10 Best Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tools

All the parents want the best for their kids, and in the process of providing them with the best, it is necessary that you should prioritize their safety and security. With the increased advancement in the technology, the cyber crimes have reached its peak as well. There are various applications out there through which your child can get caught up in the scam world, one of them being, Snapchat. Now here’s the deal with Snapchat, it is an app, which does not save received messages and allows a person to share and post pictures for a limited time, which results in the exchange of indecent messages and photographs. Therefore, it is recommended for parents to keep an eye on their child’s gadgets. Thus by monitoring Snapchat tools, you can make sure of your child’s safety.

Best Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tools

What can monitoring Snapchat tool do to the parents?

Monitoring Snapchat tools should be used by all the parents so as to know what your child is being up to. It might make you crazy at times when your kid is being all secretive, coming home late and just being engrossed in their phones all the time. So to make sure that they are in a safe company and hanging out and talking with the right people and making appropriate life decisions, you have to be a little inquisitive. So monitoring the Snapchat tool, keeps you updated on your child’s activities and notifies you about the outgoing and incoming messages received on their phones.

Warning: Monitoring Snapchat tools are not to be considered as a process of investigation, but it is the right of every parent to be protective.

Now log on to your child’s life and ensure their safety with just one click, so here is a list of the best Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tools available on your smartphones:

1. Spyzie Monitoring Tool for Kids

It is a smartphone spy software which keeps a track of Snapchat’s all vital information, plus it also tracks call logs, messages, locations and various other social applications as well. With the help of Spyzie, you can not only monitor the snapchat activites of your kids, but also can see the detailed Snapchat messages. It is the best app for monitoring Snapchat tool. So go ahead and keep a track of your child's activity using this spy software. This is a must action to be taken by all the thoughtful parents to ensure their little unicorn's safety.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - spyzie


  • Rooting of android tab/ phone is not mandatory for downloading, installing and using the app.
  • Has a feature which deletes the Snapchat spy app icon from the target’s smartphone.


  • Is not adaptable for Snapchat monitoring on iOS devices.

Link: https://www.spyzie.com/

2. mSpy

This app can be used for Snapchat hacking and in addition to Snapchat, it can also spy on WhatsApp, SMS, call logs, location tracking, and includes many other features.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - mspy


  • Comes with a Keylogger feature for hacking Snapchat account and password.
  • The installation procedure does not take long, it is quick and easy.


  • It is not adaptable with Nokia, BlackBerry, and some of the Symbian phones.

Link: https://www.mspy.com

3. Pumpic

It is a well-known smartphone spyware tool, which enables the tracking activities of Snapchat plus it set restrictions, alerts and monitors the history of the content browsed.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - pumpic


  • The application can block websites remotely on the target device.
  • Tracks and sends alerts about the kid’s location.


  • Lacks features like recording, capturing, screenshots, etc.

Link: https://pumpic.com/

4. TheTruthSpy

It is another popular Snapchat spying tool used by the parents, which after being installed in the target’s phone helps you access all the necessary information on it remotely. It also helps you connect through other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - thetruthspy


  • Compatible with all most all the popular Android devices.
  • Procure great reports on the target’s device.


  • The app sometimes has functional issues.

Link: http://thetruthspy.com

5. Spyera

The application not just monitors the Snapchat conversations and activities, but is also a great option for the entire device. It provides detailed information about the SMS, calls, emails and features other aspects.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - spyera


  • It features the best monitoring and tracking activities.


  • Lacks the option of live customer support.

Link: https://spyera.com/

6. Flexispy

It is a well-known spy software which enables a parent to keep a track on their child’s Snapchat activities.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - flexispy


  • Is able to track phone locations using the GPS.
  • Is effective and reads mail as well.


  • The subscription period of the app is not allowed for less than a year.

Link: https://www.flexispy.com/

7. WebWatcher

It is one of the popular tracking apps available for both, Android as well for the iOS devices. And provides a good result in tracking the Snapchat and other messengers.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - webwatcher


  • It is very easy to use plus it provides a detailed and comprehensive report.
  • It guarantees money back.


  • A bit expensive and sometimes have functionality issues.

Link: https://www.webwatcher.com/

8. Mobile Spy

It is another good option for tracking your child’s Snapchat activities. It provides easy reports from the target’s phone and helps in monitoring other aspects as well.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - mobile spy


  • Easy to use plus helps in tracking various other applications.
  • It is pocket-friendly and easy to use.


  • Logging of the app can only be done on Blackberry and iOS devices.

Link: www.mobile-spy.com/

9. SpyBubble

It is one of the best solutions for the beginners, as it comes with simple and basic spy software which is easy to use.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - spybubble


  • Its interface is really easy and clean to use.
  • Its SMS command feature allows you to disable certain apps on the target’s phone.


  • Does not come with a hidden feature, this your child will be aware of the software’s applications on his/her phone.

Link: https://www.prospybubble.com/

10. CocoSpy

It comes with an impressive set of features, allowing you to track and monitor your child’s activities. It also monitors other apps like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Parental Monitoring Snapchat Tool - cocospy


  • The software can be used to listen to calls.
  • Provides access to the library of the device’s media.


  • It is not adaptable with Windows and Blackberry devices.

Link: https://www.cocospy.com/

How to monitor Snapchat on android with Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the best smartphone spy software available in the market as of now, and one of the best monitoring Snapchat tool. It is one of the apps which does not cause any commotions while tracking your child’s Snapchat information, isn’t that what we want? Plus, it is very easy to use and helps to track all the vital information from the target’s phone. All of this can be attained in just 3 simple steps, allow us to introduce you to Spyzie’s procedure.

Step 1: Create your account

Well to start with your spying work, the initial step is to create an account. So to launch your idea, go to the official Spyzie’s website, then depending on how long you would like to spy, buy your subscription, and then create your new account.

Monitoring Snapchat with spyzie -step 1

Furthermore, to get past the initial step, you will have to provide the details about the target’s device as well as the user’s.

Monitoring Snapchat with spyzie -step 1

Step 2: Installation of the app

Now that you have bought the subscription, to use the monitoring Snapchat tool you have to install this app on your child’s phone. Time for your mission possible, now take hold of your child's phone and enable the downloads from unknown sources from its settings.

Monitoring Snapchat with spyzie -step 2

Next, visit the website of Spyzie and download the app on the device. After the installation, you have to log in to the account using your own credentials and set up the tool. Agree to the necessary permissions and here you go, you can start monitoring your kid's Snapchat. Now you know what is the best part of the app? You can delete the icon of this spy app from your kid's phone and use it in the stealth mode.

Monitoring Snapchat with spyzie -step 2

Step 3: Start the tracking

You are all set now. Just log in to Spyzie's dashboard from your Android device and start the tracking procedure. You can find all the important information related to the device on the home page.

Monitoring Snapchat with spyzie -step 3

To know more about this monitoring Snapchat tool, check the control panel which is on the left, and select the option of 'Snapchat.' And do not forget to turn on its feature status before you start monitoring your kid's Snapchat.

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