The 10 Best Password Manager Apps

Have you found difficulties logging onto websites and failed? You must have forgotten your password. You need a password manager app.

A Password Manager App lifts loads of your shoulders. You won't have the frustration of unsuccessful logins. So, what is it and how does it work? What are the best password manager apps to use?

What is a Password Manager App?

A password manager app is a browser plugin that captures and replays passwords. It gives you the option of saving your information when you log into a secure site; Some applications allow you to keep multiple logins.

Why you need password manager apps

You may need these applications to:

  1. Create strong and unique passwords
  2. Organize your passwords
  3. Store important information
  4. Surf the internet (some password managers have a browser feature)

How password manager apps work

There are password manager apps that detect changes in passwords. They offer to update them for you. Some will even record reliable ones when you sign up for a secure website.

What's attractive about a password manager is how it organizes your passwords for you. Reliable ones identify weak passwords and replace them with those that are harder for would-be hackers to decipher. These tools have password generators that help users come up with strong, unique passwords.

Password manager apps fill in forms automatically. Those that work well will capture personal date efficiently. Some offer to save addresses and credit card details.

Many applications have advanced features. Some may sync your passwords across all devices. You can even transfer your passwords to trusted individuals.

The 10 Best Password Manager Apps

So which password manager apps help you store your information securely? Here are 10 best password manager apps listed from the least to the most effective, that will do the job.

1. True Key

The True Key password manager, like most password manager apps, allows automatic password capture and replay. This password manager enables two-factor authentication. You can also import password data from browsers.

Compatibility: True Key works on Windows PCs, Macs, and all smartphones. It runs best on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Pros: As a primary password manager, this application is reliable. It saves and replays passwords, as it should. This app is a straightforward, user-friendly manager that anyone can access. It imports and exports data as well. You can use it to sync your data across your devices.

Cons: Advanced features, such as web-form filling and password strength analysis aren't available. You can't use this application to share passwords securely.

Best Password Manager Apps - True Key

2. Agile Bits Password

Agile BIts is another primary password manager that allows automatic password capture and replay. You can use it to import and export data as well. It also allows you to fill multiple forms.

Compatibility: Agile Bits works on all Windows and Mac PCs. A mobile application runs on IOS and Android smartphones.

Pros: Agile Bits has essential functions. It's a simple password manager that organizes efficiently. Furthermore, it handles weak logins.

Cons: However, it doesn't allow two-factor authentication, which may compromise security. Also, there are no advanced features such as form filling and secure sharing.

Best Password Manager Apps - Agile Bits Password

3. Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager is a relatively straightforward application that stores your passwords securely. Apart from enabling automatic password capture and replay, it imports your details from browsers. There is two-factor authentication.

Compatibility: You can use Keeper on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. It works on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Pros: Keep is secure, so you won't have to worry about hackers breaching your information. You can import and export data. Users love its secure sharing facility.

Cons: However, it doesn't enable form filling. It doesn't leave a digital legacy as well.

Best Password Manager Apps - Keeper Password Manager

4. Zoho Vault

By the creators of social management app Zoho Social and invoicing app Zoho Invoices, Zoho Vault is a functional password manager. Like other password managers, it enables automatic password capture and replay. It also allows control access and location tracking. Two-factor authentication is available.

Compatibility: Zoho Vault is usable on Windows PCs, Mac Computers, and all smartphones.

Pros: Zoho Vault allows safe sharing and direct logins. This reliable application stores passwords securely and shares them safely.

Cons: However, it does not allow form filling or browser importing.

Best Password Manager Apps - Zoho Vault

5. Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a reliable organizer and stores passwords securely. It allows automatic password capture, replay, and two-factor authentication. It has the essential features of all password managers.

You can use this manager to import and export data from browsers. It also stores your login information.

Compatibility: You can use Sticky Password on Windows PCs, Macs, IOS devices and Android devices.

Pros: You will love that Sticky Password has advanced features. It stores password information and enables form-filling.

Cons: Sticky Password doesn't share passwords securely. It has no digital legacy either.

Best Password Manager Apps - Sticky Password

6. Password Boss

Password Boss is a comprehensive application that has automatic replay and capture features. It allows data import and export.

You can fill up web forms with Password Boss. It not only stores passwords securely but also shares them safely. This application enables digital legacy.

Compatibility: The Password Boss app works on all devices. It is a safe app to use because it offers a secure sharing feature. A free one-device edition is available.

Pros: Password Boss syncs is a responsible manager that you can use in most instances Users have mentioned that this app is user-friendly and stores passwords quickly.

Cons: Password Boss doesn't store application passwords.

Best Password Manager Apps - Password Boss

7. Log Me Once

As its name suggests, Log Me Once allows you to access websites at once. How? With a speed dial. Touch it and use the site immediately. This feature is user-friendly, unique, and engaging.

Log Me One has all the features that you want in a password manager app. Besides automatic password capture and replay, it also enables two-factor authentication.

This application allows data import and export. Use it to fill up web forms as well.

Compatibility: Log Me Once works on Windows PCs, Macs, IOS devices and Android Devices.

Pros: This application has advanced features like protected password sharing and data authentication.

Cons: The Two-Factor authentication carries a cost. The mobile app is not as user-friendly as needed. Some functions are not workable.

Best Password Manager Apps - Log Me Once

8. Roboform

Another functional password manager app that you will appreciate is Roboform.

This password manager captures passwords automatically and replays them. It allows two-factor authentication. Log in with one click and organize your data.

Roboform is a reasonably advanced application that allows form filling and status reporting. It tracks your browser logins as well. Use it to import and export information. It also creates passwords that hackers will find difficult to decipher.

Compatibility: Roboform works with Windows PCs, Macs, IOS devices and Android devices.

Pros: This application syncs passwords across all the above platforms. You can use Roboform whether you are using a desktop or mobile device.

Cons: Roboform does not offer smartphone authentication. It doesn't prompt users about weak password reports. Also, there is limited secure sharing.

Best Password Manager Apps - Roboform

9. LastPass

LIke Roboform, LastPass remembers all your passwords at once. It captures passwords and replays them instantly. There is two-factor authentication.

LastPass has advanced features that many users will enjoy. Fill up web forms immediately. This application alerts you too weak passwords and tracks browser logins. Share your data with trusted persons securely.

Compatibility: LastPass works with Windows PCs, Macs, IOS devices and Android devices.

Pros: LastPass syncs your information across all the devices you use. You will love its multifactor authentication and that it alters passwords automatically. Powerful data sharing is another dynamic feature.

Cons: The password generator needs secure settings.

Best Password Manager Apps - LastPass

10. Dashlane

The best password manager app to date is Dashlane. Why? It has what you need in a password manager.

First of all, it captures and organizes password data immediately. It replays the information at once. Enjoy two-factor authentication.

Furthermore, Dashlane has a host of advanced features, including data import and export, secure sharing and digital logins.

Compatibility: Dashane works across Windows PCs, Macs, IOS devices and Android devices.

Pros: Dashlane is our number one software pick because of the smooth user experience it offers. Log in and access your websites at one go. You will love the two-factor authentication, which uses the dynamic U2F facility.

Best Password Manager Apps - Dashlane

Intuitive features explain why we picked Dashlane as the best password manager app.

Dashlane is a secure digital wallet that allows instant access to websites. You can store your payment details without worrying about breaches.

Furthermore, Dashlane offers security alerts. You will know the instant someone tries to breach your websites.

In all, you need a secure, user-friendly password manager app. Each of these apps boasts excellent features, but Dashlane surpasses them. Download it today and never have headaches remembering your passwords again.

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