Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 2019

2018 is here and it's that time again where we look at some cool apps you can use to improve and enjoy using on your devices. Talking of cools apps, there are some marvelous app blockers you can use this 2018, be it to save you time or to even prevent other users (say, kids for example) from using the apps at certain times. Yes, such apps do exist and here we review 5 app blockers you can install on your android device to block certain apps as well as some websites. Let's delve in, shall we?

Part 1: Top 5 App Blockers on Android


Spyzie needs no introduction particularly in the world of remote monitoring. It is actually one of the best tools for tracking android devices giving you access to a portal where you can monitor your taget phone remotely.

It gets even better, Spyzie has a new feature that allows you to block apps on target devices. The new feature has been named app blocking and all you have to do is enable it once you have installed the app on the target device then select the apps you wish to block coupled with the duration you wish to block them. Once you have taken your pick, you can block the apps and you are good to go.

Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 2018

When this is done, the user will not be able to access the blocked app for the duration time. A pop notification will always appear to remind the user that he/she isn't allowed to use the app at the time. It is as simple as that!


  • It offers more than just app blocking in that it comes with a plethora of monitoring features you can also use
  • You don't need to jail break your phone to enjoy using spyzie
  • It is super easy to use
  • It comes with affordable plans starting at $7.5 a month.


  • It only supports Android and IOS devices


FamiSafe is all about clever parental control and it has done so thanks to tools that allow you block Internet and manage device use among kids. Specifically, you can block texting and other apps including social media and games. You can even block internet browsing in common internet browsers like Safari and chrome. If you want to set limits on your kid's screen time then this the app for you.

Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 2018


  • The app comes with other amazing features such as the family locator features which allows you to locate where your family members are.
  • You can set the daily screen time limits with this tool
  • Set app block and get app activity report to check the daily app usage.
  • Detect explict content on main social media apps and suspicious photos
  • Only $9.9 a month for unlimited devices.


  • It is not support computer and kindle devices.


  • AppBlock - Stay Focused

    As the name suggests, this is an app that wants to help you stay focused. Yes, and it has got a ton of app blocking features to help you avoid distracting apps on your android device. It is a simple app that allows you to block any app on your phone so that you can stay focused on school or work. The real beauty is that the AppBlock app affords you the ability to customize your preferences from things like the time you want the app blocked, the type of app block you fancy (blocking application launch, app notifications or both). You can even conjure up profiles with some rules for groups of applications and even go as far as copying existing profiles.

    Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 2018


    • It is super easy to use
    • This app is quite customizable-you can block whatever you want in whichever way you fancy
    • It is free to use


    • It may not work on some android devices perhaps-it may suddenly stop or block access to some apps when it's not supposed to

    Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker

    This one is a marvelous app if you want to filter out calls and messages coming your way. It is particularly useful against calls and messages from unwanted and private numbers thus it could come in very handy particularly if you are getting lots of spam messages and calls. It has lots in store to help you deal with such vices but perhaps what catches the attention is the ability to tailor your settings to suit your scenario. As a matter of fact, you can do things like blocking SMS from alphanumeric numbers, specify the time to block incoming messages and calls not to mention that you can go as far as storing logs for every blocking done.

    Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 2018


    • It blocks virtually every type of call and message
    • It boasts a lot of features you can pick from
    • It is a straightforward app-very easy to use


    • It may not work in some private numbers
    • Some users have complained that it freezes at times


    FamilyTime is an app similar to OurpPact given that it has lots of tailored to keep children safe. Amongst these features is the App blocker that can block any apps installed on their phones. This including any distracting apps in the form of social apps, games and any other game worth your attention.

    Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 2018


    • It covers everything you need to protect your kids including creative features like FunTime and TimeBank
    • It has a nice intuitive UI


    • It is not free to use-the pricing starts at $1.46 per month

    Part 2: How to Spy All Phone Activities on Android Phone and Tablet

    If you would like to do a 360-degree spy on a device perhaps to monitor your kids then Spyzie is the best tool for the job. It is by far the best and the cheapest monitoring tool on this list featuring lots of features to salivate for. We are talking about the likes of messages, call logs, multimedia files, browser history, social apps, and settings of the target device while you can go as far as taking screenshots and record all keystrokes as encrypted log files. What's even cooler is that you can monitor all this from the comfort of a lovely dashboard.

    Using the Spyzie app is also super simple:

    Step 1: Create an Account

    Use you an authentic email to get an account from Sypzie. Once you have done so, you will receive the instructions and download links on your mail.

    Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 2018

    Step 2: Install App on the Target Device

    The next step is to find the target android device. A wizard will guide you through this step.

    Step 3: Monitor the Device

    Once the installation is done, you will be routed to the control panel dashboard where you can start monitoring all phone activities on the target phone. You can also do so using a control panel app.

    Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 2018

    Best Parental Control for Cell Phone Monitoring

    There you have it. Some of the best app blockers you can use to improve your productivity and control your kids this year. The ball is now on your court! Pick the app blocker you fancy and enjoy using it in 2018!

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