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16. What should I do when Spyzie is not able to sync new data from the target iPhone or iPad?
Spyzie works with iCloud backup and extracting mechanism. The data on the target iOS device is backed up to iCloud and then extracted and displayed in details to Spyzie Control Panel. When you could not view any updated data, there may be three possible reasons:
  • The iCloud backup is disabled on the target iPhone or iPad.
  • The iCloud password has been changed.
  • The target iCloud account is locked by Apple.
In first case you should get the target iPhone/iPad and turn on iCloud backup. When the new data is generated and backed up to iCloud, Spyzie will also push it to the control panel.
In the second situation if the iCloud password is changed, Spyzie is not be able to connect iCloud server with the old password. In this case, please make sure you get the right password and then verify it again on the iCloud ID/Password Update page. If the password is correct, the new data will be retrieved shortly.
The third possibility is releated to Apple's security mechanism. In earlier this year, some hackers claimed they had breached hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts. Thus Apple improved its account security strategy. So if your iCloud account has security risk, your iCloud account will be locked by Apple. You may learn more info about the background: http:/bgr.com/2017/03/22/apple-iphone-and-icloud-accounts-hacked/
What to do if iCloud is locked by Apple? You need to unlock the iCloud account first, and then update the iCloud credentials on the iCloud ID/Password Update page. We also recommend not to connect with the target phone too frequently.