How to Monitor Snapchat for Free

Mobile space is flooded with tons of apps and let’s admit that many of them are quite useful for us. However, at the same time, they pose threat to the youngsters who may not be aware of the dangers and consequences of their misuse. Snapchat is one of the most popular applications that are used by youngsters for social interactions and often they keep their conversations hidden from parents.  However, most parents want to monitor how their kids are using Snapchat to ensure that they are safe and not misguided. Here are a few simple tools they can use to monitor snapchat for free and know what their kids are doing in the social networking space.

How to Monitor Snapchat for Free

How to Monitor Snapchat for Free?

1. Spyzie Snapchat Monitor App

It is a free Snapchat monitoring mobile application that can track phone activities of users like calls, chats, SMS, and GPS location remotely in invisible mode without the need for jailbreaking into the phone unlike many others. Spyzie can help you see the device information and mobile activities like call logs, SMSs, GPS location, emails, files, browsing history, and chat messages of social media apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber. The application is compatible iOS and Android. It comes with an exclusive version for iPhone iOS 12 application support.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via spyzie

Here are simple steps you can take to start monitoring Snapchat with Spyzie

  • Sign up to create your Spyzie account online and you will get the app download link with login credentials on your email.
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  • Install the application on your device and log in with given credentials.
  • A setup wizard would appear asking you to enter details of the device to be monitored such as phone name and operating system.
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  • Now install the monitoring application on the target device.
  • An application download link would appear in the set-up wizard, click it to download and you will see an APK file appearing in notifications.
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  • Sign into your account and activate administrator and allow all the requests appearing in the process to give complete control. Once this is complete, the app would get deleted from screen automatically and the application would start working in stealth mode on target device.
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  • Now go back to your device and you will have a dashboard with a control panel which you will need to sync by pressing ‘Refresh’ icon and all the target device data would start to appear on your screen.

2. Fonemonitor

It is a free Snapchat monitor that can track the activities of Snapchat users on both android and iPhone devices. Fonemonitor can help you watch over messages, pictures, posts, and videos shared on Snapchat. Its paid version comes with advanced features like screen locking, cloud based backup creation, reading memos, previewing videos, and monitoring calendar activities. Once installed in the target device, install it on your device and login, your dashboard would provide you with "Social Apps" > "SnapChat" option and when you click that, you will start seeing the details of the target device.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via fonemonitor

3. mSpy

It is another very useful free Snapchat monitoring app which can be used for basic and advanced monitoring with jail breaking of an iPhone. mSpy has many spying features like monitor call logs, browsing history, GPS, and social networks like Snapchat. The app also comes with a full-fledged version with more capabilities for iPhone which would need to jailbreak the device. If you face any issue with the application, you can also use their prompt customer service to get your problems resolved.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via mspy

4. Spyera

Spyera is a free social network monitoring tool that allows a keen monitoring of exchanged messages. Spyera allows you to check the received and sent messages through Snapchat and provides you a more detailed report. The application is compatible with multiple OS including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. However, if you face an issue, their customer support is not available.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via spyera

5. FlexiSpy

Flexispy is quite an effective tool used for monitoring major social networking apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. The mobile application has customized features that can be used for parental control and employee monitoring. It can track emails, social messages, and GPS location while running silently in the background. In parental control, you can read emails, chat conversations, track location, access media files, access call logs, and capture images. This app is compatible with PC, MAC, Android & iOS devices.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via flexispy

6. WebWatcher

It is free spy tool available for iOS and Android devices which can be used for monitoring social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. One good thing about this app is that it does not need you to jailbreak the phone. WebWatcher is most popularly used by parents for monitoring the mobile activities of their kids. It can monitor device messages, pictures, GPS location, call logs, and browsing history. The application is integrated with a cloud space to which you can login such that every hour you can request data that is captured.

The application automatically retrieves the device data to store on the cloud once every day and you get notified of the backup over your email. It is compatible with iPhone, android, Windows, and Mac OS. To monitor any Snapchat account, all you need is the right tool installed on the target mobile and then, you can start monitoring on your device at your convenience.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via webwatcher

7. Hoverwatch Snapchat Spy

Hoverwatch Snapchat Spy, an exclusive app used for Snapchat tracking, allows you to read the messages exchanged over the application by a user. Hoverwatch can help you monitor all the chat messages ever sent over Snapchat through a device including the pictures. It also gives details of recorded calls, SMS, internet surfing, location tracking, and can be used to track up to 5 devices. The free version of the application but has limited features. The paid version is still quite cost effective as compared to other applications and can be obtained at the subscription fee of less than $2 a month. It is compatible with iPhone, android, Windows, and Mac OS's.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via hoverwatch

8. Mobile Tracker Free

It is a free mobile monitoring application that can track phone activities without routing as well as allows one to control the device remotely. Mobile Tracker Free offers more than the standard features like tracking of messages on Snapchat, SMS, call logs and GPS location. It allows you to control some features of the device remotely such as taking pictures, recording audio, restricting schedule, or sending SMS. It supports checking of instant messages for many social apps including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Hangouts, Tango, Viber, Skype, and Gmail. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android mobiles.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via mobiletracker

9. NetSpy

NetSpy is a free Snapchat monitor that can help you check the shared messages, videos, and images through Snapchat users. NetSpy can help you tape chat and video-based conversations happening between Snapchat users. Besides free Snapchat monitor, it provides support for tracking over 8 social networking applications and offers services including call monitoring, chat and multimedia message tracking. Sounds great, eh? Once installed, the software begins recording every activity happening over the device. So, if you want to check out any activity happening over the tracked mobile, all you have to do is click the activity on your dashboard and you will begin to see all what is happening.

Monitor Snapchat for Free via netspy

Most applications come either free or with free options that still allow you to keep tracking of the data your kids may be sending or receiving over Snapchat followed by the location. While application makes you aware of what your kids are doing, it also keeps your kids safe by letting you have the details of their whereabouts. So, do not hesitate and try your favorite application now and see how easy it is to keep track of what kids are doing in the online space.

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