What is a secret vault app and how parents protect their kids?


A vault app is a protection app that is used to hide your pictures. The secret vault app looks like a calculator where you have to enter a secret code or password to unlock the photos that you have saved. All of us have a secret, and it can be in the form of photographs that are either very personal to you or merely scandalous for people around. These photographs can be significant to you, and you do not wish to delete them. As adults, we are aware of our privacy, and it is essential for our children to do the same as well. These vault apps are very efficient because they can take photos and videos of the intruder and others flash an alarm when someone tries to break into the vault folders. One as a parent must be aware of their child’s activities because they can go out of control when you cannot give them time. There are vault apps for Android and iOS devices.

You as a parent must be open and frank with your children, and it is worth having a conversation when you are describing to them about keeping personal things safe and other do’s and don’ts. For example, you should bring up the topic of nude photos because they can seriously cause damage to minor and call for legal trouble. As a parent, you have to sit down and explain to kids about private and personal content. There are vault apps for Android and, you need to be aware of them according to your system.

The three dangerous vault app that a parent must know about

1. HIP –

This app is usually disguised as a music player/manager but what it does is it hides texts, photos and images from other music apps so that only the users are aware of them and can have access to it. You can easily find this application in the app store, but the app simplifies it to HIP to add a smart mask. You can set a pin code, move files to the application, and later remove them from the phone as well. This helps children hide their content that can be explicit and otherwise from their parents. Being a parent, you must be aware of it.

2. KeepSafe Photo vault –

The Keep Safe photo vault is a top-rated app among people who are involved in social media. If you have used an Android app to hide your private photos or videos, you have heard of KeepSafe Photo Vault. The app will show you a folder grid that is categorized, and you can use any of these folders to add Videos, files, photos and Personal id’s. You can also create folders of your own, back them in the private cloud space and share it with the Keep safe users. The app is straightforward to use, and you can use them. Though these apps keep your confidential belongings hidden, your parents can still have access to the hidden folders using parental control app.

3. LockMypix photo vault–

This secret vault app is used by the users to lock your child’s photos, videos and confidential files that are not for access by everyone. The application is backed by Military grade AES- encryption standard that can secure your data within a pattern or a link. You can instantly click pictures and add them to the vault very easily. The free version will have functionalities, and you can set up fake login credentials as well. It is a very secure photo vault, and that is very easy to use. It is one of the best vault apps for Android and is free to download from the Google play store.

Parents can get real-time warning signs of these vault apps – using a parental control app, i.e., Spyzie


Spyzie is one of the best apps for parental controls and because it is very easy to use and has a lot of exciting features that can help you detect information in secret vault apps. The app is widely used by users, especially parents, to control and monitor their children’s online activities. No matter how many secrets you keep and how many specific sites you access through your device, this parental control app will always detect the unwanted and the unnecessary and help you protect your kids from maintaining their privacy and security. Therefore, if you are looking forward to restricting your children from maintaining secrecy and keeping indecent and shocking material in their phone, and then you must use the app to find out and eliminate all the possibilities of their hidden content. Spyzie is a very efficient app that can track down all your confidential material instantly and notify you of the content. The app is straightforward to use, and you can monitor all kinds of secret vault apps that your children are using to hide toxic, dangerous data. There are secret vault apps for Android, and iOS are available and Spyzie is accessible from both iOS and Android as well.

Spyzie also has an excellent GPS that helps track the location of the target device, and it is very safe to use as well. Therefore, if you wish to have access to the photos and the videos that your children are hiding away and maintaining unhealthy secrecy from you, then Spyzie is your best option.

The Features are:

  • Track messages, call logs, Social apps, capture screenshots, Locations, emails, photos.
  • Both Android and iOS support the app.
  • Helps you track everything on the target’s phone and helps you monitor
  • The app operates in a stealth mode on the target devices.


  • Prevents the access of explicit data for your smartphone
  • Extremely easy to use
  • It has a powerful GPS.
  • Filters out all the unwanted apps from your iOS devices and keeps your children from inappropriate content.

How can Spyzie protect kids:

1. Screenshots –

Screenshots are a form of photo detail that the app can monitor while the target device is unaware. Spyzie can track and monitor the screenshots that are taken from social media apps like snapchat and Instagram. Before you can add them to the Secret vault folder, this parental control app can detect them, and you can have access to all the content that they are saving or downloading from their device.

2. See deleted photo –

One can also have access to the deleted photographs from the target device. Usually, after you transfer or add the number of pictures to the grids in the Secret vault app the image automatically deletes its source from the phone. Therefore, Spyzie can keep track of deleted photos and help you monitor the target device remotely.

3. Spyzie Keylogger –

The Keylogger in Spyzie is very useful as it helps you monitor each movement of the target device and help you see what your children are up to. If you are looking forward to maintaining a complete check on your kids, then there is no better app than Spyzie because it can merely detect photos and folders within the Secret vault app.

4. App timelines-

You can quickly create an app timeline with the help of the Spyzie app. While you set a timeline for each app in the target device, you can know the usage of those apps. These app timelines can be built in the ways we wish to, though the Spyzie app icon will not appear in the calendar and your kids will have no idea about their devices being monitored. With the help of effective screen time and keyword control, Spyzie can detect various unwanted and suspicious applications that your children are transferring to these vault apps.


Children can get out of their control when they access the internet and social media. Therefore, if you are a parent and you want your kids to stay secure, you must take the necessary steps to have access to the content in their phone. In this article, you will know everything about how to break into the Secret vault app and maintain the data along with it. Spyzie is a brilliant parental control app that you can use to see deleted material from the target devices and have the best results of tracking down the data. Spyzie is the best application because of its efficient features. Thus, as a parent, you must make sure that that you install Spyzie to eliminate the shocking and explicit content from your child’s phone. It is effortless to operate this parental control app. Most children have secrets when they are young and they not know how to handle them and end locking them in these secret vault applications. Therefore, apps like Spyzie can help parents to keep a stronger watch on their kids.

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