How to Setup Comcast/Xfinity Parental Controls

Internet and television have redefined they way we have been associated with the whole world, moving away from the brick mortar setting to broaden up access to content from directions and widening the scope of communication. But there is always a positive and negative impact of both, especially on kids. This is one of the reasons, you, being a parent, have always been reluctant to see your kids exposed to internet which, even you know, can be delayed but not avoided. Internet in many ways also broadens the thought process of the kids. So, what do you do? As a parent, it is fathomable your concern pertaining to the use of internet and TV. That’s where parental control comes in reinforcing which can keep you updated with what your kids are up to on internet. Won’t it be great if you have all the controls to track the usage, limit and restrict the usage of internet for the kids? Parental controls will help protecting your child from online predators and unwanted content on the web and TV.

Comcast TV is one of the popular devices and this article serves you with ways to setup parental controls in Comcast/Xfinity TV and internet along with fixing common issue with Xfinity router parental control.

Part 1: Setup Parental Controls on Comcast TV

Comcast TV is one of the largest cable television providers. With a world of features, what comes most importantly is the parental controls feature that allows you to restrict certain type of content being played or program the whole content being broadcasted the way you want them to be broadcasted for your family. Let’s now understand how you can setup Comcast parental controls.

Step 1: Setting a parental lock code

To start with, it is first imperative to set a parental lock code. So, use the remote to press the menu button and to see the Main Menu, select the Home icon. Select Setup from the Main Menu.

Step 2: PIN setup

Select PIN setup in the next screen and here you can create a 4 digit Lock PIN for locking programs by ratings, titles or even channels. You can even create a 4 digit Purchase PIN to prevent unwanted puchase or you can avail the feature by setting up an option to lock all programs after a power loss, until ratings and titles are restored.

setup comcast tv parenal comtrols

Step 3:

When you are done with the creation PINs, go back to Main Menu and select Parental Locks and enter the Locks PIN just created. Use arrow buttons on the remote to choose and decide when the Locks PIN must be used. You have options to lock the entire channel or even locks programs based on the ratings or by their titles.

setup parental controls for comcast tv

TV Content Locks

Using this you can easily block specific types of content. You can easily lock offensive content like violent content and content with language which you consider offensive in a TV rating, while having the other content in that TV rating unlocked. Here are the steps to setup.

Step 1:

Using the Menu button on the remote, select Parental Controls Menu through the Quick Menu and select “Lock” icon.

Step 2:

Now, select TV Content Locks and select the corresponding menu item then. You have options to lock by Suggestive Dialogue, Language, Violence and Sexual Situations.

setup comcast tv content locks

Step 3:

You can use the “Arrow” buttons on the remote to scroll the list up and down. Press OK/Select on the remote to lock a highlighted content level. The lock icon will show up beside the levels locked.

Hide TV-MA and Adult titles

You can also hide titles meant for mature audience rated as TV-MA in the television listing in addition to hiding adult rated program titles. Here are the steps to hide TV-MA and Adult titles.

hide tv ma and adult titles on comcast tv

Step 1: Select hide titles from the “Parental Controls Menu”.

Step 2: Select category of your choice and then press OK or select.

Step 3: Select “Exit” or “Last” to return to the “Parental Controls Menu”.

Locks for Purchased Programs on Demand

You can also restrict unauthorized orders of programs and pay per view events. It is a 4 digit purchase PIN which is unique and different from the Locks PIN.

Step 1: Use the remote to bring up the Quick Menu followed by selecting the Menu icon.

Step 2: Select “Setup” followed by selecting PINs setup. To set the purchase PIN, follow the instructions on-screen. This Purchase PIN has to be entered before any Pay-Per-View Event or on demand program.

Step 3: You could also call Comcast customer service, if you forget the Locks PIN or Purchase PIN.

Part 2: Setup Parental Controls on Internet

Setting up Parental Controls on Internet is easy where you can block access to specific websites. Moreover, you can set this in such a way where you can grant permissions for certain devices to have access to a particular website while other devices not being allowed to access that particular website.

While the wireless gateway allows blocking keywords in web addresses and particular sites, you can control which computers the restrictions apply to.

Setting up Website Blocking

Step 1: To enable the feature, check the Web Site Blocking box.

Step 2: Type the whole web address name in the Web Site or Key Word field, to block that specific website. If you want to restrict access to Web Sites that contain a specific word, type that specific word in the Web Site field.

Step 3: Click on “Add” button and the specific keyword specified in the previous step or the Web Site specified will now show up in the Blocked We sites list.

Step 4: You can then delete the entries in the list individually by clicking the “Delete” button or even clear the entire list at one go.

You can even specify computers or devices which you want not to be affected by selecting them as a Trusted Computer. Moreover, the services and ports to be blocked can also be defined by you in the Parental Controls.

Part 3: Set up Internet Access Time Limits

You can set up internet access time limits in Parental Controls. You just need to have access to Comcast home networking device. Here are the steps to restrict internet access in terms of limiting internet access time limits.

Step 1: Login to the Comcast home networking device and check for Parental Controls.

Step 2: Click on the Internet Time Access Limit after clicking on the Parental Controls. Now, click on the Connected Computers button after Internet Time Access Limit page is loaded. To impose the time limit, select the connected computer.

setup insternet access time limites

Step 3: Enter the start and end of restriction after checking the days which the connected device will have access to internet.

setup internet access timel limites

Step 4: Click on the “Apply” button to save the changes made.

Part 4: Fix Xfinity Router Prental Controls Not Working Issue

Here are some basic troubleshoots to go for in case you have a parental controls not working or if the device is not getting connected to the WiFi network of the connected router. It is imperative to have the connections proper between the devices and the WiFi.

In case you are not able to connect the devices to the internet through WiFi router and set up internet parental controls, try the following steps to fix.

1. Check a few applications or websites to ensure that the issue with connection is not specific to a particular application or website.

2. If none of the applications are able to connect to the internet, ensure that the cable connections for the modem or wireless gateway and the power supply are secured. Check in the Xfinity My Account App on the mobile phone, if there are any outages.

3. Make sure that the account is up to date and no payment is due using the Xfinity My Account App.

4. After trying out the above mentioned steps, if still proper connection is not established, unplug the modem or wireless gateway and plug it back after a minute. The wireless gateway can be restarted remotely using the Xfinity App. Sign in and tap Internet and Restart Device then.

After getting a proper connection established, you can then have a parental control set to restrict or limit the usage of internet. You can move to the router console to filter the content and restrict unwanted URLs.

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