What Is Geofencing And How Does Geofencing Work?

Part 1: Introduction:

Today’s generation of kids loves to explore different places on their own. On the other hand, a parent’s primary concern is to protect their children from any world threats. You as a parent can’t always stay with your kid’s, and that’s why it is quite difficult for you to safeguard them from danger. But, there is one thing you can do to ensure your kid’s safety, and it is to track the location of your kids and their smartphones. Wondering how it can be possible? Then, you may have heard about geofencing that help you to know your kid’s whereabouts.

Most of today’s parents are familiar with GPS technology and geofencing because this functionality is present on almost every smartphone. But, if you don’t know much about it, and how it works, continue reading this post to understand each and everything about what is geofencing and its benefits for kids.

What Is Geofencing And How Does Geofencing Work?

Part 2: what is Geofencing?

It is a location-based service present in app or software that utilizes positional based technology to prompt a pre-programmed response when a target device enters or leaves a virtual boundary created around a geographical location, called geofence. Depending on how it is executed, it can trigger mobile push alerts or notifications, prompt text messages, allow monitoring on vehicle fleets, and much more. Further, some geofences are created to track activity in safe areas and get alerts whenever the target enters or leaves a particular area.

Part 3: How Does Geofencing Work?

Parents can use the geofencing technique to protect their kid’s from unsafe places. Global Positioning System or GPS, a term you may familiar with, is a technology that uses ground stations, receivers, and satellites to highlight something’s or someone’s position on earth.

This technology is mostly used in virtual maps to pinpoint the location of the target user or object. GPS technology is used in smartphones, and cars to navigate path or to track the path of someone else’s.

This technology is further expanded by highlighting a location and then, creating a virtual boundary around the location. This virtual geofence then triggers an action when the target device enters or leaves that virtual area.

Generally, the geofencing technique is thought to be implemented only using GPS technology. But, in reality, it can be implemented using other positioning technologies, which include Wi-Fi, cellular data, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.). Further, what technology to use for geofencing, it highly depends on where the geofencing will occur.

The best thing about geofencing is that you can create geofences or virtual boundary anywhere you wish, whether around city, store, etc.

Part 3: The Benefits of Geofencing for Kids:

So, you got the answer to what is geofencing and how it works. Let’s now explore how creating a virtual boundary for kid’s can help parents to ensure their kid’s safety from real-world threats.

  • Create Safe Zones

Creating virtual boundaries around the home or school area let parents monitor their children via their smartphones or desktop and to know their kid’s whereabouts. If a child enters or leaves the restricted area around the school, then parents will get an instant alert on their phone.

  • Alerts Parents if their Kid’s in an unsafe zone

As you can’t stay with your kid’s all day and night and that’s why you can create permissible boundaries for your kid’s device. If your kid ever leaves those boundaries, then you will get an alert. It is the best way to know whether your kid is in a safe or unsafe place remotely. If your kid is in a dangerous situation, then you can immediately send help if you use geofencing.

So, the use of geofencing by parents can benefit them a lot in safeguarding their kid’s smartly. Luckily, there are now many apps and tools available that offer a geofence feature. You can use them to create safe zone places for your kid’s. Now, the next major concern for parents is which geofencing app is best and works actually. But, you don’t have to worry as Spyzie is here to help you ensure your kid’s safety by setting and monitoring your kid’s geofence.

Part 4: What Can Spyzie Do for Kids Geofencing?

Spyzie is a parental control app designed for parents to protect their children from real and internet world threats. Now, this app comes with a mobile geofencing feature that can help you to create and monitor geofences of your kid. Whenever your kid enters or leaves a geofence, you will get an instant notification email on your phone or desktop. Spyzie can help you to track a wide range of your kid’s phone information. No matter where you are, you can quickly check out what your children are doing on their smartphones.

How to Set Up Geofencing with Spyzie?

Wondering, how does geofencing work in Spyzie? So, let’s learn how you can set up geofencing on your kid’s phone with the help of Spyzie.

Step 1: To begin the process, visit the Spyzie official site and here, you have to create an account in which you need to mention your email to get your Spyzie login credentials.

What Is Geofencing And How Does Geofencing Work?

Step 2: After getting its login details, log-in to your account and then, complete its setup procedure. Here, you have to mention the target device name and age. Also, choose the target phone mobile platform, i.e., Android.

What Is Geofencing And How Does Geofencing Work?

Step 3: Now, you need to install Spyzie app on the target device. For this, you can download its APK file that you will get from its Setup Wizard.

Step 4: Once you installed the app on the target phone, log-in with the same account, and give permissions the app will ask. And tap on “start monitoring” button.

Note: If APK download fails on the target phone, then open “Settings” and then, go to the “Security” section. Here, you will see the “Unknown sources” option and so, enable it. Now, download the Apk file on the target phone.

What Is Geofencing And How Does Geofencing Work?

Step 5: Now, you can go to your desktop and log-in to the Spyzie account you are using on the target phone. On your Spyzie dashboard, select “Geofences” feature, and here, you can create geofences and track all geofences as shown in the below figure.

What Is Geofencing And How Does Geofencing Work?

Other Features of Spyzie:

Besides the geofence feature, there are also many other features included in Spyzie that can help parents to track every kind of information on their kid’s phone.

  • Track app usage

It can monitor the usage of apps installed on the target phone. It means you can track on which app your children spend most of their time. If you notice there is an app that your children use excessively, then you can even block apps remotely. So, it is an ultimate way to protect your kid’s from unwanted apps by simply blocking them without your kid’s knowledge.

  • Track text messages and call logs

If you always wondered to whom your kid’s talk to others, and make a phone call, then you can use Spyzie to check out text messages and call logs of your kid’s phone.

  • Browsing history

With this feature, you can check the entire browsing history of your kid’s phone. If you want to ensure whether your kid’s are browsing the right thing or not, then you can take advantage of Spyzie this feature.

  • Track GPS location

With Spyzie, you can also get to know your kid’s exact location anytime whenever you want. In this way, you can ensure your kid is in a safe place. What’s more? You can even check out the past locations of your kid’s phone.

  • View media files

If you are curious to know what photos and videos are saved on your kid’s phone or any target phone, then Spyzie can help you to view media files of the target device.

  • Track social media messages

If your kid is addicted to social media apps, then you must wish to check out your kid social media messages. Luckily, Spyzie can track various social media and its messages, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  • Clue

If you suspect your kid has deleted some media files, or calls or text messages, then you can check out deleted SMS, calls, and media files with Spyzie.

Part 6: Conclusion:

Now, you know about the geofencing definition and how geofencing does work actually to protect kids from dangers. As a parent to take full advantage of geofencing, Spyzie is the way for it. No matter whether you want to track your kid’s location, or text messages, or calls, or social media apps or anything, Spyzie can help you in all.

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