Best Free Samsung Voice Recorder 2018

Can a Samsung voice recorder be used to monitor smartphone activity? We explore the possibility by looking at voice recording features and their presence in mobile tracking apps like Spyzie.

Many smartphones have a voice recorder app, and if not available, it can be downloaded from an online store. Voice recorders have become prevalent in our smartphones because they are useful tools for professionals. Samsung voice recorder app is a highly rated app on Google Play Store because of its versatility. However, can voice recorders be used as a tool for monitoring smartphone activity? We address this topic by analyzing the features of a voice recorder and compare it to the free smartphone monitoring app, Spyzie.

What is a Voice Recorder?

To assess the potential of a voice recorder as a spy tool we must look at what a voice recorder does. A voice recorder is an application for recording audio and video. A voice recorder lets you record audio input provided through a microphone or in-line jack. Digital voice recorders store the audio as digital files. Voice recorders are used for the following purposes:

  • Brainstorming ideas – Writers get ideas at random times, so voice recorders are used to record and store ideas.
  • Improve oratory skills - Use voice recorders to study and improve speaking skills.
  • Learning another language – Voice recordings from experts can be played over to learn a new language.
  • Record meetings - Professionals use voice recorders to note important information.
  • Improves note taking - Students sitting at a lecture will not miss anything important, when the lecture is recorded.
  • Assists professionals – Doctors, lawyers and criminal investigators take notes when dealing with cases.
  • Creating transcriptions – A voice recorder makes it easier to create transcriptions, through voice to text functionality.

A voice recorder has the potential for spying on smartphone activity. You can record what is said on calls, and audio being played. Sadly, most voice recorders are not equipped to be used as smartphone spy software because you can only record your own actions and not others. What you need is an app that works like a voice recorder but records someone else’ smartphone activities.

The Samsung Voice Recorder

With more than a million downloads, the Samsung voice recorder is the pre-eminent voice recording application for Android systems. The app has been praised by the majority of users for its recording quality. A Samsung voice recorder offers all the features of a standard recorder along with other features, which are:

  • Choose from different recording modes.
  • Edit voice and audio.
  • Voice memo: To convert speech to text.
  • Bookmark points in the recording you deem important.
  • Play recordings quickly with list view.
  • Edit and rename voice files according to preference.
  • Do background recording.
  • Set voices to NFC tag
  • Media controls like ‘Skip’ and ‘Pause’
  • Share recordings with friends online.


Free Samsung Voice Recorder

How Does Spyzie Work Like A Voice Recorder?

Spyzie is a mobile tracking app designed to give you the means to monitor a specific smartphone. The app is designed for concerned parents, worried spouses, and bosses wanting to improve productivity.

  • Record calls through voice recording software.
  • Monitor social media activity.
  • Check keystrokes on the target phone.
  • Download and view multimedia.
  • Browse through the contact list.
  • Examine any installed apps.
  • Track location through GPS
  • Analyze call logs - Look at who had the longest conversations.
  • Study text messages – Discover who texted target phone frequently.
  • Look at messages exchanged on online apps.
  • Take screenshots of smartphone activity.

How Does Spyzie Work Like A Voice Recorder

Compatibility is not an issue when using Spyzie, the app is designed to be accessible to anyone. You can monitor smartphone activities without an in-depth knowledge of technology. Spyzie is perfect for monitoring smartphone activity because it is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. You can use Spyzie on any Samsung, Apple, LG, Lenovo, Google, Sony, HTC and Huawei smartphone. Spyzie works the same across all smartphone brands, the installation the app is the same no matter what smartphone you want to spy. Installing the app on an HTC smartphone, is the same process as it would be on a Samsung device.

Spyzie can be used as a Samsung voice recorder because it is compatible with the Android operating system. The record surround feature on Spyzie works just like the standard voice recorder with one difference: Normal voice recording software works by recording your voice only. However, with the record surround feature, you can record all calls on another smartphone. The voice recorder feature is simple and intuitive to use. You have to confirm if the smartphone is online. After that, you can choose how many seconds the recording should continue. You can listen to the records any time you wish with crystal, clear clarity.

How to Use Spyzie Voice Recording Feature

If you want to harness the potential of Samsung voice recorder to monitor smartphone activities then consider using Spyzie. The application dedicated to mobile tracking has several features, one of which is voice recording. To use Spyzie, you need to complete a simple setup process.

Step 1 - Go to the registration page to sign up. Use a valid email and password.

How to Use Spyzie Voice Recording Feature

Step 2 - You will be taken to the Setup Wizard. Enter the necessary information. When at the operating system option, select Android.

You must install the Spyzie app on the phone you intend to monitor. First, go into Security settings, go to Look and Security’ enable ‘Unknown Sources’ and click ‘OK’.

Download the app onto the target phone. Once the download is complete go to the APK files on the download list. Open the app and select ‘Start’, once the app starts working the icon will disappear. The app works in stealth mode; hence the icon is not visible.

Use Spyzie Voice Recording Feature

Step 3 - Completing the registration process leads you to a dashboard/control panel. The control panel is where you can monitor the target phone’s activities. Access the control panel and wait for a few minutes. The app takes a few seconds to sync data from the phone.

Use Spyzie Samsung Voice Recording Feature

Step 4 – All available features are found on the right side of the dashboard. Choose the option that says ‘Record Surround’ Please note that the smartphone should be online for the feature to work.

Spyzie Samsung Voice Recording Feature

We encourage you to try Spyzie for monitoring smartphones because it has the features of Samsung voice recorder. However, Spyzie is more than just a voice recording tool. Besides voice and audio recording, Spyzie gives you the tools needed to monitor smartphone activity. Spyzie is designed for everyone. It is a simple, intuitive system suitable for everyone regardless of technical knowledge. As far as price is concerned, Spyzie is more affordable than other smartphone monitoring software. There are plenty of options to customize your pricing plan to suit your needs. Choose to pay annually, monthly or tri-monthly depending on your needs. If you are searching for easy, affordable spy software that works like a voice recorder then consider Spyzie.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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