Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

If not on any other social media platforms, most of the people are on Facebook for sure. It is a giant social media platform that provides users with constantly sharing of content via words, links, and media and viewing other profiles. This is a cool thing people do to enhance the views of their Facebook profile. There is nothing wrong in this, but users need to be cognizant of the fact that if their profiles’ view rates are high then, there is something wrong as well. Your profile can also be one of them. Before it’s too late, get yourself introduced to Facebook profile view tracker, the standardized solution to your account privacy.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

Everything is opened in the social media world. Though there are privacy terms, there felt a need where you also feel to view someone’s Facebook profile whether in terms of searching for a friend or looking for any relevant information. But the important thing to ponder is why you want to track someone’s Facebook profile.

In positive aspects, the reasons can be:

  • Parents need to look after their kids’ Facebook activities by searching their profile and view their timelines. Well, not all parents reach the aim of viewing children’s profiles due to the account’s privacy settings.
  • Facebook profile talks a lot about people’s choice, loyalty, and personality. Thus, an individual views his or her ex’s profile from a friend’s profile to check out what’s going in their life or maybe they are missing each other. The reason can be any, but it gives a boost to one’s profile view rates.
  • While you upload any media on Facebook, the social media platform also recognize your location and suggest you tag it with your picture or video. You have the choice to add the location, but it can be risky if you haven’t about it to your closed ones, especially girlfriend or boyfriend. Facebook has everything to say about your daily activities.
  • You ought to view someone’s profile when the arguments on comments turn to fire on your mutual friend’s post. Though you would have seen someone’s profile with the concern of knowing about him/ her according to his/ her profile’s shared posts, your viewing activity is adding a plus point to his/ her Facebook profile’s following rates.
  • Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

  • People like to search for their favorites online and see their profiles. This is not a matter of concern unless you are a celebrity. Having fans is good, but not every fan is a true follower. Your profile would appear to a person’s suggestion list, the profile that you were looking at. Maybe he or she would be the crush that makes you view his or her profile, but remember your activities are not hidden on Facebook.

Facebook tracking is never a difficult job, but for deep scrutiny, there are helpful profile trackers for Facebook that keep a check on who viewed your profile. Well, there are ultimate ways to know how to track Facebook profile. This is imperative to know so that you can protect your account from being tracked.

How to Track Facebook Profile

For your benefit, Facebook has the option of Insights, which record the number of visitors including both male and female on your profile every week, though you won’t get the names of those visitors. However, there is a definite method that contributes to profile tracker for Facebook and can help you go through the profiles of visitors who have viewed yours. Here you go-

Step 1: Login to your Facebook’s account and open your profile.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

Step 2: Press Ctrl+U from your keyboard. You’ll see a source page displayed on your screen.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

Step 3: Press Ctrl+F to open the find/ search box. Paste the code “list” in the search box. You’ll find ids of the users visited your profile.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

Step 4: Copy the id of any viewer. Open the URL https://www.facebook.com/ on the new tab.

Step 5: Paste the selected code. For instance, https://www.facebook.com/ pastetheselectedcode

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

Now, you’ll be directed to the profile of the user that have visited on or viewed your profile. However, this method doesn’t assure you that all the visitors’ links provided are your viewers because some links could be profile ids of those persons to whom you have chatted recently.

Thus, discovering who visits your profile will not be accomplished fully. Though you get an idea that who have viewed your profile, this doesn’t meet your expectations anyhow. Thus, you need the help of a professional tool!

There are various types of software that provide exquisite features of Facebook profile view tracker and for your benefit, such apps or software are easy to download and use in no time.

What’s More? Essential Facebook Tracking Apps!

You would be glad to know that there are certain apps that fulfill all features of Facebook profile view tracker services excellently. The professional apps aim to circumvent Facebook and find out who views your profile. In order to search out, which are these apps, you need to decide, what exactly you are looking for.

For instance, if you are a parent, then you would like to know the amount of time your children are spending on Facebook. No matter, for what purpose you have reached to the search of profile tracker for Facebook, you’ll easily get your targeted device online information.

Firstly, if you want to find access to the Facebook usage of your target device, FamiSafe comes to the rescue.

FamiSafe: Best Parental Control App for Android and iPhone

This app is an effective way that allows parents to control the use of Facebook and other social media apps such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram on their kids’ phones. Here are useful steps to follow:

1. Download FamiSafe

This app is compatible with Android and iOS for free on a trial basis. You can get FamiSafe on Google Play or App Store. Download and install it.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

2. Register FamiSafe in Your Device

Successfully install the app in your device and your targeted device. Sign up for free FamiSafe account and click on register once you fill all the requested information asked. Log in to your account and select the phone identification as parents to monitor all parental control actions.

3. Log in Account on Targeted Device

Now, sign in the account from your targeted device by using the above credentials and select the phone identity as child phone along with the name of the child.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

4. Set Parental Control App on Social Media Portals

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

How FamiSafe Helps You to Get Access to Facebook Usage

With the help of “app usage” feature, parents can easily have a look at the time their kids are utilizing on Facebook. On the home screen of the FamiSafe app, click on the “active report” and details on used apps by your children will be displayed with complete time information.

Further, FamiSafe allows parents to block any social media app for a certain period of time through the feature App Block. You can manage the social media apps accessibility for your kids easily on your screens.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

On the other hand, Spyzie features out the tracking of Facebook messages. This is a great feature ever provided by an app.

Spyzie: Track Facebook Messages Hassle-Free

Here is a step-by-step guide-

  • Visit www.spyzie.com and click on “Sign Up”
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your account. Open the mail to confirm the Spyzie account.
  • Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

  • Proceed to install the application on your device and fill all the information asked.
  • Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

  • After installing the app, configure the application; click on settings> lock screen and security> unknown sources>OK
  • Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

  • On your device, go to Notifications to control and watch your kids’ activities on social media apps.
  • Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

  • Moreover, you can track someone’s Facebook messages by going on the Control Panel on Spyzie and click on “Social Apps” and click “Facebook” or “Messenger” to spy them.
  • Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

  • You can also see the screenshots of the Facebook messages with Spyzie app.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

The technology has gone so far that an individual can take many benefits of the facilities it is providing for years. Spyzie has advantageous features of technology and thus, is leading fully in the spying world to act as profile tracker for Facebook and other social media apps. There is nothing wrong in going with the apps that help you in shaping your kids’ future and telling you whether your partner is loyal to you or not.

Facebook Profile Tracker - Who Viewed Your Profile

Be a smart app user while accessing in the digital world. Facebook is a leading social media app where everything shared is viewed by an audience in large. If there are many ways to track your profile, there are effective ways to look who tracks your profile. Thanks to various apps that feature profile tracker for Facebook and make it easy to be safe online and allow you to be a good observant to note down the activities that people are trying to do on your account.

However, when it comes to the child’s safety online, FamiSafe and SPyzie are best to go with.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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