What is YouTube Safety Mode and How to Enable or Disable it on Android?

YouTube is the prominent and largest video sharing portal worldwide. It has 1 billion users, including people of all ages. As people upload content on YouTube every minute, undoubtedly some of this content is not appropriate for youngsters to watch. Therefore, parents need to look for YouTube safety mode while their kids watch movies on their Android.


Controlling kids' social activities might not be possible for parents to reduce if certain apps such as Spyzie are not available. Moreover, if parents come to know about YouTube restrictions mode, then also it would be a great help for them to help their kids minimize watching movies. Learn more about it here-

YouTube has a set of "common-sense rules"- their community guidelines that help content developers to determine which content is appropriate to go online. The community guidelines detailed informative guide on hateful content, violent content, dangerous or harmful content, and sexual or nudity content. With the help of YouTube unrestricted or restricted mode, parents get assured that the content on this huge video platform meets the community guidelines accurately.

Youtube Safety or Restricted Mode

In an additional setting, enabling the Restricted Mode on the YouTube app and website restricts the availability of objectionable content. This option is good to restrict browsing for kids. However, Restricted Mode may not filter out everything- it is just an additional layer of protection. Thus, a user has to look for professional help.


You just need to be cognizant of how to switch on or off YouTube Unrestricted or Restricted Mode safely. Follow these steps:

  • Look for the Restricted Mode Option: Off by scrolling down to the bottom of the YouTube page.
  • Click Restricted Mode: Off to view the options. Turn it on and then click Save.

With the help of YouTube safety mode enable or disable, a user having a YouTube account can lock the restricted mode by simply signing in. Though enabling restricted mode without signing is possible, the only difference is that any other individual using your device can turn off YouTube safety mode for his convenience.

YouTube Mobile App: Restricted Mode

Users having a YouTube app on a tablet or phone can make the settings through Restricted Mode Filtering. It is the same as the desktop version; the only difference is that it is a one-time change in settings. If your kid figures out where this option is, he can turn on/ off the restricted mode. Thus, prefer turning it off by logging in the account.


Here are the steps to turn off the Restricted Mode:

  • Go to settings after clicking the Account icon in the upper right.
  • Visit General setting and click Restricted Mode Filtering.

The Android users can follow these for YouTube safety mode enable or disable. Other devices may vary a bit in setting terms. But, the Restricted Mode option is available in all devices. However, professional apps are worth helping.

Spyzie: An App on Rescue for Limited YouTube Restriction Mode

The Internet as the best learning platform for kids offers a lot, through YouTube. After the arrival of YouTube, online entertainment doubles. But, the main concern arises on the Internet due to the availability of objectionable content or inappropriate content. However, YouTube Safety mode has the control as discussed above, but not every video is restricted to view. Thus, this becomes a matter of concern for parents thinking about their kids' phone activities.

Therefore, for your help, Spyzie is a wonderful and professional parent control app that restricts web browsing and filters web search. Here are the features of Spyzie:

  • Track Browser History: Spyzie app allows the main device to keep a track on what target device is browsing online. Create an account on Spyzie, and log into both the device- admin (parent's device) and the target device.
  • Display Bookmarks: Easy access to saved web bookmarks on the device of the target user (or kid's phone).
  • Video Preview: It previews the screenshots of videos made from the device's camera.
  • Background Info View: You can know about the background information including time and location of a particular video.
  • Monitor Social Activities: Not only YouTube browsing tracking, but Spyzie also track what kids are accessing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. Also, this app allows you to supervise text messages, call logs, real-time location, web history, and more on the target device.


Spyzie, the best parental control app, has everything to offer when it comes to filtering content on YouTube. Have a look-


  • Web Browsing History: Spyzie tracks the browsing history and saves the bookmarks of the target device, including the complete URL of the site.
  • Location Alerts: It is possible to check the location of kids through Spyzie as it sends Geofences notifications to parents.
  • Call Logs Monitoring: You will be able to see outgoing, incoming, or missed calls along with the time and duration of the target device.
  • App Usage Limit: Parents can limit the use of a particular app for a target device through Spyzie, excellent parental control app.
  • Photos and Videos Preview: This app keeps track of every activity of a target device. It previews camera photos as well as WhatsApp Images.
  • Read SMS: Parents can see the sent and received messages tracked by Spyzie.

Along with these features, Spyzie also has YouTube unrestricted or restrict feature for uploaded videos so that you can ban a content you don't want your kids to watch. The app does not lock the restricted feature completely but limits the video's site link on YouTube for sure.

With the advancements in technology, parental control and monitoring apps are becoming the necessity to install and avail them fully. Therefore, downloading Spyzie for accessing YouTube safety mode enable or disable is must. It is an easy app to use and doesn't require any technical guide to install. The app itself describes its downloading process and purposes.

How Spyzie Restrict Youtube

  • Create a Spyzie Account: Use an authentic mail id, and receive login credentials and download links after registration.
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  • Install the App: Install the app in parents as well as kids device. Name both the device as parent and kid. Select one device as admin, which will be able to monitor the target device and access all the controls.


Steps to Put Safety Mode on Android:

  • Log in to the account and select the menu, on the top right.
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  • Go to Settings->General and Switch on the Restricted Mode


Steps to Enable Safety Mode for Android Mobile

  • Sign in to the account. In the top right, tap on Menu
  • Go to Settings and turn on the Restricted Mode accordingly. You can lock the YouTube safety mode to activate the restricted mode.

As Restricted Mode is an optional setting, Spyzie allows you directly forbid a particular link or website from the target's device.

Further, Spyzie also allows an Android phone to track all the activities of an Android phone. Though it is compatible with iPad/ iPhone and Android, this parental control app works smoothly with devices such as iOS11, Android 8.0 Oreo, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, Samsung, Google Nexus, LG, and more. This app offers you the peace of mind by staying informed at all times and allows you to monitor any device in real time. You don't need to worry about your kids' web browsing once you utilize Spyzie. Because this app works in stealth mode to maintain the tracking process completely distinctly, the target device cannot hide anything from you even if they delete history from the browser. Thus, you'll get every notification alert even after YouTube unrestricted or restrict mode is activated.


Deleting the YouTube app completely from a kid's phone is not a solution because there are many sites that provide different videos and content to watch. However, 18+ individual can understand what is good and bad for him, but a kid or teen getting addicted to YouTube to watch whatever is trending can be a major concern for parents. Though YouTube safety mode enables or disables feature is a great help, filtering web content for kids will help them to stay on the right track.


In the advanced era, mobile is a need for kids because most of the study matters are available online. Even, YouTube videaos easily demonstrate practical studies. But, in a busy life, it is hard for parents to keep a check on kids' social activities for 24 hours. Therefore, the best apps such as Spyzie come into existence for helping parents to monitor activities of kids by following simple steps to activate YouTube safety mode accordingly.

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