3 Ways to Monitor Snapchat and Keep Your Child Safe

Children these days start using smartphones and social media Apps at a very early age and Snapchat is just one of the most famous social media apps these days. At this young age, kids are hence very prone to bad effects of social media as they do not realize what is good or bad for them. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for parents to understand ways of Snapchat monitoring to ensure their kid’s online safety.

So, today we decided to bring forth three ways for Snapchat monitoring that can be used as parental controls. Let us not wait any further then and read on to know more about how to monitor Snapchat.

1: How to monitor Snapchat with Spyzie?

Spyzie snapchat spy is a smartphone spy software which can be used to monitor Snapchat on your kid’s device. It can also keep a track of call logs, messages, locations and other social Apps. So, all in all, Spyzie is a one-stop shop to forget all your worries related to your kid's Snapchat account.

Parents just need to create an account with Spyzie and then follow the steps given below for Snapchat monitoring:

Now proceed to the Spyzie Setup Wizard wherein you need to feed in information about the target phone/tab.

Next up, install the Spyzie App on your kid’s phone by visiting Settings>Security and enabling App download from Unknown Sources. After you do this download Spyzie APK File.

Once the App is downloaded, launch and sign in with the account details you created earlier on Spyzie website. Also, grant permission to start monitoring the said device and move on.

Finally, remotely monitor your kid’s Snapchat by signing on Spyzie website and using the Dashboard which works as your Control Panel. Here you can view and monitor Snapchat activities by visiting Social Apps> Snapchat.

And do not forget about the unique and one of a kind Keylogger feature in Spyzie that can help you to hack your kid’s Snapchat password and gain direct access to it. Make sure it is switched on.


Spyzie offers a free version which contains many features like call log monitoring, location tracking, messages monitoring, etc.

One does not need to root their Android phone/tab to download, install and use Spyzie.

It allows users to remotely track other people’s smartphones, especially monitor Snapchat.

Spyzie has a feature which deleted the snapchat spy app icon from the target phone which helps users to monitor Snapchat discreetly.


Spyzie cannot be used for Snapchat monitoring on iOS devices.

Many social media Apps are not supported by Spyzie.

You need to physically install Spyzie App on the target device and login. This is time-consuming and it is not possible to gain access to the target device for a long time.

2: How to monitor Snapchat with mSpy?

mSpy is a great parental control software which can be used for snapchat hacking. It can also be used to spy on WhatsApp, SMS, call logs, location tracking, and many other features. mSpy works on Windows PC and Mac and supports Android and iOS. It can be easily accessed from any browser.

Want to know how to monitor Snapchat using mSpy? Here is what you need to do:

Purchase its premium version and visit http://www/mspy.com to create your account.

Simultaneously, get your hands on the target device, install the mSpy App on it and complete the setup process by following the on-screen instructions.

Now go back to your PC/tab/phone and login to mSpy with your account credentials. You can now start tracking the target device easily.

Visit Social Media and select the Snapchat option to get first-hand information on the photos, videos and conversations exchanged between your kid and others.


App installation does not take long. It's quick and easy.

It does not require your Android device to be rooted or iOS device to be jailbroken.

It has a remote installation feature for target devices.

mSpy has the Keylogger feature to hack Snapchat Account and password.


mSpy is not compatible with Nokia, BlackBerry, and other Symbian phones.

It does not support call recording, secret camera activation and other features which are present in many other Snapchat monitoring tools.

Its customer support services are poor and are available against a charge.

3: How to monitor Snapchat with Pumpic?

Pumpic is a renowned smartphone spyware tool which enables parents to view their kid’s activities on their phones/tabs. It can also enable users to set restrictions, alerts and monitor the content browsed by kids on their smartphones.

Pumpic can be used to monitor Snapchat on Android and iOS devices.

This Snapchat monitoring tool lets parents gain access to their child’s photos, videos, comments and activities on social media Apps, especially Snapchat. Pumpic can also be used to track your kid’s location, calls, messages, events saved on the calendar, etc. Pumpic also keeps a track of deleted content and keys pressed on the target device. It can also put a tab on the number of messages sent out by your kid per day. To know more about Pumpic, visit: http://pumpic.com

Here are the steps to monitor Snapchat using Pumpic, please follow them carefully:

Select a plan for yourself and purchase it. Once you do so, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

Follow the guidelines in the e-mail and set up Pumpic on the target device.

Finally, monitor Snapchat via your Control Panel and view all its activities remotely by visiting cp.pumpic.com.


Remote and iCloud monitoring is possible with Pumpic.

Pumpic can block websites remotely on the target device.

If your kid leaves a particular area, you will get alerts on your device.

Easy to download and use.


Pumpic needs you to have physical access to the target device to install the App on it, which is not possible most of the times.

It lacks essential features like recording, capturing screenshots, etc.

To sum up we would say that all the three spy tools listed above which teach you how to monitor Snapchat are not only easy to use but also have an intuitive interface. We recommend that you download, install and use Spyzie as it is a one-stop solution to spy on your kid’s phone and their activities without them getting to know about it.

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