How to View Private Browsing History Safari?

1.What is private browsing history in Safari?

Private browsing, incognito browsing, in private browsing, it has lots of names but the function is same in every browser. The private browsing feature is equipped with the majority of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and many other browsers. With this feature, that any website you access in private browsing window doesn’t show in the history. Safari web browser is popular from all of them; it is designed by Apple for their devices running on iOS and Mac Operating system.

Apple’s Safari browser was the first to utilize private browsing, which is also called as browsing in the safe mode. Further, Safari was the first browser to play HTML5 audio and video. It enables integrating audio and video directly into traditional HTML saving development and load time. This feature is mainly used by men and women who don’t want others to know what they are hiding. If the private browsing mode is used, then there is nothing that one needs to do. Otherwise, also, it is simple to delete web history. Here we talk about how to view private browsing history safari on iOS and Mac OS.

2.Learn about the pros and cons of Private Browsing


  • Minimize personal History: As we know, men will be men and most of them watch adult content online. It is deeply embarrassing for any person when anyone knows that they watching adult content on the internet. The same thing goes for women, some women also do such things that they don’t want others to know about it.  If the private browsing mode is on, then you don’t have to worry about it. It is simple to delete web history.
  • Facebook and other websites: In most of the companies some websites are restricted to use for employees especially social media website such as Facebook, Twitter and other. Private browsing mode is helpful when you want to access them during working hours. You just have to open private browsing mode of your web browser and type URL of the website. it won’t track your activities and history of sites you recently visited.


  • You Can Still Be Tracked: Private browsing is an important part of the majority of people live. They access restricted and adult websites with no fear of tracking. Most of the people think that nobody can track their activities while they are surfing in private browsing but it is not true. Internet service provider and your owner can still track your activities that you searched on private browsing mode. You can stop this tracking by installing an extension to your web browser. You can download such extensions from your web browser store to stop this practice from taking place.
  • Children maybe hide their web activity: Nowadays, most of the young tech geeks are spending their most of the time with the computer. The internet is the main reason behind it; they play games, watch movies and other stuff. So it is necessary for the parents to monitor their activities and protect them from pornography, Cyberbullying, predators and other harmful threats.

3.How to view in private Browsing history Safari?

A private browsing feature is introduced by Apple for a device running on iOS 5 or higher. By using this feature user can hide their searches of the web they have visited, password, and many other things.  However, you cannot able to control the information on the server side. So, your device details such as IP address, Mac address and timing will still be retained. If your target device has tracking tool then you can maintain a record of their searches over the internet via web browser. Normally, it is not an easy task for a layman to know how to view private browsing history safari.

There only a few tools are available on the internet which gives you best solution for you this question. If you are searching for a tool which gives the answer to your question how to view private browsing history safari then Spyzie is the best option for you.

Spyzie is a web-based smartphone tracking solution which allows us to track target phone user smartphone and access their messages, call logs, voice call recording, location, keylogging and much more. Spyzie is mainly designed for devices running on iOS and Android operating system. One can also use Spyzie to hack any smartphone such as Samsung, iPhone, Motorola and many others.

Here are some steps to view private browsing history on safari browser.

Step 1: First of all, you have to visit Spyzie official website and click on Create an account. You can create your account by providing valid Email ID and password.

how to view private browsing history safari?

Step 2: After above process completed, now enter some detail related to the target device.

how to view private browsing history safari?

Step 3: once the above process completes, now enter target device Apple iCloud details in the field.

how to view private browsing history safari?

Step 4: Make sure all information you entered is correct such as Email ID and Password of iCloud account.

Step 5: Now, Spyzie will send you a confirmation email with all information related to how to work with Spyzie.

Step 6: once the account gets verified then you can go back to the dashboard of Spyzie.

Step 7: Now you will see lots of options like messages, contact, location and many other options.

how to view private browsing history safari?

Step 8: from the left panel, click on Browser history.

Step 9: Spyzie will provide you complete web browser history of target Apple device. It will show you normal browsing history as well as private browsing history.

how to view private browsing history safari?

Step 10: Here in Spyzie, you can also search particular keyword by clicking on search field on the top right corner.

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