Webwatcher Reviews and the Best Webwatcher Alternative 2018

WebWatcher is an exclusive authorized PC and cell phone monitoring program created by Awareness Technologies. It works on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS running systems. WebWatcher Mobile, records instant messages, call logs, web history, photographs, and GPS. The edition for Mac and PC monitors email and short messages, keystrokes and screenshots. One of the most used features of WebWatcher is its website recording capacity. WebWatcher's website recording feature logs all of the activities that a user does over the web. This software records all the visited URLs and also stores the data about how often or how frequently these sites were visited. Moreover, owners can even provide keywords or if they want they can easily block any website by their URL or can allow websites and customize the app to an assortment of settings. These features are often termed useful in prohibiting an underage user from accessing online porn videos, gambling, social networking and gaming websites.

Part 1: WebWatcher Reviews: Pros and Cons

WebWatcher uses a network which screens and records user's activities on the client machine. After the information is recorded, it is then encoded and transmitted through a safe SSL association with a remote server. The user would then be able to login to a web-based interface to see this recorded information. This procedure enables a person to view the recorded information remotely. WebWatcher likewise offers a 7-day Free Trial for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac stages. The iOS version of the app comes at 160$, whereas the Android version costs around 110$.


As per most of the WebWatcher reviews:

Pros of the WebWatcher include: Records all of the activities made on the kid's PC. Full stealth establishment. Presents all data and reports by means of online entry. Continuous email warning when "ready words" show up. Discretionary Web content sifting. Can block or put a time-restraint on programs. The dashboard offers many services.

Cons of WebWatcher include: Could be utilized for unlawful spying. Not program autonomous. Scheduler for program blocking is exceptionally clumsy. Program blocking can be tricked. Dashboard just accessible in additional cost Premium version.

Official URL: https://www.webwatcher.com/

Webwatcher has been criticized on various grounds by its user. Some say that it doesn't function smoothly on iOS-based OS. There are some who have complained about the support staff not being helpful, while some have gone to the extent of even rendering the product as not even close to what it advertises.

Part 2: The Best WebWatcher Alternative: Spyzie

While Webwatcher is an overpriced software, Spyzie is a simple to utilize and an economic alternative application that enables you to keep a check upon the vital information of your child's cell phones like messages, call log, GPS settings, browser history, contacts, photos, apps and the like, anytime and anywhere. You can without much of a stretch check your child's call logs, messages, photographs, contacts, applications and program history. An interesting feature of Spyzie is that it supports numerous file types and is also accessible on all Android-based mobiles (such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, LG) as well as on iOS. And all of this at a throwaway price of $9.99 to $59.99, depending upon the plan you opt for. Spyzie is indeed one of the best WebWatcher alternatives.

Spyzie is an easy to use application. We suggest that one should definitely check this application out as you can get an easy access to all the data on a man's cell phone.

Here's a simple guide depicting how to use Spyzie as a WebWatcher alternative.

For Android:

  • Create an account:

Begin with creating an account in Spyzie, it would be much better to use an authentic email address. To get access to the advanced spying features, offered by Spyzie, you can buy the Premium or the Ultimate Subscription of Spyzie.


  • Install Spyzie app:

Once done with the registration, there is a set-up process, go through the installation process. The owner's name of the targeted device is required and the OS it is based on. Select Android for OS on the target phone option. Then follow these steps:

First: Click 'settings' and find the 'Lock screen and security' tab, once there, switch on the 'unknown sources' option and click on 'ok'.

Second: Download and install the monitoring app


Third: Run the app and log into your Spyzie account. After this click 'start' to start on with the administrative services. All permissions asked for are to be granted.



  • View monitored data by using the control panel:

When the installation is complete on the targeted device, you may turn to your phone and complete the setup process. The wizard page will redirect you to the control panel dashboard, you can access the dashboard online by visiting the website: https://my.spyzie.com/dashboard.html, or using the control panel app. When you will open the control panel app for the first time it will require several minutes to sync in with the data that it will fetch from the targeted phone. Spyzie app has a functions menu on the top left corner, all the functions of the application can be easily accessed from there.

For iPhone:

  1. Make a Spyzie account and get a premium subscription. You will require the account to get access to the control panel. It's best to utilize an original email address in order to get the essential keyword alerts or any other necessary information required to monitor iPhone.


  1. Finish the setup process by providing details of the target person such as his name, age and select "iOS" for the OS on the target device option. Next, mention the iCloud ID and password signed on the target device and click on verify. Make sure to have the iCloud backup and syncing service activated on the target device.


  1. Once the setup process is complete you will enter into the control panel, and within several seconds or minutes, data from the target device will be synced. Now, whenever you will log into the account, the latest data will be provided to you. Although it should be noted that if the target phone is switched off or is disconnected to the internet, the data will not get updated.

Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

Spyzie is the best application accessible for monitoring the movements on a cell phone. In the event that you need to guard your kids against threats they're presented to on their cell phones, or on the off chance that you need to monitor the cell phones utilized by your colleagues, this application is ideal for you.

While WebWatcher reviews suggest it is a fair spying software, Spyzie is definitely cheaper and more efficient, thereby, making it the best Webwatcher alternative available. So, go ahead and give it a try yourself.

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