Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Taking pictures and uploading them on Instagram has become a common habit these days. Updating and flaunting your achievements to your friends is what teenagers do all day. Instagram has become an excellent platform to share your pictures. Receiving comments has become a badge of honor for growing children. Earlier when the competition at this age was just for the marks scored in science or mathematics, it has now been changed to the number of likes on your Instagram pictures.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

With this advancement in technology, there comes an additional drawback. People can check your images and videos from your Instagram account. It is always better to keep your account private, to avoid any damage to your reputation and unnecessary trouble. Also, there are other Instagram viewer trackers that help you to check who tried to view your account.

Reasons to Track Instagram Viewer

For a public Instagram account, anyone can look into your account, unless you have blocked them. Also, there might be situations in which you have to go through the harassment of encountering fake accounts, who are constantly visiting your profile with not so good intentions. Your personal information is likely to spread if you do not properly monitor who visited your Instagram account using Instagram viewer tracker.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Being a regular Instagram user, it often ends up with you having the attention of your common fans and some serious stalkers. It is mandatory for you to keep your Instagram private so that only the selected number of people can watch it. This will influence the number of people viewing your account. Also, it will bar people from contacting you. If you keep your privacy above everything, you should go for Instagram viewer tracker and block the unwanted accounts that are interfering with your profile.

Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Having stalkers and followers is a measure of popularity for school and college going, students. But it shall not be forgotten that stalkers can be dangerous. You should never take your safety leniently and always keep a check on who is stalking your account not just to check your popularity but also to safeguard your personal information.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account


Instaview is a wonderful tool to check your Instagram profile viewers. Android play store can be visited to download this application. This Instagram Viewer Tracker has got specialization in providing the information regarding Instagram profile viewers.

  • You can download and install InstaView from the Play Store of Android Phone.
  • After the installation is complete, you have to login into your Instagram Account in InstaView for which you want to check the list of users who have viewed your account.
  • Once the login is complete, the list of users will appear on the home screen of the InstaView.
  • After this, you need to select the viewed your profile box, where you can conveniently check the list of people who were stalking your account.
  • The other way to check your stalkers on Instagram using Instaview you can click on Your Profile Stalkers. This will also display the entire list of people who are visiting your profile frequently.


InstaMutual also provides the feature to check the viewers for your Instagram account in simple steps. Other than checking your trackers, you can check the list of mutual friends by using this Instagram viewer Tracker for iOS. You can easily keep this feature on for all day long to check the user visiting your profile.

  • You need to download InstaMutual application for your iOS device.
  • The next step is to login into your Instagram account using Login credentials for InstaMutual application.
  • After successful login, you will find a settings icon in the header; you have to simply scroll down to check who views your Instagram account.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account


This is an iOS application that helps its users to check their stalkers through this third-party application. You need to follow simple steps to avail the features of this Instagram Viewer Tracker:

  • You can download this application on your iPhone from App store under the social networking category.
  • After launching the application, you have to login into your Instagram account using your credentials.
  • Once the login is complete, you have to ‘authorize’ the application.
  • You will be provided with all the visitors of your Instagram profile, but you need to carefully check to ensure your real and all-time stalkers.
  • This application also allows its users to check their ghost followers.

What Can Spyzie Do for You?

Spyzie is a wonderful tool that allows concerned parents to monitor the social media activities of their child stealthily. Every concerned parent can take help from Spyzie to monitor their child’s social presence, the kind of followers they have on Instagram or Facebook by easily accessing their passwords and other important information.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Spyzie application gives parents full authority to shape the desirable future for their kids. Moreover, it helps the parents to guide their children to use these available social media application within the limit and the disadvantages of its excessive usage.

Spyzie has many special features that help it to stand out of all the other tracking applications.

  • Dashboard feature of Spyzie helps the parents to have access to all the activities of their kids at one particular location. All the notifications on the targeted phone are readily available on the dashboard.
  • Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

  • Other than this, Spyzie helps its users to have access to social media accounts of the child’s phone. Be it Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, as a parent, you can very easily check the kind of information your child has access to.
  • By using the GPS of the targeted device, Spyzie helps parents to locate their child and know their exact location.
  • Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

  • There is an added facility of screenshot taking and key logging that helps parents to check the content their child is browsing.
  • Call and surrounding recording are also added to the features of Spyzie, where users can easily check the contacts and the duration of the calls.

How to Install Spyzie

Spyzie gives wonderful features to help its users with dedicated customer support and also it works in a stealth mode without being detected. The most important feature of Spyzie includes its flexibility to work on Android as well as iOS. Though the installation process is different for both iOS and Android, we will here discuss both the processes in detail.


Spyzie helps parents to protect their child from online predators and cyberbullying. It is a simple three step process that includes:

Step 1: Creating a Spyzie account and opting for a premium subscription. There will be a need for an email account for monitoring the content of the targeted device. It will be better to add an authenticated email ID, which can be used for future references.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Step 2: You have to complete the entire setup process to continue monitoring. Once the registration is done, you need to go through a complete setup wizard. You will also have to choose the name and age of the holder of the targeted phone. It is compulsory to mention the operating system of the targeted phone. In this case, it will be iOS. Next page will appear where you need to mention the iCloud ID and password of the targeted phone and then click on verify. You should be sure about the activation of iCloud backup service on the cell phone to be monitored.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Step 3: This final step includes: accessing Control Panel and viewing data from the monitored device. Once the setup process is over, parents can have access to the information of the targeted device through Control Panel app.


It is a least complicated application to access, having three simple steps including Creating, Installing and Logging into the control panel.

Step 1: This step includes entering authenticated email id for future references of downloading link and receiving of login credentials. You can also easily choose the kind of subscription you require according to your requirements.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Step 2: After this registration, you need to perform a series of setup steps on the targeted phone mentioning the OS of the targeted device. You need to enable unknown sources option from the settings. After that, you need to download Spyzie application. Finally, you need to sign in into Spyzie account and allow all the permission requests for proper monitoring.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Step 3: This step allows you to monitor the targeted device through a control panel app, sitting far away from the source.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

No doubt, Instagram is the most popular photos and videos sharing application. But, it is always advisable to share a limited amount of information without making it accessible to the entire public. Instagram Viewer Tracker helps the users of Instagram to check who all are stalking their profiles and to safeguard their personal pictures and videos.

Useful Ways to Track Who Viewed My Instagram Account

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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