Best Password Manager Reviews 2018

We think that you’re familiar with “Password Manager”! In case you’re unknown about this, we’re gonna tell you everything about it in this post. So, read on and learn everything about password manager. We’ll also introduce you with the best password manager 2018.

What is password manager?

A password manager helps generate, preserve, and recover all your passwords in whenever you want. Using a password manager, you can keep hundreds of your strong passwords without the need of remembering them. The only password that you’ll have to remember is the master password so that you can log in to your password manager.

Why we need password manager?

It’s recommended that you use a unique and strong password for an online account. So, if you’ve more than 100 accounts, then you’ll need to set over 100 strong passwords. It’s quite unlikely that you could remember all of the strong passwords without saving them in somewhere else.

But, saving the passwords in an unsecured place is a matter of great risk. So, here comes that urgency of using a powerful password manager to keep all of your passwords safe. Yes, password managers are accessed using a master password which is the only thing that you’ll have to remember. To remember and use all the rest of your passwords are on your password manager’s shoulder.

In addition, using a password manager is much secured because it secures your passwords from hijacking, phishing along with many other malicious activities.

Best 10 Password Manager Reviews 2018

In this part, we’ll go to see some of the best password manager reviews 2018. So, let’s check them out.

1. Dashlane password manager

Dashlane is one of the new password managers, but it has already taken the market a lot because of its powerful password management system. It provides almost all the features that an ideal password manager should have. So, you can go to use it without any confusion.

  • Has the form auto fill up feature
  • Password generator and changer are with the tool
  • Password generator and changer are with the tool

Best Password Manager Reviews - Dashlane password manager


  • Strong password generation capability with a US patented security
  • Online purchased can be paid in no time


  • To get all the features of the tool, one needs to use their in-house browser which might be irritating
  • 2. Lastpass password manager

    LastPass is another popular name in the password management industry. It can also take your password management work to the next level. The tool will keep your passwords safe, and free from unauthorized attacks.

    • Very fast in performing
    • Automatic form full up makes the online shopping much easier

    Best Password Manager Reviews - Lastpass password manager


    • Helps generate and save strong passwords.
    • Digital records are stored for further use when you need them


  • Emergency password recovery seems bad to many users
  • 3. Kaspersky password manager

    Who doesn’t know the power of Kespersky? More or less, everybody is known about the company as an antivirus software provider. Now, know that it has a robust password manager too.

    • It automatically syncs with Windows, Android, iOS to have the records of all your passwords from different devices
    • Automatic form filling feature is quite helpful

    Best Password Manager Reviews - Kaspersky password manager


    • Automatic password storing
    • Gives security to notes


  • The automatic form filling feature isn’t that intuitive, even broken, sometimes
  • 4. Keeper password manager

    Keeper is undoubtedly a powerful password management tool that can give you much relief by keeping your passwords safe.

    • Secures passwords and digital vault
    • Secures passwords and digital vault

    Best Password Manager Reviews - Keeper password manager


    • Organizes different accounts in different folders
    • Keeping the track of everything


  • Keeping the track of everything
  • 5. KeePass

    To stay safe with your passwords, you can completely rely on KeePass. It’s totally free to use.

    • It’s an open-source tool
    • It comes for free
    • It can work with plugins

    Best Password Manager Reviews - KeePass


    • It works on varieties of platforms
    • Can be stored on SD cards, and moved from one place to another


  • No security alerts
  • No feature to change passwords automatically
  • 6. Sticky Password Premium

    StickyPassword is a powerful password management solution which can be accessed through your PC and mobile devices.

    • Has 2-step verification for the ultimate security
    • All digital records are stored

    Best Password Manager Reviews - Sticky Password Premium


    • Can fill up forms automatically from previous records
    • Automatic password changing capability


  • The interface is a bit childish, so professionals may refuse it
  • 7. RoboForm

    RoboForm is an old buddy in the password management industry which comes with no exciting interface, though it can handle the entire basic password management tasks smartly.

    • Has Linux, Mac, and Windows apps which offer versatility
    • The mobile apps make you access it through mobile devices

    Best Password Manager Reviews - RoboForm


    • Long reputation for safe usage
    • Very easy to use


  • The price might be daunting
  • 8. True Key

    It’s a multifunctional password manager that can take care of all of your passwords.

    • It can sync passwords for storing in the same secured place
    • No need to use a maser password

    Best Password Manager Reviews - True Key


    • Multi-factor verification makes it ultra safe


  • There’s no secured password sharing option in it
  • 9. Long Me Once

    Log Me Once can be your digital friend when it comes to keeping all of your passwords safe.

    • Can be logged in with your selfie (just amazing!)
    • Basic password management work can be done smoothly

    Best Password Manager Reviews - Long Me Once


    • Free to use


  • Not that professional like other mainstream password managers
  • 10. Password Boss

    To learn about another robust password manager, you can check Password Boss which can handle all sorts of basic password management tasks smoothly.

    • Syncs all sorts of operating systems to store passwords
    • There’s the strong security because of two-factor verification feature

    Best Password Manager Reviews - Password Boss


    • Can generate extremely strong passwords
    • Fills up forms automatically


  • The lack of Mac support is really disgusting
  • Now is the time to share with you the best password manager. So, which one tool is the best password manager? We do recommend Dashlane. You should give it a try to keep your passwords safe, and use them conveniently.

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