Top 6 Best iPhone Password Manager

A password manager is software designed to assist in storing, encrypting and organizing your passwords from online accounts that are on several devices. You can also call it your own personal password assistant.

It has become quite easy to store more information digitally than it was a couple of generations ago. Everything from our banking apps, personal documents are simply just a touch away. To make sure that your data is safely guarded a password manager does come quite in handy.

The password manager stores this information by encrypting all your passwords with a master password. This allows you log into all your accounts by just using your master password.

When dealing with so many apps with login accounts on your iphone, it may be very tempting to use the same password in all those accounts. This makes your phone vulnerable to outside hacks. To prevent this, a password manager for iPhone makes unique passwords for each account that are very unpredictable.

What to look for in a password manager

To ensure that you get the best iphone password manager, several characteristics are found in all the password managers that are:

  • Proper encryption

    The password manager that you use on your iphone should give strong and unforgettable password encryptions. The encryptions should be easy for you to remember and at the same time safeguard your information.

  • Information storage

    Password managers store their information on your phones or on your cloud account. Each password manager offers an option of either storing your passwords locally or on the cloud account.

  • Integration of other tools

    Most password managers in the market currently are integrated with other tools such as web browsers that offer other convenient features to the password manager.

  • Password generation

    All best iPhone password managers are meant to assist generate a master password that will help you log into all your website accounts, without having to remember all of them when doing it. They should have sophisticated algorithms that allow them to generate data that is sufficiently random but secure.

Top 6 Best iPhone Password Manager

Here we would list top 6 best iPhone Manager to help you manage all your accounts and password on your iPhone freely and easily.

1. Dashlane iPhone Password Manager

The dashlane password manager has been listed on countless reviews as one of the very best password manager iphone currently. Knowing just how important the security feature is to any password manager, the dashlane emphasis on this aspect.

Dashlane iPhone Password Manager


  1. Data ciphering: It comes up with a ciphering key by using 10,000 iterations
  2. User authentication to verify new devices logging in
  3. Compatible with: Android, IOS, Mac, windows.


  1. Security features prevent from any hack outside
  2. Easy to use


  1. Expensive when compared to other password managers

2. Lastpass Password Manager for iPhone

Among the iphone password manager, lastpass has ensured that it continues to provide a safe and secure password manager for your information. This by its robust security features and accessibility entity

Lastpass iPhone Password Manager


  1. AES 256-bit encryption that rounds up all your passwords and stores them in a volt that is secure.
  2. Has automatic organizing entities that are split in three categories: form fills, secure notes and websites.
  3. Allows you to sync across unlimited computers and devices and share your login with others.
  4. Compatible with: IOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Blackberry, Windows and Mac


  1. Passwords properly protected
  2. You can securely share login passwords with other lastpass users


  1. While saving passwords, it may result to duplicate or outdated entries.

3. Keeper

This iphone password manager is keen on ensuring that your passwords are properly organized and stored. It also helps ensure that you get the very best out of using it.

Keeper iPhone Password Manager


  1. Uses AES 256-bit encryption with SOC-2 and TRUSTe certification to securely protect your data.
  2. Has a double authentication security.
  3. Allows you to share your individual password information with other keeper users
  4. Uses keeper DNA to allow the setup of secondary verification processes
  5. Compatible with: Blackberry, IOS, Windows, Dolphin, Android


  1. Secure storage of information in files
  2. Ability to data sync with other devices


  1. Has an outdated interface when compared with others

4. 1password Manager

This is a password manager made by the apple community. It allows you to store a huge and unlimited amount of passwords, addresses, credit card numbers and so much more information that can be found on your iphone.

1password iPhone Password Manager


  1. Uses AES 256-encryptio to safeguard all the information on your phone
  2. Has a customizable password generator that creates complex passwords and stores them for easy remembrance
  3. Allows you to sync with multiple devices
  4. Supports unlock with touch id
  5. Compatible with: IOS, Android, Mac, Windows


  1. Easy to transfer your passwords
  2. You can securely share your passwords


  1. Performance is not at all consistent

5. mSecure

This iphone password manager is designed to make entering of new passwords on several websites and storing other information quite easy.

mSecure iPhone Password Manager


  1. Uses blowfish’s 256- encryption that also supports touch id
  2. Has a dozen templates and hundreds of icons
  3. Contains a customizable tag feature that allows you to organize it to easily get what you are looking for
  4. You can add an in-app camera
  5. Compatible with: Android, IOS, Windows


  1. Adds more fun and life to your phone
  2. Adds more fun and life to your phone


  1. Might be easily prone to outside attacks due the additional camera feature

6. Password wallet

Just like the name suggests this is one of a password manager that focuses entirely on making your logins into different websites quite easy. It can easily become your best password manager iphone.

Password wallet iPhone Password Manager

  1. Uses blowfish 448-bit encryption to allow fast block ciphering and it supports touch id
  2. Allows you to create data wallets that are easy to manage
  3. Makes logging into different websites easy by just creating a login card
  4. Backs up all your password wallets by a web browser
  5. Compatible with: Android, IOS, Mac, Windows


  1. Grants easy access to websites
  2. Allows you to separate passwords from school, home and work


  1. Doesn’t allow for any sync with other devices

Dashlane remains at the very top of the list as the best password manager iphone due to the following additional features; dashlane always remembers all your passwords, it has an emergency contact for your valuable contacts just in case of any emergency. The passwords are stored securely and allows only you access to them.

Why wait or go for other data managers that will not be as helpful at all. Just choose the Dashlane password manager as your best password generator.

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