Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

Finding your teenager getting deeply involved with Facebook is not less than a horror story and, definitely, a matter f worry for parents. However, thinking of keeping your growing child away from prangs of social media is next to impossible. Whereas, healthy and friendly guidelines from parents can help teens to avoid Facebook and other social networking sites to some extent.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

It is always known that the children prefer the company of their friends and as far as Facebook is concerned they have made a different friend circle here as well. That is why they want to be on Facebook to stay connected to their friends and know about their activities and enhance their relations with them. You as a parent can use Facebook Friend tracker to check the number of friends and to whom your child is talking all day long.

Why People Add Friends on Facebook?

It is not necessarily true that the people in your friend list on Facebook are your real friends. Children who are influenced by the stunts or the stuff of their favorite film star tend to add them in their friend list and copy their style. This can also be a cause of peer pressure as copying trends and looking up to date becomes a style statement. Moreover, adding friends on Facebook keeps you informed about the latest happenings in their lives

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

Selecting a well-planned friend list will help your child to maintain his privacy and also to share his information among the selected number of people. Expanding your friend list has become a matter of achievement for teens and they do not forget to boost the number of friends in their friend list. As your friend list expands, so does your chances of getting trapped in this social media world increases.

The amount of information flowing on this social media platform is unlimited and very vast, being a well aware parent you can easily monitor and guide your child about the pros and cons of being involved with social media.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

Why People Remove Friends on Facebook?

Having too many friends on Facebook can be irritating at times. You lose track of your time once you start to scroll the useless amount of information shared on various pages. Moreover, your child might not be aware of the kind of information he has to avoid and may find it attractive. So, removing such friends from your Facebook profile becomes a necessity.

Having too many friends can be bad for your brain. It is really hard to maintain such a big friend list when you know that in real life, none of them will be ready to help you when you need. It is said that the brain loses its efficiency when it has to deal with so many people. Their moods and their activities have effects on the cognitive capacity of his brain.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

Parents should keep a check on the number of unnecessary friends added to their child’s profile through Facebook friend Tracker and guide them that in this way they are jeopardizing their nearest relations. They should ask their teens to remove certain friends from their Facebook profile so that he has a limited circle to maintain and also this will be helpful in keeping your personal information private.

Also, parents can easily monitor the kind of information and page his child is surfing and help him to clean up his newsfeed and do their counseling for watching healthy content.

Facebook Friends Tracker

It would be definitely great if one can easily get to know who has deleted or unfriended you from Facebook. Unlike before, it has now become very easy to track people who have unfriended you by using application available online.

  • First step includes downloading the Chrome browser.
  • After installation is complete, you can create a free account on Friend Tracker. You have to click on Sign up link and fill the required details and submit the form successfully.
  • Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

  • You will receive an e-mail that will have a link to activate the account.
  • You account will be activated once you click on the link.
  • After this, you have to add this extension to your chrome browser.
  • The last step includes logging in on Facebook and after that you need to follow the instructions available on the screen.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

After the first list for unfriend search, Facebook friends tracker keeps a track of the changes in your friend list. By this, you will be able to track the changes in your friend list by again running the unfriend search.

There are certain applications like Spyzie, that track Facebook messages and can help parents to track the activities their child is doing while sitting online on Facebook.

Tracking Kid’s Facebook: Spyzie

Since teenage is the turning point in the life of any individual, parents must keep an eye on their child’s social activities. They can easily install the Facebook friends tracker and check their child’s friend list easily. You can also easily monitor the time spent by your child on Facebook using Spyzie. In addition to this, Spyzie has many features to keep a track o your child’s social media whereabouts.

Features of Spyzie

With very unique and interesting features, Spyzie gives parents full authority to safeguard the lives of their kids and guide them in the best way possible. This Facebook friend tracker tool is multitasking and can give you the entire information about your child’s social life.

  • Spyzie-Dashboard

This is a space in Spyzie is like the index of a book. It has the entire information about the social media activities of the targeted phone. All the notifications from different applications can be easily seen on the dashboard of Spyzie.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

  • Social Apps

When it comes to social media, parents have always been curious to know about what is happening in their child’s social circle. This app provides a wonderful feature by which parents can easily check the friend lists, comments and messages their kids share on social media. They can also check the information and the posts they make and like on Facebook and other social apps.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

  • Tracking Location

Every parent has been concerned about his child location once in a lifetime. This smart tracking application keeps you informed about his exact location while his cell phone is in active status. Other than this it can also help you to check the past location records by using GPS services.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

  • Taking Real- Time Screenshots

This advanced feature helps to take screenshots from the currently used window on the targeted phone, without even your child noticing this. This amazing feature helps you to keep a check of your child is surfing the valuable information or is just wasting time checking useless stuff

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

  • Call log Tracking

If you observe your ward talking on the phone all the time with his friends; it is always a matter of worry. You will definitely be curious to know what kind of talks our child is involved and obviously about the company your child follows. Checking about the time and duration of the calls, a smart parent can encourage their child to spend less time on phone calls and teach him the value of time.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

  • Keylogging

This keylogger too has a number of benefits to offer to its users. You can check the password of the targeted devices social media account easily. Also, you can check their chats and web searches. This tool allows parents to check the browser history of their child’s phone. In short, this will keep the parents up-to-date about the number of keystrokes made by the child.

Using Spyzie for Tracking

Installation of Spyzie is a simple and easy process as it comes with a very dedicated customer care feature. It works in a stealth mode and allows parents to remotely monitor the activities of their kids. It is platform independent software as it can work on both Android as well as iOS. The installation process for both the kind of operating System is different and is mentioned below:

Step 1: Create an account

Creating an account requires registering through a valid email id. This email id will be used for future references like downloading link for the application and other login credentials. You can very easily have access to advanced features by purchasing the plan according to your requirement.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

Step 2: Installing Spyzie App

After the registration is over, you need to go through certain setup steps. If the targeted phone is t your reach, you can very easily make the required changes. It is compulsory to select the OS of the targeted phone.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

  • Firstly, you need to enable unknown sources from setting options.
  • The second step includes the downloading and installation of the Spyzie app.
  • Thirdly, you need to open the recently installed app and sign in into spyzie account. You also need to click on Start to activate device administrative services. You need to allow all the permission requests to continue the process
  • Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend TrackingFacebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

  • After this setup process is over, this app will disappear and will work in stealth mode.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

Step 3: Monitoring Data Using Control Panel

After the completion of the installation process in the targeted phone, you can continue to complete the setup process from your opho0en. You will be directed to the control panel dashboard. You can also access it through the control panel app.

Facebook Friend Tracker: Easiest Way for Friend Tracking

Spyzie is a wonderful tool in the hands of responsible parents to keep a check on their child’s social activity. This is an amazing Facebook Friend Tracker that helps parents to bring back their teen on the right track.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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