SMS Tracker: How to Track Text Messages on Web for Free

Today’s generation is way ahead of their parents. They have a sound knowledge of almost all the things around them. You can’t question their intelligence. But, the world of social media has its own share of boons. Your kid may not interact with someone in person but would love to spend hours chatting, surfing and passing time here and there. You never know, who your kid talks to, makes plans that are forbidden in their age. To ensure they don’t get entrapped in such a situation, it is equally important to keep a track of their SMS and text messages to see that their children are not involved with any wrong deeds. If you have zero idea about this and you are questioning yourself about how would you do this, fret not! We will here, in this article teach you how you can deal with such dilemma of yours and can monitor your near ones’ activity by peeping inside their phone. Without further ado, let’s begin what you need to know.

How to Track Text Messages online Free

Well! These days where you get everything online, tracking doesn’t stay behind. In this section, we are going to introduce an online way to track text messages of the one you wish. Let’s proceed.


TxtSpyt is an online tool that provides users to track down text messages of their kid’s phone from online for free of cost. All you would need is the target device’s phone number. You just have to insert the target phone’s phone number and you are all set. It will display the number of messages available on the desired device that will give you the hint of the messages received on the target device.

How to use service

Below are the steps that you can consider to make use of availing the free service rendered by TxtSpy for tracking the text messages.

  • To start with this service for tracking someone’s text messages, you need to visit the
  • SMS Tracker: How to Track Text Messages on Web for Free

  • Enter the number on the ‘Phone Number’ section and then tap on ‘Search’ tab.
  • SMS Tracker: How to Track Text Messages on Web for Free

  • The following screen will have the progress table reflecting the number of text messages being found on your kid’s phone.
  • SMS Tracker: How to Track Text Messages on Web for Free

  • If you have completed the sponsored offer already in order to make use of this online service, the next screen will give a dialogue box of TextSpy(View Texts).

How to Track Text Messages Using A Phone Tracking App

The quintessential example of the finest way to track the text messages is Spyzie. Through this application, your worries regarding the whereabouts of your kid’s can be lessened with its spectacular features that grants the parents the concerned authority for keeping a check on a variety of applications, data files and the essential data types available on your kid’s phone. Spyzie acts as a mirror to your kid’s phone and gives you the updated information regarding the activities being performed on your kid’s phone. Such as the messages, call logs, location tracking etc.

Main Features of Spyzie

  • This wonderful app is easily compatible with both the Android/ iOS operating systems.
  • It allows parents to monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other popular social networking applications used up in your kid’s phone.
  • You can maintain a detailed record of the PINS/Password of your kid’s phone with the help of this application.
  • Parents can even take a screenshot of anything they find suspicious using Spyzie.

Following is the detailed step by step guide that parents can use for tracking down the SMS, messages of their kids phone.

Step 1 – Sign up for a Spyzie Account

In order to track text messages, you need to get an official account of Spyzie by entering your email wisely. Opt for a suitable plan that will be useful in gaining insight to someone’s text messages. Now, fetch the confirmation link from your mailbox (of the email ID) and click on it. This way, your account will be registered.

SMS Tracker: How to Track Text Messages on Web for Free

Step 2 – Install Spyzie on the Monitored Phone

Once your account is made, you can now grab the device you want to sneak the messages from. After that, force the installation of Spyzie application on it. Run the application and proceed by signing in with your respective credentials.

Step 3 – Go through with the Registration Process

After you have signed in, complete the procedure of registration for the smooth working of the application. For that, enter in the name age, iOS version etc of your kid’s phone on the set-up wizard.

SMS Tracker: How to Track Text Messages on Web for Free

Step 4 – Remotely track down Messages

Once you have successfully set up your account, you are all set and done to track down the text messages present in your kid’s phone. Simply, visit the control panel from your remote device and gain insight of a variety of data types and monitor your child’s activities.

SMS Tracker: How to Track Text Messages on Web for Free


Parent’s sole duty is to take care of their kids in every possible way. As, the chances of slipping into bad company, ill temptation is at a stark level. And to ensure your kid is doing fine, the urgency of tracking down their phone and text messages arises. We’ve gone through two means through which one can keep a track on the text messages available on the kid’s phone. While, txtSpy allows users to know the number of messages available on the phone, Spyzie on the other hand lets you read the entire thread of messages. Also, this powerful tool also lets you view several other data components as well. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and got the best help from it. Please let us know your views on both the ways and which one you chose. Also, we would be glad to know your experience using the aforementioned methods. Drop a comment below and be in touch with us. Thanks!

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