A Complete Guide On Verizon Parental Controls

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you monitor the activity of your family members. With so much going on the internet, television, and the world around us – it is important to know what our kids are getting exposed to. Using Verizon parental controls, you can bring everything together in one place and monitor the activity of your family members wirelessly. Additionally, you can also set limits and restrictions for every user. Let’s understand how to use Verizon wireless parental controls in this informative guide.

Part 1: Verizon Wireless Parental Controls - FamilyBase

FamilyBase is a comprehensive tool designed by Verizon that can help you keep an eye on a family member’s online activity. With it, you can get to know how your kids spend time on their smartphone. Additionally, you can restrict their usage and create a nurturing environment for them with various advanced controls that are offered by Verizon parental controls.

You can download FamilyBase from its official website right here. With just $4.99 a month, you can use this comprehensive tool. Additionally, it also has a dedicated app that can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play as well. With these apps you can set, edit, and view various controls on the go.

After getting your own Verizon wireless parental controls, you can just sign-in and create your account. Subsequently, follow these simple steps to set parental controls with its website.

1. Start by visiting the dedicated FamilyBase page on your Verizon account here.

family base

2. Make sure that you have logged-in to your account. Now, go to the “Controls” section.

family base

3. This section will give you a provision to setup different kinds of controls, like Time Restriction, Usage Control, Trusted Contacts, Blocked Contacts, Purchase Limits, etc.

family base

4. You can access all these features from your dashboard. Simply visit the section of your choice, edit it, and save it to implement the control.

Additionally, you can also set controls using the Verizon app as well. Simply follow these steps to do so:

1. Open the FamilyBase app on your phone and tap on the “Controls” section.

family base

2. You will get a list of different options. Go to the “Manage Safeguard” feature.

family base

3. It will provide a list of all the available options. Simply select “FamilyBase” to proceed.

family base

4. Now, you will get an access to all the available features. Simply swipe left to access them. For instance, block or unblock a contact from the “Blocked Contacts” page.

family base

5. Here, you can go to “Available” to get access to different features and see the list of controls with “Review”. You can tap on “Submit Changes” to save a control.

That’s it! With the Verizon parental controls app, you can easily set or reset a control with a single tap.

Part 2: Verizon Fios TV Parental Controls

With the advanced Verizon Fios parental controls feature, you can restrict the usage of television for your kid. It can let you block certain channels or let you regulate the display of programs as well. Additionally, you can set age preferences for what is shown to a family member. It also provides user ratings to let you know what kind of content is suitable for your family or not. Follow these simple steps to set Verizon Fios parental controls.

1. Take your Verizon Fios TV remote and press the “Menu” button. It will display the main menu on your screen.

verizon fios tv parental controls

2. Go to “Systems” and press either Ok or Select.

3. Now, under it, visit the “Settings” option. You can use the arrow up and down button to navigate.

4. Select the “Parental/Purchase” option. You would be asked to enter the 4-digit Pin to get access to various advanced controls.

5. After surpassing the PIN, select the “Parental Controls” feature. Now, you can get access to different options.

6. For instance, you can select the “Age Preferences” option and block the kind of content which you think is unsuitable for a family member.

7. Furthermore, you can disable the option, by turning it “on” or “off”.

After performing these easy steps, you would be able to setup Verizon Fios parental controls and filter any unwanted content to be displayed on your TV.

Part 3: Verizon Parental Controls on Time Restrictions

With FamilyBase, you can also control the time that your kid would spend on their smartphone or while accessing the web. Just follow these steps to perform time restrictions using Verizon wireless parental controls.

1. Log-in to your Verizon account’s FamilyBase page right here.

2. Now, click on “Controls” and out of all the options, select the “Time Restrictions” feature.

verizon parental controls time limites

3. Here, in this window, you can set various restrictions related to your kid’s device. You can edit restrictions related to a day of the week or can allocate a time period of usage as well.

verizon parental controls time limites

4. After selecting your preferences, just click on “Save Changes” before closing the window.

verizon parental controls time limites

Wasn’t that simple! After performing these easy steps, you would be able to apply time restrictions on a respective device.

Part 4: Verizon Parental Controls on Data Usage

One of the best things about FamilyBase is that you can also set data usage limits on a device. With this, you can restrict how much time your kid would spend on the internet. Apply Verizon parental controls on data usage after following these steps:

1. Start by signing in to your Verizon account and visit the “Controls” page on your system.

verizon parental controls data usage

2. Under the “Controls” tab, select the “Usage Limits” feature.

verizon parental controls data usage

3. Under the “Set limits and view usage” section, click on the “Data tab” option.

4. Here, you would be needed to locate the respective mobile number and clicking on the “>” (right arrow icon).

verizon parental controls data usage

5. Now, you can just restrict the data usage till a certain limit. Under the “Stop all data usage”, just enter the desired limit in GB.

verizon parental controls data usage

6. If you want to add a number, click on “Add Additional Receipts” and just add another number. Click on “Save changes” before leaving the window. You might be presented with a reminder message. Just click on “Ok” to surpass it.

verizon parental controls data usage

7. Additionally, you might be given another confirmation prompt as well. Just click on “Yes, please save my changes” and exit the window.

verizon parental controls data usage

After saving your preferences, your data usage limits would be implemented on the provided number/device.

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We are sure that these options would come handy to you on numerous occasions. With Verizon wireless parental controls, there are so many things you can do. Visit your Verizon account and browse the parental control section to access plenty of different features.

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