker is Spyzie. So, let us not wait for more, and know about this exceptional cell phone monitoring app. More than introducing Spyzie as a Facebook tracker, we want to bring in Spyzie to you as a parental control tool. It helps in monitoring your kids continuously and remotely like a spy and even more than a spy. It follows a strict approach when it comes to the safety measure of your kid and sometimes gives them the freedom to the level that suits them. It notifies you and alerts you when your kid gets into any suspicious activities.

facebook tracker

It is suitable for both platforms like Android and Mac. It comes with attractive features that can be utilized for kids, spouse and employee monitoring.

Features of Spyzie

  • App blocking: This feature allows you to block addicting game apps and social media apps from entering your kid’s device.
  • Geo-fencing: It is usual that kids will be tempted and curious to visit some haunted or restricted places. Spyzie helps in restricting them from entering those places.
  • Spyzie can help you track all sorts of built-in and installed apps like photos, calendar, messages, and notes on your phone.
  • You can easily get to know about the present location of your kid with the assistance of GPS live location tracking.
  • Spyzie helps your kid to concentrate on studies and in having a relaxed sleep, with its smart screen time limit feature.

How to use Spyzie to track Facebook?

So, how to track Facebook with the help of Spyzie? Well, tracking Facebook with the help of Spyzie is really simple and the process is, in fact, crystal clear. Here is the user guide for monitoring the target device with Spyzie, the Facebook tracker. In order to start with the process though you need to download the application from the official website,

Step 1: Create an Account

After downloading the Facebook tracker, install and launch the application in your device and then create your own account.

track on facebook with spyzie step 1

Step 2: Enter Details (target device)

In this step, you will have to fill the details about your kid or spouses such as name, age, device type and proceed on.

track on facebook with spyzie step 2

If the target device is an iOS device, you should have the iCloud account details ready. Make sure you log in to the target device using these details.

track on facebook with spyzie iphone setting

Step 3: Install Spyzie

Now, install the Spyzie application in your kid’s device and launch the application.

track on facebook with spyzie step 3.1

Once the above step is done, you should then log in with your account credentials and complete the setup process.

track on facebook with spyzie step 3.2

Step 4: Start Monitoring

Now, to start with the process of detailed tracking of Facebook, switch over to the dashboard interface. After that, on the left-side panel, you will able to see various options. Among them, click on Social apps and in the drop-down, click on “Facebook”.

track on facebook with spyzie step 4

All the messages in your kid's or spouse's Facebook account (target device) along with keystroke, date and time slot will appear on the screen one by one. There you go, you successfully started tracking someone else's Facebook account! So, this is how you can track Facebook, social media app with the aid of Spyzie. Wasn't it so easy?

If your kid is accessing Facebook or any other social media network from a young age, it is not their fault as children are quick learners and quite easily pick up technology related information that entices them from the outer world. However, if you find them going out of your hands despite your best efforts or care, then, it is time you take help of an extra hand by using a Facebook tracking and monitoring tool like Spyzie. After all, even we adults get sometimes hooked to Facebook for hours due to so many interesting information from around the world. So, help and guide your kid better instead of scolding and trying to control them forcefully. Teach them how they can use the Internet for better things and at the same time make them aware of the ill effects and the dark world of web.

Finally, to conclude, we would like to urge all the parents, spouses, guardians and employers to give Spyzie a try and make Facebook tracking seamless and fun.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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