Snapchat Monitoring : How to Monitor Snapchat Private Photos

Snapchat has been ruling the hearts of majority of social media enthusiasts for many years. Its innovative and out-of-the-box photo filters, and making new friends on the go are some of its features that give it an edge over other social media platforms. However, it has proved to be a cause of worry for many parents as its messages, photos and any other media are just there for a short time. It’s hard for them to keep a track of their kids’ activities every now and then. But guess what? Snapchat monitoring has now become so convenient and easy these days with this amazing app called ‘Spyzie’. Stay tuned with the post and find out how it is going to give you a peace of mind while keeping your kids’ and loved ones’ safety.

How to Monitor Snapchat Private Photos

Monitor Snapchat Private Photos via Spyzie

Spyzie, a user-friendly app, helps you in keeping a track record of your child’s activities, thereby keeping their identity intact. After all, you don’t want your kids to befriend someone who is suspicious, can misuse his/her private information, or create a bad influence on him/her. Be it monitoring Snapchat private photos or text messages, you can do it all so easily just by signing up on this awesome app. Besides these basic features, there is a lot more to Spyzie. So, let’s have a look at its detailed features:

  • App Blocke

There are certain apps that you would never want your child to see, and with the App Blocker feature, you can block any such apps that you think can have a negative impact on your child’s psychological or mental growth.

  • Schedule Restriction

Is your child messing up his/her sleep staying online during night hours? If yes, Spyzie's Schedule Restriction feature will allow you to set a time period when, and when not, your child can use his/her cell phone.

  • Keep a track of their location

Finding whereabouts of your munchkins has become easy-peesy with its powerful GPS function. With it, you can find where your child is hanging out, or if he/she is at a safe place or not.

  • Geofencing

Wondering what is ‘Geofencing’ all about? Well, it’s a cool technology that lets you know when a person leaves or enters a specific area. With Spyzie, you can receive spontaneous alerts knowing for how long your kid is at that particular location.

  • Trace call logs, messages, emails, and history

Here’s the best feature: you can have a check on messages, call logs, e-mails, and browsing history of the target device, no matter where you are. And in case, you find something suspicious, you know what to do. Right?

  • Keep a tap on photos and videos

Your kids don’t let you touch their phones in their presence, and when they are not around, the pathetic passwords are hard to find. Can you feel it? With Spyzie, you can view your kids’ photo albums and videos, and know if they are on right track.

Besides these compelling features, there are a lot many that you’d feel privileged to use after subscribing to this app.

How to Use Spyzie to Monitor Snapchat?

Snapchat monitoring on Spyzie won’t be a hassle anymore if you follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Set up your account

You want to use it, you’ve got to download it! Pretty basic! For creating your account on Spyzie, you just need to provide your authentic email address along with a password that you’d use to sign in to your account.

Monitor Snapchat Private Photos via spyzie 1

  1. Install Spyzie

Once you’ve registered yourself, the next step will be to install this Snapchat monitoring app on your device. While setting up, make sure to give the identity name of the person who owns the monitored device. And yeah, don’t forget to choose the right operating system, as it’s different for Android and iPhone users. For Android users. please go to lock screen and security tab in Settings, and enable the unknown services.

Monitor Snapchat Private Photos via spyzie 2-1

Secondly, click on the link given on set up Wizard page for downloading and installing the app on the target device. Now, go to the download page, and after you’ve downloaded it successfully, go to download folder to find the APK doc.

Monitor Snapchat Private Photos via spyzie 2-2

The last step is to accept the user agreement policy and click the start button, and you’re one step closer to watching the recent activities of the target person.

  1. Monitor Snapchat private photos

Once you’ve installed the app on the target phone, hover over to your own device, and continue completing the setup process. Go to the dashboard, look for the keylogging option, and turn it on. With this, you’ll be able to know the passwords of the target device with the strokes made. Also, the control panel allows you to merge all data from the device being monitored.

Monitor Snapchat Private Photos via spyzie 3

3 Other Ways to Monitor Snapchat Effectively

Besides Spyzie, there are a few more reliable apps that you can use to monitor Snapchat photos from your own device, and they are:

1. Use mSpy to Monitor Snapchat Photos

mSpy is an amazing app to have a stringent control over your child’s online activities. You can download and install it on the required cellphone to get numerous benefits. Its features include:

  • Works great on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • More than 25 features including call tracking, GPS, and SMS tracking
  • Easy-to-use and install

Price: Its basic plan starts from C$39.99 per month, while its no-jailbreak (exclusively for iPhone) is just for C$52.99 per month.

Monitor Snapchat Private Photos with mspy

2. Pumpic Snapchat Monitoring App

Pumpic is there to save you from nightmares of seeing your child sharing sensitive data or information with others online. Install this app to enjoy a mountain of features, and some of them are:

  • Keep a control on cell phone usage
  • Keep an eye on social media activities
  • Have a sound record of the location

Price: Get a free trial to be assured of the quality and features provided by the app.

Monitor Snapchat Private Photos with pumpic

3. Flexispy Snapchat Monitoring Tool

Flexispy protects your child from unwanted threats present online, and you can have it on your smartphone, computers, laptops, or tablet. Some of its features are listed as follows:

  • Track messages and calls for apps including Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, WeChat, and many more.
  • Find details on contacts saved in the address book
  • Know which apps are installed on the target device
  • Get informed about email activity

Price: The pricing policy for Flexispy varies from one operating software to the other. For iPhone users, its 1-month plan starts from $68, and you can further upgrade it to $199 for 3 months, and get a hang of all premium features.

Monitor Snapchat Private Photos with flexispy

Cyber security has always been the main concern, especially for parents, nowadays. But thankfully, there are many apps available to trace your child’s activity. It’s more of an investment to keep your child safe, and further proffers you a peace of mind at work, at home, and whenever your child is away from your eyes. Softwares like Spyzie have made it a cakewalk to monitor Snapchat private photos, browsing history, messages, and calls. Moreover, it just takes you a few minutes to install the app on the target phone. So, what are you waiting for? Get hands-on this reliable app, and help your loved ones stay safe and secure always.

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