How to Monitor Child's Snapchat without Them Knowing

As you all might be aware, Snapchat is a social networking application which has been operational since September 2011. Of late, it has gained popularity amongst the millennials and the catch about Snapchat is that the viewers can decide how long a snap is supposed to live on the receiver’s end. And the snap disappears after the specified time bracket.

As creative as a user can get on Snapchat, the parents have become wary about the existence of Snapchat because it opens various horizons for their children to explore just for the sake of being "cool". Parents tend to be a little protective of their children, because why not? Monitoring whether your child is behaving appropriately is something that you'd like to keep a tab on whether they are at home or not. On similar lines, a thought of having a look into their Snapchat pops-up into your head. But since the messages being exchanged on Snapchat disappear or you cannot just sneak into your child's phone, you want to find a way around it.

There is something else that you can do which will leave no traces behind, whatsoever. There are a lot of applications which are available out there to help ease your anxiety about your child's behavior and these will act as an aid in monitoring your child's Snapchat without them knowing. Follow the list below to know the right way to meet your needs according to the requirement you have set for the task.

Monitor Child's Snapchat without Them Knowing

6 ways to monitor your child's Snapchat without them knowing

1. TheTruthSpy

The application is in line with the expectations which a user tends to set about the application. The user-friendly interface which this application has been based upon allows you to get hold of information easily and efficiently.

Monitor Child's Snapchat with thetruthspy


  • The portal features a special attribute “parent control”.
  • Keeps a tab on Snapchat and other such social networking applications
  • Your child cannot detect whether they are being spied
  • Lets you get hold of the GPS location of the targetted device


  • Compatible with Android and iOS operating system
  • Easy and quick download and installation process
  • Customer support being offered
  • Reasonable Prices


  • A few troubles are not addressed by the customer support
  • Not compatible with Blackberry and Symbian
  • Some features may become irresponsive

You can follow TheTruthSpy's official link for further information.

2. Spyzie

This platform is eligible to become your go-to option as far as spying on other devices is the matter of concern. It will help you track all the activities which are take place on a particular device. So that acts as the cherry on top of the cake. The efficiency of this application is undeniably high.

Monitor Child's Snapchat with spyzie


  • Efficient tracking of Snapchat and other such platforms
  • Helps you view deleted photos, calls, etc.
  • Reads e-mails
  • Helps track the GPS location of the targetted phone


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Rare features as compared to other applications
  • Works for iOS without jailbreaking
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • Some advanced features work on rooted Android phones
  • A free trial for this application does not exist
  • The support team takes time to response

For further insight about this application, follow

3. mSpy

mSpy is all about easy information collection. You do not have to bother yourself a lot because mSpy knows what it has got to do for you. Consequently, it serves as an amazing alternative when you want to monitor your Child’s Snapchat. The efficiency is unbeatable and that is why mSpy has made it to this list.

Monitor Child's Snapchat with mspy


  • Tracking Snapchat, WhatsApp and other social media applications
  • Allows you to have a look into the call log
  • Keeps a tab and records all the information that comes as an input
  • Allows you to browse through the photos and videos of the concerned device


  • The user interface is friendly
  • Easy and quick download
  • Fast access to information


  • Prices are slightly expensive
  • Some features become unresponsive with time
  • Parts of information go missing

To know more features that this application has got to offer, follow

4. WebWatcher

The parents are introduced to a new tracking environment when it comes to Webwatcher; it operates with a basic intent and that is exercising parental control. The application is one great outlet for you to put your trust in because it is going to respond in the expected manner.

Monitor Child's Snapchat with webwatcher


  • Tracks Snapchat and other social networking portals
  • Allows you to go through deleted text messages
  • Keep a tab on website history
  • Tracks the location of the targetted device


  • Detailed reports about child's activities
  • Discreet operation
  • Quick installation
  • Compatible on Android, iPhone and Windows operating system


  • Installation may require you to drop a few security features
  • Inefficient customer support
  • Some features may grow out to be unresponsive

If you want to surf through the website, please follow

5. Spyera

One of the major intentions with which Spyera has entered the market is that it wants parents to protect their children by relying upon this application. It is certainly one of the best parenting control applications that you are to come across. Most importantly, it is easy for you to lay hands over the information which relates to Snapchat.

Monitor Child's Snapchat with spyera


  • Real-time information
  • Reads your kid’s emails
  • Allows you to view call logs
  • Gives access to the photos and videos on your kid’s phone


  • Undetectable
  • Supports numerous operating systems
  • Round the clock customer support


  • The application can only be installed on jailbroken devices
  • Affordability becomes a question with respect to this application

Other features pertaining to this application can be found on its official website

6. Flexispy

This application serves to be one of the most trustable alternatives for monitoring Snapchat on a child's phone because it makes sure that you are not let down. Primarily, it has amongst the most user-friendly interfaces that you are to come across. The features of the platform are many and you will be surprised by each one of them.

Monitor Child's Snapchat with flexispy


  • Reads emails being exchanged by your child
  • Allows you to access photos, videos, and all other media files
  • Tracks the location of the target device
  • Reads the information being logged onto various social media platforms


  • Accessible on cell phones, computers, and tablets
  • Free trial
  • Round the clock technical support


  • Expensive, in comparison to other such applications
  • Requires initial configuration, may take time
  • Some features can only be accessed after rooting the phone

To gain an insight into the application, follow

Now that you are open to a plethora of ways that you can rely upon to monitor your child’s Snapchat account while you can also gain access into the operation of their phone without any fusses being associated, all you have to do is choose the right application and you are good to go.

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