Top 5 best Instagram Tracker Apps for Message Monitoring

“It is really ridiculous and insane. How come is it possible, my kid doesn't even know that person?”-this is what my reaction was when I came across an incident a few days back. Due to fake messaging and constant chatting on social media sites, a big issue has evolved at present that has brought about a big question mark in many lives. It is about young kids falling into the trap of online fake profiles who want to take undue advantage of their innocence. The main victim is of course teens and young kids. This unfortunate incident made me think that what has made today's children draw their entire focus on social media networks.

To be precise, it is

  • Lack of parent’s connection,
  • Over-attachment towards smartphones,
  • Lack of extracurricular activities and
  • Technology …

So, how can you help your kid out of these addictions of Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp? In order to help you with this issue, we have listed 5 best Instagram tracker apps from the various Instagram tracker apps in the market in this article.

best instagram tracker app

Top 5 apps that can track Instagram message

In this section, let’s take a look on the 5 best Instagram tracker apps we have for you…

1. Instagram Tracker App - Spyzie

Spyzie is the first Instagram tracker app that acts as the best phone monitoring and parental control tool too. As its name suggests, it works out to be a good spy of your kid that will report each and every activity of his/her routine life. With no doubt, your kid is guaranteed to be in safer hands when Spyzie is with you.

Instagram Tracker App - Spyzie


  • Spyzie tracks the real-time location of your kid with GPS tracking mechanism and keeps you updated 24/7.
  • Access calendar, text messages tracking, phone calls monitoring, notes, and reminders tracking are other features of Spyzie too.


  • Spyzie is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.
  • It is a verified, safe and secured application. Additionally, it helps to keep your kid away from bullying.


  • None as yet.


2. Instagram Tracker App - FlexiSpy

Can you guess what might be the parental control application that is recommended and featured in Playboy, BBC, CNN, Forbes, and Lifehacker? It is none other than FlexiSpy. It is more flexible as its name suggests and supports 30+ features hence all sorts of messenger apps like Telegram, Viber, Kik, WeChat, and Hike including Instagram.

Instagram Tracker App - FlexiSpy


  • Phone monitoring application suitable for all platforms like Desktop, Tablet, and smartphones.
  • Consists of features applicable to both parental control and employee management.


  • There is no need for the remote installation process in FlexiSpy.
  • Runs silently in the background and hence kept away from notice of kids.


  • FlexiSpy lacks Blocking of spam numbers and websites.


3. Instagram Tracker App - mSpy

With a 95% rate of customer satisfaction, mSpy stands as our next Instagram tracker app that follows professional customer support and works well on all mobile networks around the world like AT&T, Orange, and Sprint. Unlike FlexiSpy, mSpy features on Fox2Now, Fatherly, TopTenReviews, and Forbes. It has been reviewed as one of the best app to control kids from online harassment and bullying.

Instagram Tracker App - mSpy


  • mSpy is one of the applications that have a KeyLogger feature in it. It has the ability to monitor IM chat apps.
  • mSpy possess the most attractive feature known as Geo-fencing for advanced security of your kids.


  • The service and support factor of mSpy provides assistance in an email, remote rooting and jailbreaking.
  • It has a long list of features that work well and are very effective.


  • To use mSpy, you need to jailbreak for certain versions of the iPhone.


4. Instagram Tracker App - iKeyMonitor

Are you looking for the best Instagram tracker app that is steadfast with any platform like Blackberry OS, Android, MacOS, and iPhone device? Then iKeyMonitor is your best choice. It encloses all attractive features like comprehensive tracking, multimedia, phone control, easy remote control, and Messenger chat track.

Instagram Tracker App - iKeyMonitor


  • Apart from Instagram, tracking of Zalo, Tinder, BBM, Kakao Talk, Odnoklassniki, QQ, and IMO is possible.
  • Helps in effective monitoring of in-built applications like photos, contacts list, messages, and phone calls.
  • The health of the target device along with the device activity can also be tracked with iKeyMonitor.


  • A 3-day trial version is available for helping its users and with the multilingual customer support you can get service in one of your own comfortable languages.
  • iKeyMonitor is completely Discreet, secure and tamper-proof.


  • The iKeyMonitor application is quite expensive.


5. Instagram Tracker App - FoneMonitor

Want to understand your kids and employees better? Then FoneMonitor will surely pave a way for you. It helps to keep your kid safe when they are within your home as well as away from your home. You can legitimately monitor them at an ease without any hassle and create a healthier relationship with them.

Instagram Tracker App - FoneMonitor


  • With FoneMonitor, you can keep a track on 39 different types of data on your kid’s smartphone.
  • FoneMonitor helps in easy tracking of your kid using GPS and in synchronizing to other devices without any hassle.


  • A clean control panel based monitoring comes along with FoneMonitor.
  • It is a lighter application as well all its features work quite fine.


  • For stable operation of the application, you need to disable the Google Play Protect.


What can a teen gets from Instagram message monitoring?

There are various factors in Instagram for which you have to give keen importance. Those factors include tone and intention of comments they receive, like addiction, privacy settings, Instagram Direct, Hashtag usage, and direct messages. When you monitor your kid’s Instagram account, you should consider those factors into account.

Are you all aware of the term, “Finsta”? It is nothing but a slang name given for a fake account on Instagram. It is known as “Venue for cyberbullying”. When you keep a track on Instagram messages, you can keep your kid away from those accounts and hence safeguard them from trouble.

Why Spyzie stands out?

We discussed various Instagram tracker apps and parental tools above. So, what is it that makes Spyzie stand out? The answer is simple. It follows a user-friendly interface that every user will love and also adopts a strict manner of monitoring when it comes to the safety of kids.

From built-in to all installed applications, Spyzie tracks and monitors every nook and corner of the target device for problems and rectifies it. It also alerts you before the situation goes out of your control.

How to install Spyzie?

Spyzie follows a different process for installation in both Android and iPhone device. To start with, launch, install, download the Spyzie app from Google Play or the App store.

In Android Device:

Step 1: Create your own account with the help of a valid email address and after registration, you can purchase a premium or ultimate subscription based on the pricing plan.

instagram tracker app spyzie sign up

Step 2: Now, provide a name for easy identification, click “Android” and proceed further…

instagram tracker app spyzie android

Step 3: In the target device, switch over to the “Settings” option. Choose “Security” and enable access from unknown sources. Click on “OK” once done.

instagram tracker app spyzie android security

Now install the application in your target device and grant the permissions.

instagram tracker app spyzie android installation

Open the application and sign in with your account credentials. Activate the services and it starts to work in stealth mode.

instagram tracker app spyzie android sign in

Step 4: The setup process is now complete and you can start monitoring your kid’s activities from the dashboard interface.

instagram tracker app spyzie android start monitoring

In the iPhone:

Step 1: Create your new account in Spyzie with authentic email address and password.

Step 2: Enter the teen’s age and age limit. Then click on the “iOS” icon.

Instagram tracker app spyzie iPhone

Step 3: In this step, you need your cloud ID and password in order to sign in on the target device for the verification process. Hence, make sure that the iCloud backup and synchronization option is active in the target device.

Instagram tracker app spyzie iPhone setting

Step 4: Now, access the control panel to view the target device activities.

Instagram tracker app spyzie dashboard

This is how you can install Spyzie on an Android and iPhone for monitoring your kid’s device to safeguard them from hidden problems.

So, why should teens need a social media network like Instagram and Facebook rather than BYJUS and other educational sites? Well, no matter what it is your responsibility to help them come out the social media addiction and place them in a safer surrounding. With the help of these Instagram tracker apps take a step forward today for a healthier life where social networks are just a tool for communication and not a part of life.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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