Apple Password Manager for iPhone, iPad and Mac

What is password manager?

A password manager is an application you can use to save your login data in an encrypted format and access it when needed. Most Apple and iOS password manager require a master password, usually referred to as the “key” with which you can access your saved data. In clearer terms, you only need to remember a single password in order to remember every other password.

There are lots of online users who are not aware of such phone applications. However, if you should start using it, you wouldn’t want to return to your primitive way of writing down your username and password in folders or files. The iOS and Apple password manager has made life much easier that you would wish to have known it earlier.

Why do you need a password manager?

  • Do you always click the 'forgot password' field on your accounts?
  • Do you have one password that you use across all of your online accounts?
  • Do you feel like a mad scientist trying to figure out a unique, un-guessable password?

If your answer is “YES” to one or all of these questions, then you need a password manager.

5 iOS Password Managers for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Here we would list top 5 Apple Password Managers to help you manage all your accounts and password on your iPhone, iPad and Mac freely and easily.

1. Dashlane Apple Password Manager

Dashlane is the top on our list of the top 5 iOS/Apple password manager. It is a great application with an every simply user interface.

Dashlane offers a freemium service which means that you can enjoy the service for no cost. However, you can opt for another level of added security and advantage by purchasing the premium package of $4/month. Premium services include synchronization of passwords for sharing, auto backup, and the 2fa password authorization.


  1. Smoother user experience
  2. Compatible with PC, iOS, Apple, and MAC
  3. Automated password change for 500 sites
  4. Capture receipt for online shopping
  5. 2fa security
  6. Form filling


  1. Password generator can be improved
  2. Expensive pricing

Download links

  1. Dashlane for Mac – Free with subscription – Download
  2. Dashlane for iOS – Free with subscription – Download

Dashlane Apple Password Manager

2. 1Password

1Password is an Apple/iOS password manager developed by AgileBits Inc. 1Passowrd has a lot of interesting features which makes it one of our top picks. Likewise, it has some downsides, just like every other tool that exist.

1Passowrd offers a 30-day free trial period which allows you to test and access all the features of the application. After this period, you can either opt for the $35.99/year personal plan or the $59.99/year for family plan.

1Password has a number of notable features which are quite useful. Here are some of these features:

  1. Two-factor authentication
  2. Form filling
  3. PIN lock
  4. Fingerprint lock

Compatibility: The application is compatible with iPads, iPods, and iPhones with iOS of 9.3 and above.


  1. Compatible with Apple devices
  2. Form-filling feature
  3. Saves even complicated data


  1. Not good for Android and Windows users
  2. Not portable for data transfer
  3. Expensive pricing

Download links

  1. 1Password for iOS – Free w/ one-time IAP – Download
  2. 1Password for Mac – $50 – Download
  3. Browser extensions – Downloads for 1Password

1Password Apple Password Manager

3. LastPass

LastPass password manager is developed by LogMeIn, Inc. The device is also based on freemium package for a start while users may decide to opt for premium a package at $24/year in order to access premium features, such as multifactor authentication, password sharing group, and applicati0on password management.


  1. Synchronizes password across all browsers
  2. Automated password change
  3. Multifactor authentication
  4. Less expensive premium pricing


  1. Password generator can be more improved

Download links

  1. LastPass for iOS – Free with subscription – Download
  2. LastPass for Mac – Free with subscription – Download

LastPass Apple Password Manager

4. Password Boss

Password Boss is another top password manager for Apple and iOS devices. It offers an entirely free password management system. It allows you to access any website without needing to input your password. The tool is also portable and lets you easily copy your data to any of your devices.


1password Apple Password Manager

5. SafeInCloud Pro

Last on our list of the best iOS and Apple password manager is the SafeInCloud Pro. This device is exceptionally user-friendly. It offers an encrypted database and allows you to synchronize your information through a number of cloud providers, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. It has a premium membership package of $2.99


SafeInCloud Pro Apple Password Manager

What to look for in a password manager

Before you proceed to select a password manager, there are some key features to watch out for. Some of them are listed below.

1. Encryption

An iOS or Apple password manager should have an encryption algorithm to encrypt your login data. Some of the popular encryption algorithm are AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), DES (Data Encryption Standard), and Rijndael. Anybody can copy your user data if they appear in plain text. Hence, you should beware of password managers that stores password in clear text (i.e. unencrypted). Encrypted data are or no use to hackers even if they gain access to it.

2. Ease of Use

Generally, you should be able to access your saved data with just a few clicks. Most applications are available as a toolbar on your device and you don’t need to go through a long process before you access them. Also, you should be able to access your interface with just your master password and nothing more.

3. Portability

When we say portability, we mean the ability to transfer/export your data from one device to another. This is another feature to watch out for when selecting an Apple or iOS password manager. You should be able to move and transfer the data you have saved to another device in case you change devices. It also allows you to keep a copy of your saved data in another file on your PC or other hardware, such as hard drives, memory cards or iPod. This will serve as a backup in case you lost your device.

4. Compatibility with Your Device

The majority of password managers have their specific compatibilities. While some are versatile and can be used on all mobile devices, some are specifically made for iOS, Apple, Android or Blackberry device. Hence, make sure you select the one that is compatible with your device.

5. Built-in Password Generator

Another exciting feature of an Apple or iOS password manager is the ability to generate difficult-to-guess passwords. This would prevent hackers from accessing your account with common dictionary passwords.

6. Ability to Modify Password

You should be able to modify the fields on your password manager should you or your webmaster make any changes to your login details.

7. Built-in Form Filler

Another bonus feature to watch out for in your password manager is form filler! This form filler may include forms like payment form, personal information, and address form. This will allow you to save your other personal and confidential details, such as credit card details, business contacts, and other vital information. Although this feature is not compulsory, it is an added advantage for you.

The best part of these Apple and iOS password manager is that all of these devices are completely free to get started. However, the Dashlane wins our contest as it offers an amazingly user-friendly interface plus great features and security for your data.

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